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McGaheysville, Virginia


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  • Avatar for jaym211
    By jaym211 Aug 29, 2013

    Nearby Indoor and outdoor activities keeps all family members busy for the duration of the stay.

    It would be useful to add transportation service within the resort facility. It would make it easy to commute.

  • Avatar for bridgettb
    By bridgettb Updated Aug 25, 2010

    SO happy I broght.Love this place.Theonly reason I won't purchase another week is due to the resort not having a shuttle service. The resort is huge and I do not want to always drive.

  • Avatar for rogerf15
    By rogerf15 Jul 15, 2010

    This is definitely a family oriented resort. Many, many actives but be prepared to pay for each one. Go carts, world-class indoor/outdoor waterpark, arcade, etc; you name it, Massanutten has it. On the downside, you must have a car to do anything. This resort is very spread out and offers no shuttles or buses. Woodstone units were good-sized, even the partial-kitchen side of the lockoff. The master bedroom's king bed was comfy but the twins in the second bedroom were less than desirable. The two person jacuzzi tub in the bathroom was a bonus.

  • Avatar for jeffcarp
    By jeffcarp Jul 6, 2010

    We traded into a 2 bedroom through RCI. We were very surprised by this resort. It is a resort in every sense of the word. We were expecting a nice condo in the hills of Virginia. What we weren't expecting was the huge amount of activities provided through the resort. There is literally something going on here every hour, every day and the activities encompass all interests and ages. If you can't find something to do here, you aren't looking very hard. The condo was very nicely furnished. The furniture and beds were very comfortable, clean and in good condition. There are versions of the 2 bedroom condo that don't have an oven/stove (this is disclosed through RCI). There is a table top burner stove provided in a cupboard, but no stove other than a small toaster oven. Full kitchen 2 bedroom units do have stoves/ovens. There is a massive whirlpool tub in the hallway bathroom. It could fit 6 people. It is strange that this tub isn't in the master, but there is a separate bathroom / shower (tub) in the master bedroom. The sink is separate from the bathroom and is in the same room as the bedroom, so it does prevent someone from getting ready at the sink while another person sleeps in. The assortment of on-site food options, stores for the basics, activities, pools, gyms, etc., make this a true destination resort. We'd come back in a heartbeat.

  • Avatar for jayf48
    By jayf48 Apr 27, 2010

    As an owner, I obviously approve of the resort! Mannanutten has done a remarkable job differentiating each of the properties within the Valley. I bought at Woodstone due to the visual impact of the luxury units. When you think of vacation, this property will awe you with how many activities can be planned. Even though they are already the luxury units on premisis, they still work on updating them every year!

  • Avatar for wsschnelli
    By wsschnelli Updated Jan 17, 2010

    As an owner for 5 plus years I very much enjoy my time at Massanutten. However the business practices, outrages increase of maintenance fees per year, will prevent me from recommending or buying more time here. I think keeping increases in line with inflation would be acceptable. The management co appears to be lining there pockets. They must be hoping to take back units with unpaid (unafforadable) fees. Great to visit, but not owner friendly!!!!!!!

  • Avatar for howardm30
    By howardm30 Dec 31, 2009

    Just completed a one-week stay during Christmas break. This was our first time at this resort and we had a great time.

    Positives: Very friendly staff, tons of activities for all ages, skiing is uncrowded and relatively inexpensive, 2br units are fairly large and comfortable (we had the full kitchen unit), units are in good condition, buffet restaurant is absolutely fantastic, shopping and restaurants are nearby.

    Negatives: Walls in units are paper thin, shared washer and dryer (small washer and dryer) is a pain, small TVs in units, no mid-week servicing of rooms, water park is closed two days every week, wireless internet connection is painfully slow, have to drive to participate in any activity, including water park, skiing, etc.

    I gave this resort 4 stars because of the many activities and the fact that we had a great time. However, the units are nowhere near gold-crown standard as you can hear conversations in the room next to you and every step someone takes in the room above you (if they're kids or wearing winter boots).

    If you're looking for a nice family ski vacation, seriously consider Massanutten. Just keep your expectations somewhat low and you'll be happy.

  • Avatar for paul449
    By paul449 Nov 16, 2009

    We exchanged into here for several two bedroom units in October 2009 and hosted a small family reunion. The facility was great -- accomodations were spacious and well-appointed. Much to do on site, including golf. Nice restaurants that could accomodate our group easily. We were there during their fall festival, which was held at the ski lodge and was great fun. Easy driving distance from PA and DC area. Will repeat.

  • Avatar for leonardb36
    By leonardb36 Updated Aug 7, 2009

    We are a family of four (kids aged 10 and 12) who stayed here on a RCI guest certificate from a relative. This is a mega-resort -- absolutely huge. It would be more accurate, perhaps, to describe it as a resort "town" containing several resorts over a fairly large geographic area. They even have their own Massanutten police, who the timeshare salesman told me are deputized by the local sheriff. There are actually several separately listed RCI resorts on the site, with Woodstone being one of them (the newest). Guests at one resort can use the amenities of all. They have three swimming pools, a waterpark, two golf courses, a few stores, a spa, and an endless list of activities. Additional fees are charged for most of the amenities and activities.

