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By Jean L.

It doesn't say there is a beach for use on the premises, can you tell me if there is?

Avatar for Jean L. Jean L.

1 year ago
Oct 27, 2019

By Susan S.

It is right on the beach. It has one of the nicest beachfronts.

Avatar for Susan S. Susan S.

1 year ago
Oct 28, 2019

By Marcia M.

Yes it is a lovely beach right directly in front of the timeshare. Palapa's for rent but need to get up at the crack of dawn to get one. If you are not an owner you need to pay for them.

Avatar for Marcia M. Marcia M.

1 year ago
Nov 17, 2019

By Larry M.

Palapa's are availble even after 9:00AM if you don't care about being right near the water-we don't. There is always room around the pool. The Surf Club is nothing like the Ocean Club. The Surf Club has 3x the people with the same beach area. Ocean Club is awesome.

Avatar for Larry M. Larry M.

10 months ago
Jan 12, 2020

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