Cancun Resort Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Cancun Resort Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Located on the south end of the Strip, Cancun Resort is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Vegas. Relax in your one- or two-bedroom villa or penthouse suite. All units feature a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, king bed in the master bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, and air conditioning.

    Kids and adults alike with fall in love with the resort's large pools with a towering Mayan Pyramid with cascading waterfall and four enormous waterslides. The poolside Caribe Lounge and Restaurant is the perfect location for an afternoon snack or evening beverage under the stars. Cancun Resort also offers a fitness center, adult owners' lounge, children's game room, daily shuttle service to the Strip, and Wireless Internet.

    No where other than Vegas can you ride a Venetian gondola through the canals of Italy, experience a volcano eruption up-close and live to tell about it, or stand on the street and watch a real life pirate battle play out in front of you. Vegas also offers more refined pastimes such as browsing the Gallery of Fine Art at the Bellagio where some of the world's most famous and valuable works of art are on display.

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    • Avatar for stefanief15
      By stefanief15 Updated Oct 2, 2015

      I rented out the penthouse for a weekend get away. The place was great. The pool was nice and the staff was very friendly. We were just a 5 min car ride from the strip which wasn't bad at all. I had a great trip.

    • Avatar for marcusn2
      By marcusn2 Feb 1, 2012

      We stayed a week in a one bedroom over Thanksgiving. I think it is well worth it to upgrade to the 2 bedroom unit, which we are doing for our 4th of July trip here. No problems at all with staff and the cleaning crew was helpful too. Cute little store where my wife got some good deals on casual clothing. It is right on Las Vegas Boulevard so we were minutes from Town Square and the downtown strip. Turned out to be an even better location than we anticipated. All in all, we were happy and look forward to our return this summer.

    • Avatar for lisam499
      By lisam499 Mar 19, 2008

      We stayed here in July 2007 and had a very enjoyable time. The resort was a bit noisy with large families, but the staff was courteous and agreeable at all times. The units are a bit small, but its Las Vegas - who's sitting in their room? We found the shuttle service an absolute god send - never took the car down to the strip.....thanks for a great stay. Guess we lucked out cause we never heard construction noise - even though parking was a bit tight at times....overall a great and memorable vacation.

    • Avatar for marcusg5
      By marcusg5 Dec 2, 2007

      First let me start by saying that Cancun is a great place to stay, the rooms are very clean the service is wonderful. I have no clue what the previous three people are even remotely talking about. Depending upon where you want to go on the strip it is about 2 miles away with many Casinos between the strip and the resort.

    • Avatar for karenm155
      By karenm155 Mar 26, 2007

      We just returned from a 4-night stay after a week in Scottsdale for Giants Spring Training (stayed in Sheraton Desert Oasis, where a friend owns - it was very, very nice.)

      Even though we've owned Monarch Grand for about 8 years, this is the first time we've stayed in any of their properties. We've always traded for something better, but this time we wanted to see what this place was like and didn't want to spend any $$$ so we booked.

      The staff at check in were ok, if not effusive in their greeting. It was about 6:00 pm on a Weds. evening. Things were very quiet in the lobby.

      We were given a 4th floor 1 bedroom in the "Tulum" bldg aka bldg 5. It was a corner spot overlooking the pool and grounds - not bad.

      The garage is not very big so if you get a spot in there when everyone is out at dinner, hang on to it! Parking outside gets pretty full and your car will have dust all over it from the construction next door.

      The interior decor in this bldg is attractive but even though it is very new, it is already showing signs of being battered by either guests or housekeeping - big scratches and gouges and stains on dining chairs. The bed was pretty good but interestingly, the sheets looked and felt ancient - you know, that very thin, slippery feel... clean though.

      On the whole, the place was ok. Good soundproofing and the double-pane windows keep all noise out. Air conditioning works well. Very small basic kitchen - one thing irritates me - they provide one pkg of coffee that's in a filter bag but don't provide any filters so if you want to make more coffee you have to go buy filters unless you though to bring some with you.... a real pain in the fanny.

