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By T D.

Updating the units

How can you get the resort schedule of updating the units?

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5 years ago
Oct 25, 2013

By Carol R.

Deeded owners,

I have read so many negative posts regarding everyone's experience with their timeshare that I started looking at various options to end everyones outrageous never-ending costs associated with ownership.

It appears there is a way to take complete control of the Board, and vote to sell the entire Greensprings timeshare resort to a developer wanting to turn the Ludwig location into a condo/apartment rental, buying us out and ridding us of these outrageous and never non-ending maintenance fees.

It seems if we vote as a block to put our own Board in who can vote to market and sell this development, we could get possibly break even and eliminate the charges forever, without the need to sell our deeded shares for zero or worse, pay to sell them or even have an opportunity to own the condo (if you so desire) like real piece of real estate.

With enough votes we take control, market the property, sell it. If you only have points or got suckered into trading them in, you probably don't have the right to vote at the meetings, but check this out with your lawyer or representative first. But like me, I did not get sucked into their sales pitch and kept my deed in 2007, much to their dismay. Now it appears the high fees may be forcing the remaining deeded owners to throw in the preverbal towel to sell for points, default or just pay to get out, which may be what is desired by those who are running the process against our interest. Also, it appears this is becoming a valuable piece of property and no one is telling you the value of selling it is far greater since it was built in 1998, therefore we do have an opportunity to run the resort more fairly and sell it ourselves.

Please email me to see if you are a deeded owner and let's vote as a block at the next board meeting or give me your proxy vote so I can vote the current board out and get this property off our hands, while it's still in great shape and worth more than what we owe.

send any information or willingness to participate to my email at aprlaw@live.com. I have been an owner since 1998 and do not owe anything on my timeshare but I am sick over how this development has imposed increasing maintenance costs on those who are having a very hard time paying these fees especially when there may be an opportunity to sell the property and release the deeded owners from this ever increasing costly obligation.

We an do this and make history along the way. Trust me, they don't want this to happen because the more deeded ownership they have the more they will vote against this move.

Anthony Romano (attorney at law -Texas State Bar) living in Virginia.

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4 years ago
Jan 25, 2015

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