    If you don't plan on leaving the resort (there is enough to do that you don't have to), it is probably well worth it for you to buy an Activity Card, which gives you discounts on amenities, activities, and services. Some activities become free when you have the card. We got the cards and saved on golf lessons (save $10/person with card), Shenandoah Caverns (cave) tour (free with card), Washington DC bus tour (save $20/person with card), New Market Civil War Battlefield admission (free with card), and golf green fees ($2.50/person for 9 holes). We spent a fair part of our time off the resort, so we probably would have only broke even in terms of cost, but two of our cards were free for attending a timeshare presentation. You should check out the activities flyer on their web site (www.massresort.com) for a full list of discounts available with the card and for a better idea of what there is to see and do at this resort.

    We really enjoyed the Washington DC tour. It was a very convenient way to see all the main attractions without the hassle of traffic and parking. It is a very full day of walking. You leave the resort at 6 AM and get back around 9 PM. A buffet dinner at a Golden Corral is included on the drive back from Washington.

    The resort is within easy driving distance of Shenandoah National Park, where we spent two afternoons driving along Skyline Drive. This road twists and turns along the mountaintops and offers amazing views from numerous overlooks. Deer are very abundant and seemed quite accustomed to people. We also saw a fairly large bear along the road flipping over stones to find bugs to eat. There are deer ticks in the park known to carry Lyme disease so we took the recommended precaution of spraying our footwear and legs with an insect repellent containing DEET. My son and I hiked to the highest peak (Hawksbill summit, 4052 ft), which took a little over 20 minutes from the parking area by the most direct route (would take 2 hours if hiking the entire trail loop). The most direct route is very steep and we were quite winded upon reaching the summit, but the trails are nicely groomed. The view was worth the effort and there is a picnic area at the summit.

    The third floor two bedroom unit we stayed in was very spacious and we were generally satisfied with it except for the transmission of noise from other units. It wasn't that our neighbours were especially noisy, it was the lack of soundproofing that was the problem. The unit was clean upon arrival, but then you are on your own -- there is no mid-week clean-up. There were elevators in the buildings, but not baggage carts, so it took several trips to unload the car on arrival and to load the car on departure. We stayed in a "partial" kitchen unit, which meant that you had a two burner hot plate instead of a full stove, but that worked well enough for us. The kitchen was otherwise well equipped. The unit had beds for four people (one king, two singles), but could have accommodated six with the sofabed. We found the beds to be comfortable enough. The main bathroom had an enormous Jacuzzi, but we felt it odd that it was in the main bathroom and not the master bedroom ensuite bathroom. Each unit had a balcony and fireplace as well. The only amenity within walking distance for us was the Woodstone Meadows golf course. We had to drive to everything else. We thought it would be nice if there were a few more pools so that one was within walking distance of each unit. The timeshare salesman suggested this might be done in the future and that a former shuttle service might be re-instituted. The landscaping could use some work. The Woodstone units were surrounded by patchy and weedy lawns that were not terribly lush. The BBQ area was a small island in the middle of the asphalt parking lot. They should move the BBQ areas to the lawn and provide more picnic tables.

    We liked the fact that this resort had bins for recyclables. Only two of four resorts we stayed at this trip did.

    One thing we did not like was that "P" (Partial) and "F" (Full) kitchen units shared a stacking laundry washer/dryer which was very tiny as well. We could only wash two beach towels at once whereas an average sized washer can take four beach towels at once. One day we could not get at the washer as it was being utilized by the family in the "F" unit every time we checked. This is the first time we've been in a timeshare where we didn't have our own laundry machine pair.

    The Woodstone Meadows golf course was nicely tended and very forgiving for the less than expert golfer. We only played it on our last day and wished we'd set aside more time for it. Golf is a great deal if you have the Activity Card.

    Drive carefully on the drive into and out of the resort. There are tons of deer around and we saw one killed by the car in front of us when returning to the resort one night. They bolt across the road very suddenly.

    We didn't use the water park this trip, but we had a look at it during the timeshare sales breakfast. The salesman claimed it is being expanded to become the biggest indoor waterpark in the US, but that would have to be a massive expansion, as it is currently only about a third of the size of Kalahari Resort Waterpark in Ohio, which we visited last summer. Single day admission is quite expensive, but you can save big with the Activity Card and when buying multi-day admissions.

    This was a nice resort and I would recommend it especially to golfing families, who could save a lot with the Activity Card. We were a bit put off by the distance between our unit and the amenities, but were impressed by the sheer number of amenities and activities.

  • Avatar for normt5
    By normt5 Updated Jul 11, 2009

    We were there in weeks 26 and 27. AWSOME! The water park continues to be awsome. This year we stayed in unit 339. It was on 3rd floor but had a ramp to the lobby and elevator to the 3d floor. The weather was PERFECT! Not too humid and cool in the evenings. The fresh local produce was great for the meals we cooked in. The children had plenty to do for free, including watching the deer, rabbits, horses, and ground hogs, beside the usual swimming and go carts. I don't believe anyone of any age could go here and not have a marvelous time. There are just so many options.

