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By Robert S.

Donating week to charity

Can you take a charitable deduction if you give your week to a charity via their auction. What deduction could you take, fair market for the week or what?

Avatar for Robert S. Robert S.

6 years ago
Jan 01, 2013

By Sam C.

We donated our week in 2010. Don't recall the exact price it went for, but the week was sold for over $2000. The Non-Profit provided us with the donated amount that it was sold for. That is the amount you can deduct.

Avatar for Sam C. Sam C.

5 years ago
Jun 12, 2013

By Dana W.

We are a qualified 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization so your contribution will be completely tax-deductible! If anyone is looking to donate their week, please let me know.

Avatar for Dana W. Dana W.

2 years ago
Dec 30, 2016

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