      The strip is about 4 or so miles away which in Las Vegas is a very long way. We tried taking the free shuttle they provide down to Mandalay Bay for dinner. The trip down was fine but the trip home at almost midnight was a pure nightmare! The driver didn't seem to know that there is construction at night on 15 North which is the route they use to get to Downtown/Fremont Street. She was supposed to pick people up there so we and the 3 young guys who got in at Manadalay Bay were her captives for the next hour while she tried to make her way thru the traffic on the freeway. We suggested that she take the Sahara offramp but she didn't know how to get to Fremont St. from there - even though it's only a few blocks!!! So we were stuck in the van for over an hour. Plus she had the heat on and I felt like we were breathing pure carbon monoxide fumes. We finally asked her for some air and she turned off the heat but it was awful. I know, it's free - but this was ridiculous. The people who she was supposed to be picking up at Fremont St. apparently gave up and took a cab so it was all wasted time...

      We noticed that things don't seem to get cleaned as well as they should be in the common areas - carpet on elevator floors looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in ages. Even though the bldg is quite new, it's starting to looked tattered around the edges. The security door in from the garage looks like someone tried to jimmy it...

      The last day we were there the weather was better so they opened the main pool. There must have been 100 kids in it! There were pretty much no chaises available so we sat at a table outside the "lounge". This resort is definitely the domain of large families so if you don't like to be around lots of kids and roudy young adults, this isn't the place for you....

      Bottom line: I don't think we'd stay here agian.

    • Avatar for kybaco
      By kybaco Jan 14, 2007

      We stayed here with another couple the end of November beginning of December '06.

      Due to flight delays we did not arrive until very late Sunday night or rather early Monday morning (2am). The front lobby was impressive and staff greeting us were nice, so we anxiously looked forward to a nice stay.

      When we got to our suite, we were disappointed to say the least. The place is so small! The dining table and chairs take up all the room in the dining room (God help anyone who is of a larger size or has any mobility problems!). The kitchen is so small that only one person can enter at a time, there is no cupboard space and the cutlery remains in a container on top of the stove!! The bedrooms are really small, the master bedroom is somewhat okay, however the second bedroom is something else. The queen bed takes up almost all the space in the room leaving only about a foot and a half between the foot of the bed and the wall, the TV is at the side of the bed making it hard to watch and when you open the double closet doors, almost one half of the closet is a wall!!!!

      Upon getting to bed after a very long travel day/evening, we were awakened by the construction across the street around 5:30 - 6am. This was a normal morning call every day!!

      The place was not clean, there were hairballs on the floor, the rugs needed vacuuming and we even found the tip from a ladies high heel under the table, however I will give the resort credit for cleaning as soon as we reported this to them.

      The wireless internet is costly and the bandwidth was so poor that you cannot use VOIP. My husband needed to do some business and could not get the service to work fast enough to send information! $40/week is too much for such poor service and the front desk didn't seem to care when we expressed our concerns because as far as they were concerned we had the service who cares if you can't use it!!!

      The resort is a long way from the strip however since we had a vehicle we really didn't care. We tried the restaurant for breakfast one morning and it was a disappointing experience. You are better off going to the food court at the outlet mall, you will get the same food for half the price!!

      We stayed here because it was a last minute exchange through II so for the price I guess it was okay, however I would never pay the price that is being asked on Redweek, as you can get much nicer, roomier and more convenient places for the same price or less.

      To say the least, this was a real disappointment to us and our friends who had exchanged their timeshare for this place and had done so based on the reviews that they had seen. I must agree with one of the previous reviews, that those people who are saying this is a wonderful place must be trying to sell the place or else stayed in the penthouse suites!

      Stay someplace else if you can, this place leaves a lot to be desired!

    • Avatar for helen73
      By helen73 Updated Nov 30, 2006

      Most of the comments about this place being fantastic were placed by those who probably stayed in the penthouse units which are very nice - large screen TV's, wet bars, fireplace, etc. or by the salespeople who are trying to sell the units which are way overbuilt for the site.

      The regular one-two bedroom units are small and average. Keep that in mind when reading the reports from others below. If you go get a penthouse!

      The one bedroom we stayed in to take the timeshare tour was small. It was nice - and adequate comes to mind when thinking of a descriptive term for this unit.

      The best thing about the unit was its quiet - I couldn't near anyone else in the building, its general lay out - and the cleanliness of the unit. The parking was adequate and for a weekend it would do in a pinch. The restaurant (cafe) was good and prices were reasonable for a "resort" cafe. 8.95 for a hamburger - self serve style.

      The worst things were the BEDS - egads - it was so worn out and soft I almost rolled off! There is no edge support on it and it was one of the worst I have ever slept in. Horrible!!

