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By Paul F.

Condition of Units

It has been several years since we visited this resort. We enjoyed it very much, but found that some of the units had not been remodeled. Also, the downtown area was undergoing some major changes with many downtown shops and restaurants moving out do the Palm Beach area. Can anyone describe current resort conditions in the resort rooms and the current conditions downtown in the area around the resort?

Avatar for Paul F. Paul F.

8 years ago
Sep 26, 2011

By Kathie H.

Just returned from Aruba. The Ocean Suites will begin unit updating in 2014 along with removal of pools and a new pool area design. Suppposedly the owner website will updated shortly to keep us better informed. The marina hotel starts remodel in 2013. While may places did move down to Palm Beach, it looks like Palm Beach, Miami there. A new tram line is being built from the cruise ship area that will take people into downtown and to Palm Beach area but is moving along at island speed. They are upgrading the area between timeshare and airport-sidewalks, pier, restaurants and down by San Nicholas they are putting in malls and hotels.

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7 years ago
Oct 10, 2012

By Susan D.

Just got back from a heavenly vacation at the Renaissance. The renovated units are fabulous at the Ocean Suites! They have started on the fifth floor and are now working on the fourth. Pools will be redone in September. Everything is top notch. Finished product estimated in December. Glad Seaport renewed their contract with Marriott for ten years.

And don't forget about the 47acre private island!

Avatar for Susan D. Susan D.

5 years ago
Apr 13, 2014

By Ed K.

Stayed there for 3weeks in early may. The rooms are being renovated currently and they started on the top floors high number units (ocean side) And they will start the pool this august/September. It was not a very big inconvenience but I think it might be when they are working on the pool area. I think it will be very nice next year when they are finished. Looking forward to next year already!

Avatar for Ed K. Ed K.

5 years ago
Jun 11, 2014

By J D.

looking forward to visiting some time in 2015 but don't want to be there when pool is under construction or even when rooms are being remodeled....need the quiet and rest ! is everything completed in the remodel ? (pools/units) ??

Avatar for J D. J D.

5 years ago
Nov 20, 2014

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