Westgate Towers

Kissimmee, Florida

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Kissimmee, Florida


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  • Avatar for johnh1013
    By johnh1013 Jul 13, 2015

    Our stay with Westgate Towers was interesting. Booked a getaway thru II, we planned on a five day stay and the price was right. Upon arrival the large entrance posted sign was “HOTEL”, that was a first; we were expecting” Westgate Towers Timeshare.” At check in we were asked to stop at the Welcome Desk, a women met us and proceeded to invite us to a Barbeque, ice cream social etc. I quickly informed her that we were not interested, as she gasped, I inquired will we be required to attend a presentation? We are well aware of Westgate’s tours, as mentioned by many owners and guests. She answered yes, mentioning that it was a very short time frame, and so on. Headed to our room in building A #202, overlooking the court yard with a pool, spa and children’s pool. The adult pool was half full of water with caution tape around the perimeter. We were not informed of this at check in. The room was OK, certainly not up to expectation. A couple of days passed and we received a call from Dustin, such a nice pleasant conversation. It became very clear that they couldn’t figure out how we fell thru the cracks and weren’t attending a presentation. I informed him that we were NOT interested and as he stumbled with chit chat, mentioned that Stephen from Westgate Town Center will call and speak to us. That call never happened. A very large concern with the “Hotel” was that our building was NEVER secure. Many times during our waking hours we would do a walk about and see if things had changed. Not once did we find the doors locked, the other building was locked. Anyone could just walk in from the street by the half empty pool and walk right into building A,B,C and D, also enter at the other entrance. Very BAD business practice. Don’t understand Interval International’s Premier Resort Rating.

  • Avatar for renatak3
    By renatak3 Updated Jun 10, 2011

    It's a great place to relax, kids and adults can enjoy beautiful swimming pools, mini golf, swan paddleboats and many other onsite amenities . It doesn't feel crowded and rooms are very neat and clean. I recommend to check out this resort.

  • Avatar for gary307
    By gary307 Jul 3, 2008

    This is an awesome place to kickback and enjoy the peace and quiet of a Florida vacation villa.

  • Avatar for robertorvaleriem
    By robertorvaleriem May 19, 2006

    This is a big place and has all the amenities you can want. Face it, after doing Disney Land and Sea World you need a place to relax. The kids need to just play. Mom wants to shop and Dad is looking at the golf course. Grandpa wants to take a nap. You can't bear to face the traffic just to eat supper. Thats why Westgate Towers is so great. It's all here!

    Yes this is a big resort but the amazing thing is it doesn't feel crowded. There are multiple swimming pools, different shops and places to just get away. You just don't feel the pressure of fellow Tennant's.

  • Avatar for juliet25
    By juliet25 Updated Feb 27, 2005

    We stayed at Westgate Towers the last week of Jan., 2005. We stayed in a two bedroom unit which was huge. It had 3 bathrooms and two whirlpool tubs. The unit was clean although we had a few maintenance problems. Someone from maintenance came up soon after our call; however, the problems weren't really fixed. One of the whirlpool tubs left a black sticky residue all over the tub. It was clear that there was some sort of build-up in the jets and/or filter. I tried to explain this but all they did was have housekeeping come and clean the tub so the next time we used the tub, the same problem occurred again. The other tub had no problems. We had a few light bulbs that were burned out and they replaced them immediately. Also, a picture in the bathroom was hanging off the wall but they just half tacked it up quickly and it quickly fell again. There were also lots of tiny bugs crawling around the kitchen and bathroom. I'm thinking that this is just a Florida thing because we had lots of bugs when we stayed at the Liki Tiki too.

    The pools were great . . . extremely warm! I am picky about pool temperature and I seldom swim in my own pool at home but the pool was so warm that I swam at night when it was only in the low 60s outside.

    The Sizzler restaurant which is adjacent to Westgate Towers was nothing to brag about. To begin with, I don't like eating off of buffets. So, I ordered off of the menu but I wasn't too impressed.

    Even though we had a few maintenance issues, I really enjoyed my stay here and would go there again. The huge unit was great for my family of 6 and the warm pools really made my stay enjoyable.

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