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By bruced162


Has anyone sold or given back their unit back to yhe Manhattan club. Will they take it back for free. Has anyone been successful with a Co. or Atty. that was able to get you out of your time share? bruce Dolin

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11 months ago
Feb 27, 2017

By jiaf


Hi I have Manhattan club timeshare. I tried to sale it, but no one response only the person who try to make money from us, called and told me they want to buy but must send $500 to some south America bank. Off cause you can tell this is not real business. I am not paying anything now. I do not think they will link to my property for the maintenance fee. If we all do not pay, I believe sooner or later they will take unit back. Gigi

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10 months ago
Mar 19, 2017

By williamm465

Manhattan Club

You made a mistake by buying a timeshare and that turns you into a deadbeat. It's always someone else's fault. Of course if many people do as you are doing (not paying), it makes the fees go up for everyone else. Check your credit reports. You may get an unpleasant surprise. I hope so.

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9 months ago
May 07, 2017

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