Uncomfortable New Owners That Cancelled Contract

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By Phil R.

Uncomfortable New Owners That Cancelled Contract

Accepted an invitation to Stormy Point in Branson by Summer Winds Resorts. Did the presentation which took over 2.5 hours which was no big deal. Our salesman was pleasant, mildly pressuring, but not pushy. We bought into a program. It really seemed like a good deal. Got to thinking about it and starting researching on the internet. Found lots of negative comments and issues with this company. Met with our salesman, Brian, for breakfast at Shoney’s and told him of our concerns and we wanted out of the contract. He tried to explain away the negative comments but couldn’t really defend against the comments. He told us to be at the Preview office after 1030 to cancel. We arrived at 1025 and were taken straight back. A tall man who never identified himself said, “where are your request for cancellation letters?” I said, “I know nothing about this and Brian just told us to be at the office at 1030. He said, “I have to have a letter?” I asked, “do you have a request for cancellation form?” He said, “No.” He said, “just write it on a sheet of paper.” I asked, “do you have a piece of paper we could use?” He said, “I do not have a piece of paper.” We took a piece of paper out of the scratch pad that was in the binder they gave us and wrote a request to cancel contract on it. He then said, “I need both of your drivers licenses and the credit card you put the deposit on.” He returned a few minutes later with a receipt crediting my credit card for the amount of the deposit. I signed it and he gave me a copy. He then said, “follow me.” He escorted us to the door and opened it. I felt like we were figuratively getting a kick in the butt out the door. I told him that he was the rudest business man I had ever dealt with. He said, “Have a nice day” and shut the door behind me. The day before everyone was friendly and personable. After we said no, it was like we were the enemy. Glad I read reviews and I would not buy from them just because of the attitude shown towards us. The obnoxious man’s name was Todd Smith. The only reason I know that is that his signature was on our copy of our request for cancellation letter. Buyer beware. Please read and research for yourselves. Good luck. You have 5 days to cancel a ‘timeshare’ contract according to the Missouri Attorney General. They are also supposed to give you a boldfaced document explaining you have the right to cancel. They did not provide us with document but didn’t find out till later that it was required. http://ago.mo.gov/divisions/consumer/consumer-topics/vacation-timeshares

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Avatar for Phil R. Phil R.

4 years ago
Dec 29, 2015

By Mary A.

Uncomfortable New Owners That Cancelled Contract

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3 weeks ago Jan 22, 2019

We went to a timeshare presentation at Stormy Point with no intention of buying. We were charmed by a sales man and loved the property. However, did not see the fitness room, restaurant or marina. The sales person and the senior manager worked as a well oiled team and from a $38,000 price tag came down to $9,900. Cause guess what, someone wanted to trade their two bedroom to a four and that just opened up. A three year maintenance fee of $599 that if you didn't use the property you would receive $499.00 back. Also a $9,000 VIP membership was included at no extra cost that provided unlimited use for just $399.00 a week. If you wanted to go else where you didn't have to call interval but their VIP travel program. It was made to seem we were getting a really good deal. There was a lot of insincere, excessive flattery, fist pumps and high fives. Only to find out that that is what everyone was offered. My husband questioned about any extra assessment fees? Their reply was "all in the maintenance fee." We signed but I asked the sales person about the rescission period and he said 5 days, but "please don't because you will have wasted my time." Hey what about our time we spent 4 hours. We signed but afterwards had a sick feeling. I got on the this site and OMG!!!! Found the BBB gave them a F. We rescinded the next day. I called my American Express and disputed the charge. Went through the procedure sending a certified letter and the promotion binder back. Received a letter from Summer Winds stating that "Please keep in mind that the funds received must go through the escrow process. Your refund will be administered no later than sixty (60) days from the postmarked date of cancellation, as mandated by Missouri State Law." However, since I immediately disputed that credit card charge, the credit card company credited my account 10 days later.

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1 year ago
Feb 16, 2019

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