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Listed properties that aren't available for rent

Aug 26, 2019

Why is everyone listing properties for rent and then it turns out they're not available?

Extremely annoying and huge waste of everyone's time!

Ross S.
Aug 26, 2019

Ross: With do-it-yourself postings, it is the responsibility of the individual owners to remove their posting when their week is no longer available. Unfortunately some owners may forget or might be waiting until they receive the money and/or signed rental agreement from the renter before they remove their posting.

You can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page and provide us with the posting number if a week is no longer available and we will follow up with the owner to make sure the posting is removed.

RedWeek Support
Aug 27, 2019

Some people are points owners as well, and can reserve a unit by request if available. Most the time the window to get what you want is due-able at our resorts @ the 10 month window with our brand when booking opens up. We would love to have people plan ahead like this. This is rare.

Some reservations are canceled leaving opportunity to book late, but we need to check availability first. This non availibility happens mostly when one is looking short notice for a vacation. Yes sometimes people don't take off the adds, and that could be aggravating.



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