      The kitchen looks like someone shoved a refrigerator in the space that was supposed to be for a mini fridge. The current large one in the unit blocked some cabinets - the one where the silverware was. To get the silverware out, I had to drag a chair over and stand on it to reach inside the cabinet. The kitchen is poorly designed but it does have the basics if you wanted to cook.

      This place is okay but average (Unless you have the penthouse suites) and definitely not worth the rental prices being asked here on redweek!! You would do better to go to the Jockey Club or Polo Towers which are RIGHT ON THE STRIP or get a nice hotel room on the strip - there is more to do there.

      The resort is FAR away from the strip - and there is nothing around it and nothing to do except visit the pools which will be too small when all the units are built. They are also in the SHADE - as the buildings block the sun.

      During the summer this might be ok but when it starts getting cold in VEGAS - forget the pool! There is no view per se except of the buildings around it....and with construction going on right next door, and at the rear of the property - dust and noise are everywhere.

      I have owned many timeshares and this one is okay - but I wouldn't buy it nor would I choose to stay here if I had other choices.

      As far as getting away from hustle and bustle, - then why go to Vegas? Why not someplace quiet? like Lake Placid?

      The place is boring!! There are NO planned activities and the pools were closed when we were here - one small section was open and the water was heated to 80 degrees but it was so cold out it wasn't worth getting into the water. There were also kids splashing in it and jumping in so swimming would be impossible anyway.

      The bar is BORING and the cost of the drinks is high 7.50 is typical. It has absolutely no atmosphere and the drink I tried didn't seem to have any alcohol in it. I am a "cheap drunk" and one alcoholic drink puts me under but this one didn't! Thus - no alcohol or just barely some - wouldn't recommend the bar at all.

      What is this place worth? Not much to me. There is only a pool here - the fitness gym is so small only about 4 people can use it at any one time and it has minimal equipment in it.

      If I came to Vegas, I would go to the Jockey Club, or Polo Towers which are right on the strip - not here unless I just wanted to be a couch potato and sleep in a horrible bed - my rating: average. I would not recommend the place unless you had no better choice.

    • Avatar for tinat35
      By tinat35 Sep 6, 2006

      I just came back from Cancun and the kids loved it. Facilities were clean and the slides/pool is great for teens and toddlers. I thought my older kids might get bored but they enjoyed the lounge. Shuttles are available to the strip and the market and Callaway golfing range is just across the street. We'll definitely go there again.

    • Avatar for joan1112
      By joan1112 Updated Jun 25, 2006

      Nice resort outside the craziness of the strip. We liked the location because you could get away from all the hustle and bustle of the Strip. Our suite had views of the surrounding mountains which was a pleasant surprise since we checked in late at night. We did not use much of the facilities such as the pools or restaurant on site since we were really busy with shows, dinners and planned things. Rent a car and make sure to use the valet parking as it is FREE everywhere in Las Vegas. We had no trouble finding our way around town. Try Rosemarie's Restaurant - it's in a strip mall way off the strip- but one of the best restaurants I've been to.

    • Avatar for michelle2347
      By michelle2347 Updated May 1, 2006

      Hi, we stayed here in the 2 Bedroom Penthouse, WOW! The jacuzzi on the outside private deck was just the ticket after a long day out and about. Big screen TV, DVD, and surround sound, not to mention that both inside bathtubs were jacuzzi too! Shower was the size of a walk-in-closet :) It's interior in the rooms were done in the Arts and Crafts style period. Very Frank Lloyd Wright. It was like home away from home, cozy, and felt safe. There were no crowds like you get on some of the Time Shares that are right in the down town strip. The pool was so beautiful, we can't say enough!!!!

    • Avatar for annette237
      By annette237 Apr 24, 2006

      This is a nice resort if you are going for the pool and family time. My husband and I chose to stay here with our 3 and 6 year old kids as it is out of the way and down from the strip. You really need to have a car or take the shuttle from the resort. The city bus does go by but you have to go to a hub and switch buses that only run every 40 to 60 minutes during descent hours. A cab from Mandalay Bay will cost you $12. My husband and I own at Polo Towers which is a perfect location if you are going to Vegas (without young children) for the whole strip experience and all it has to offer.

