Killington, Vermont

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Killington, Vermont


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  • Avatar for twilad
    By twilad Sep 6, 2013

    This was a short trip only 2 nights, but the place was good. The unit was very clean, but an older unit more like a hotel room. The location was the best part and we drove both directions to sites. We would visit again.

  • Avatar for johnp749
    By johnp749 Updated May 18, 2010

    Resort is clean and well maintained. My room was spacious for a studio. Complimentary coffee is available every morning. The staff is more than willing to help with directions. I would have liked to see a stove in the unit, but, it does have a microwave, sink, coffeemaker, toaster and ample plates, silverware, glaasses and cups. Appliances are up to date. My only other complaint is that the ice machine, vending machine and laundromat are not available after 9 PM. Overall I was very pleased with my stay. The brook outside my back door was a nice touch. The resort is a bit remote so you will need a car to fully enjoy the area. There are only a handful of family run businesses in the immediate area. The Restaurant accross the street has excellent meals with plenty of food. I certainly would recommend this Resort. They also provide you with a large packet with plenty of info about the area upon your arrival.

  • Avatar for berkyvdr
    By berkyvdr May 9, 2007

    Cedarbrook is located at the junction of route 4 and 100, so if you drive south along 100, then intersect with route 4 you would expect to see Cedarbrook at one of the corners. After looking and driving back and forth along the 4 in either direction, we asked at the Chamber of Commerce right near the intersection and found that route 4 and 100 are one and the same for several miles, and there is a second junction of route 4 and 100 further south. Armed with this information and a goodly supply of maps and information about the area, we drove another few miles and found Cedarbrook quite easily at the southern junction.

    It is a small resort--75 to 100 units are divided between three 2 story buildings, however, we were quite happy with our exchange. There used to be a base station and ski-lift right across the road, which would have made Cedarbrook a super ski-in-ski-out location. Currently Killington Snowmobile Tours have set up operation in the vacated building and offer guided tours for a princely sum.

    A babbling brook at the base of the mountain is what you hear and see when you wake up in the morning and look out your window or stand on your balcony—you feel so in tune with nature! If you put some bread or seeds out, blue jays will entertain you as they try to retrieve the treats without being photographed.

    Our two bedroom lockout was cozy, clean, and well-maintained. The one bedroom side has a stove, dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, and microwave oven. The studio side has a mini fridge and microwave, but no stove. All the appliances and supplies, furniture and carpeting are in excellent condition.

    Both sides of our lockout had adequate lighting—something I am always looking for (I even have “light bulbs” on my grocery shopping checklist). The electric heating was adjustable, but we did find it helpful to boil some water (we were cooking spaghetti noodles) to create some humidity to help with the flyaway hair situation. A gas fireplace in the living room was fabulous to warm up by after a winter’s day outdoors. Each bathroom had a heat lamp. All these are great touches for a winter resort.

    There is an office with staff who were helpful with information about the area and there were pamphlets, however, this is not a resort with activities to entertain the visitors.

    Absolutely the greatest feature of this resort is its heated outdoor pool. There is a unisex change room on one side of the pool where you can leave your outdoor clothing. It has a bathroom, a large common area with hooks to hang your clothes and a few chairs. Three curtained cubicles with benches can be used to change into your bathing suit.

    On the other side of the pool is a small lounge area with a vending machine, a few chairs and a fireplace.

    It is a bit daunting to think of being outdoors in your bathing suit when there is snow on the ground, but that is what makes it so much fun. Just make a quick dash on your tiptoes to the ladder—you won’t have any regrets when you drop into the heated water. The pool is large enough to swim in, but once you are in the water for a few minutes, you just want to float lazily, looking up at the trees and the mountain and luxuriating in the knowledge that you are swimming outdoors in the winter.

    Some smart people brought their flip-flops--it never occurred to me to bring beach sandals to a winter resort! On our second visit to the pool, we changed in our room, then dashed out to the pool with our barefeet in our running shoes.

    Open from 3 pm to 9 pm in the winter, it is the supreme way to relax tired muscles after a day of skiing. There is a sign indicating summer hours are from 9 am to 9 pm.

    Another thing I enjoyed about Cedarbrook were the blue jays. We got up our first morning to find a flock of them looking for something on the ground behind our unit. Someone had obviously thrown out some bread. All I had were granola bars. I placed them on the balcony rail and left the balcony door open and my camera on the ready. Those blue jays are smart—they quickly swooped down and grabbed the treats while I went to the kitchen for a second to get something.

  • Avatar for thedipman
    By thedipman Oct 25, 2005

    I would not call this a resort of distintinction. Room to small and no activeties

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