Is there a reputable holiday property management company that won't scam us?

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By ken1193

BBB "rating" doesn't really mean much...

pantheac wrote:
I checked BBB and Coastal has an A-.
In my opinion, no company (including Coastal and any and all others) is able to do a better job of selling your timeshare than you can do on your own with a little effort, some well placed (and low cost) advertising and very realistic and competitive pricing.

That said, if you decide to go with a company anyhow, don't put much faith or stock in BBB "ratings". A company that is relatively new, for example, won't have much of track record (...good OR bad...) so even just a very few "inputs" can create artificially high or low ratings. In addition, scammer companies often just change their name after they collect enough bad ratings and then just start their scam all over again with a brand new name and a "clean slate".

You might consider asking "Coastal Timeshare Creations" for several specific references and some contact info for people they have (supposedly) succeeded in "helping" recently. If they can't (or won't) provide any such recent specific references, you might then ask yourself why not.....

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6 years ago
Jun 08, 2011

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5 years ago
Jan 03, 2012

By peggym179

Is there a reputable holiday property management company that won't scam us?

did yiou have any luck with ICMG?

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5 years ago
Jul 02, 2012

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