    • Avatar for joseph451
      By joseph451 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Stayed here for New Year's Week 2006. Overall I'd rate it as Below Average. On the plus side, there are nice pools, though the larger area of the pool was closed when I was there, a smaller pool was heated and open. There are hot tubs as well. Grounds were well kept, if uninspiring in terms of landscaping. As for the unit I stayed in, it was okay. 1 Bedroom. Furnishings could use updating, but were reasonably comfortable and in decent shape. Clever use of a foldaway divider can create a semi-private second sleeping space out of the living room, with it's own 3/4 bath. Master bath was spacious, with a nice whirlpool tub. Small TV's. A small balcony with a view of the mountains south of LV (and of the parking lot). Also a plus: very easy to get to from the airport, since it is south of the strip.

      Now, speaking of "small", overall this unit was VERY small compared to other resorts I've visited. The only decent-sized room was the master bath. Master bedroom was almost entirely filled by the bed. The "kitchen" looked more like a closet with a stove, fridge and dishwasher shoved in it. I've seen larger kitchens on some fairly small sailboats. Living room/dining room also pretty cramped. I would not stay in this unit with more than two people, and you would REALLY need to like each other a LOT. I've heard that the penthouse units here are very large. Didn't get to see one of those so I can't tell you if that's true or not.

      The bar/restaurant at the resort was a depressing place, with a staff that clearly wished they were somewhere else, and the place closed at 9 every night I was there. 9? Are you kidding me? Why even bother? The resort had virtually no planned activities as far as I could tell. Staff was polite enough, but very lackluster. There's a lounge with pool tables and a larger TV. Kids are not supposed to be there unsupervised. They were in there all the time running wild. That's mostly the parents' fault, but the resort staff did nothing to enforce their own rules. Not good. One plus for the staff: they never bugged me to sit through a sales presentation. Probably because I was flying solo that week.

      Oh and they advertise wireless Internet access in the rooms. Don't believe it. It only works in certain parts of the resort (rooms facing the pool and some of the common areas). And they don't tell you that unless you buy the service and find out that it doesn't work in your room. Nice.

      Bottom line, there are MUCH nicer places to stay in Vegas (Marriott's Grand Chateau comes to mind). Try to stay at one of those before you settle on this place. It's not awful, but you can do a lot better.

    • Avatar for von5
      By von5 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      The Penthouse at this resort is fantastic. With lots of room, over 1600 sf. a jaquzzi on the balcony, two jaquzzi tubs (both bathrooms) 3 TV's a DVD player. A fully equiped kitchen and a large grocery store just across the street.

      We saved a lot of money cooking in. The pool is as good as any of the mega hotels on the strip. Hammocks, spas, bar-b-ques, with a snack food/ bar located at pool side.

    • Avatar for russ7
      By russ7 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Location, Location, Location! Nice place very well kept. I thought the rooms were a bit small and the pool police around the slides were a bit much but..... The pool was fantastic, large, fun. Hammocks were great around in the shade, and grats to the snack shack for courtesy and good food. We will be back!!

    • Avatar for dale538
      By dale538 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I have stayed at this resort many times. In fact anytime I visit Las Vegas this is the only place I will stay. Very clean, great staff. It has an awesome pool area with 2 water slides 6 or 7 whirlpool spas around pool area. It even has hammocks around pool area to relax in. Good location far enough away to relax but close enough for all of the action of the Strip.

    • Avatar for albertv2
      By albertv2 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Everything about Cancun is outstanding!The rooms are spacious and comfortable,the staff is friendly and helpfull,the recreation room and swimming pools[with water slides!]are lots of fun,especially for the kids!

      The penthouse suite is unbelievable!Sitting in the jacuzzi on the balcony while enjoying the view of the Las Vegas Strip is amazing!

      If luxury is what you're looking for,Cancun is the place to stay when in Vegas!

    • Avatar for steve65
      By steve65 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      The word "perfect" does not do justice to this resort. Our stay was one of the best vacations we have had. The staff, amenities, furnishings, location, etc., etc., were all PERFECT. You do not need to rent a car to go to the strip, as they provide hourly shuttles starting at noon until midnight. Their main driver, Steve is awesome. No complaints about this resort. Great job to all!!!!

    • Avatar for rburns
      By rburns Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Stayed here in October. The resort was very clean and well kept up, however the two bedroom units are somewhat smaller than other resorts we have stayed in.

      The written description accurately portrayed the resort and the location. The resort is south on Las Vegas Blvd although calling it the strip area is a bit of a stretch, a car would be a necessity.

      Our child especially enjoyed the pool area with the waterslides and waterfall. In addition the resort has several children's activities scheduled during the week allowing parents a few hours to get out without the kids.

    • Avatar for janis84
      By janis84 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Stayed here August 2004 on an exchange and have never been so disapointed with timeshare resort the accommodation. Yes it was clean but very basic, dark and dismal & depressing. We only stayed three nights our of our seven ended up paying for a hotel. Certainly not a five star resort more like 3.

    • Avatar for gregw42
      By gregw42 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      The resort staff were quite friendly and responded quickly to our requests.

      The resort itself was very clean and well kept up. The unit, although much smaller than 2 of the other Monarch Grand Vacation resorts, (Ramona and Palm Springs) at which we stayed was well furnished.

      The written description accurately portrayed the resort and the location. As it is located south of the Strip in a quiet area, a car is almost a necessity. There is a shuttle service to and from the Strip, but it doesn't run during the day and there is no way to insure that you will be able to use it to return to the resort.

      The inner courtyard is dominated by a beautiful Mayan-like waterfall cascading into the larger pool. There were 2 pools, the smaller one being mainly for the children with the waterslides and 2 life guards, one at the top of the slides and the other at the pool side. Unfortunately the larger pool, which was quite warm was closed until the first of April, which meant that if you wanted to use a pool you had to use the children's pool which was disappointing. The temperature while we were there ranged from the mid 80's to mid 90's.

      As the resort is located in Las Vegas there is a wealth of attractions, activities, dining and sight seeing to suit all tastes.

      Although we did see many timeshare sales people, we were not approached. The resort did seem to be well prepared for families.

      We would stay here again and would recommend the resort to others.

    • Avatar for jwc
      By jwc Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We stayed at the Cancun resort for a week from 9/12-9/19/2003 on an exchange through SFX.

      This was our first stay at this resort. We visit Las Vegas quite frequently and have always stayed at the HGVC/Flamingo. We were very favorably impressed from the beginning. The staff was very professional and quite friendly. We had made a request for unit location prior to arriving at the resort. They honored our request with an awesome unit on the 7th floor of the new building. We had a view overlooking the pool area and the Las Vegas skyline in the background.

      Our unit was a 1BR, 2BA unit. It was very nice with a full kitchen, not that we eat in the unit very much. We had underground parking just steps from the elevator.

      Overall, we would rank this resort above HGVC/Flamingo.

    • Avatar for jerryk
      By jerryk Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We stayed here in April 2003 and will come back again. This was a wonderful change from the Las Vegas resort casinos. Our unit was smaller than most other timeshares we've stayed at (in particular the kitchen) but the pool area was the best I've ever seen.

    • Avatar for blondepickle
      By blondepickle Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Excellent all around; check-in, cleanliness, friendly, acommodating, availability to entertainment and activities for all ages, well equiped gym, beautiful scenery and the pool is fantastic.

      I have visited this resort approximately 10 times between 1999-present and I have had a pleasant experience each and every time! The staff is helpful and kind with finding your way around and the things you are interested in doing while visiting. Just what it is supposed to be, a relaxing and fun time.

    • Avatar for rdspells
      By rdspells Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We stay here everytime we go to Vegas. Just south of the strip it is far enough away to allow us to rest and relax; yet close enough to enjoy the stip casinos. Staff is great. Children love it.

      We stayed in the Penthouse once and I don't think I could stay in the 2 bdrm again!!!

      Kids love the slide and even in winter the pool by the slide was heated!

  • On-Site
    • Bar
    • BBQ Area
    • Children's Pool
    • Elevator
    • Fitness Center
    • Game Room
    • Internet Access
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Restaurant
    • Security
    • Shopping Area
    • Snack Bar
    • Spa Services
    • Whirlpool/Hot Tub
    • Casino
    • Drug Store (3 miles)
    • Golf (3 miles)
    • Grocery Store (1 mile)
    • Horseback Riding (1 mile)
    • Live Entertainment
    • Medical Facilities (4 miles)
    • Movie Theater (3 miles)
  • 8335 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
    • Resort
    • Resort cluster
    Accuracy not guaranteed. Contact the resort to confirm the address before making plans.
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