  • Avatar for schultzie6
    By schultzie6 Updated Apr 30, 2009

    2009 Update from a LONG time Massanutten owner: In these economic times, sales staff will become even more pushy & relentless than ever before; buyer beware. As for the reviewer who stated that maintenance fee increases are outrageous ... I have to chuckle! At Massanutten, maintenance fees for a 4 bedroom lock-out will cost you less than $600/year (approximate $40/year increases). How much has your car insurance, home owners insurance, gas and heating bills gone up per year?? These increases merely reflect the ECONOMY (jeez). Now, if you would like to compare to Gold Crown Williamsburg resorts, maintenance fees for a 4 bedroom lock-out will cost you OVER $1,100/year (More than a $500 difference, per year, than Massanutten's maintenance fees). Do the math .... it's a great resort.

    We not only own 2 timeshares but ALSO decided to buy a year-round vacation home on the resort property because this place is fabulous! It's better than the huge crowds at Myrtle Beach, the Jersey Shore or Virginia Beach. If you cannot take crowds (umm, the majority of people DO vacation during late June - mid July), then perhaps you should rethink your timeframe. ANY destination will be crowded, especially with more people conserving their vacation time for the summer months.

    My advice as a Massanutten timeshare owner AND year-round property owner is to stay away from the sales pitch, reserve your activities ahead of time (again, THERE ARE other people who vacation too) and you'll enjoy a GREAT experience at Massanutten!


    When considering the DOZENS of resorts that we've visited, Massanutten is one of the most incredible we've ever experienced. Our family LOVES this resort so much that we decided to purchase a year-round vacation home located next to the snow-tubing park/golf range!!!

    The waterpark is now OPEN and it is fantastic!!! Our children range in age from 8 - 20 yrs. and each of them completely love the new indoor waterpark!!

    The Massanutten Property Homeowners Association (year-round property owner assoc.) is now proposing construction of a go-cart track & batting cages!

    Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter activities include: championship golf courses, 3 outdoor pools, 2 indoor pools, health clubs, spas, family movie nights, on-site entertainment, trout-stocked ponds, playgrounds, over dozen tennis & basketball courts, indoor racquetball courts & a gymnasium, horse back riding stables, 2 championship MINI GOLF courses, mountain biking, skiing, snow tubing, games rooms with billiards, air hockey, pinball.

  • Avatar for peters213
    By peters213 Mar 27, 2009

    I was curious to read all the reviews since I own at Woodstone. In general, I agree with most of the reviews. If you remain focused on your living quarters, the amenities, activities, cost, etc. - it is an extremely enjoyable stay. They have everything.

    The flaws mentioned in the reviews are correct. The sales staff (parking pass experience) is despicable. I went through the whole 2 hour process (4 hours later) just to get a free Activities pass - never again. I lasted the whole 4 hours and continuously said no - it was amazing how far they are willing to drop the price to get you to own. If you are serious to own here - hang in there - they will drop the price an easy 50% if not %75.

    As for the overcrowding - that depends on the week. We own week 30 and even though it is busy, I never had a problem getting into the pool areas, the go-kart track, the lift ride, the tube ride, mini-golf, horse-back rides and even the water park. There is a lot more to do out there. Plan your week accordingly - phone to book your activities and enjoy. If you own, remember, you'll be back again to do the things you missed.

    You need a car to move around in this resort. I recommend a bike as well to move around in the "bowl" area if you don't want to drive all the time.

    If all you want is a vacation and have no intentions of buying - get the parking pass and sign up for nothing else. I do recommend the activity cards though - even though they are $100 a pop - still worth it, especially if you want to do a lot of the activities and tours.

  • Avatar for davone
    By davone Updated Feb 9, 2009

    My stay was mostly pleasant, however, I must report abuse from the overly aggressive sales. Yes, I agree with the many reviews below which praise the goodness and beauty of Massanutten, but, Great Eastern Management has tainted your resort experience with a downright vicious and relentless sales approach. For those of you who value your time, steer clear of the "owner's update/tour" or the free sales breakfast/dinner. You will be offered $100 or so, but the sales staff will pressure you, nag you, and nearly drain your will to live until you either walk away or write a large enough check that satisfies the company's voracious & greedy business appetite.

    I have to share a letter with you that was written after being conned by one of the staff at what is suppose to be the Massanutten parking pass desk. Exhausted from the long trip to this resort, I misunderstood the saleslady who is supposed to issue guests a parking pass. I handed the saleslady a payment for what I thought was the parking pass, later to find out it was a $20.00 charge for an invitation to breakfast. It's hard to believe, but yes, the "parking pass counter" will charge you $20.00 for an invitation to a sales breakfast. Buyer beware, do not trust the folks who are supposed to furnish you with your parking pass. The second you hear the check-in desk official tell you to go to the parking pass counter to acquire your pass, you need to mentally arm yourself with the confidence and resolve to strictly obtain your parking pass and accept nothing else from the salespeople. This is unless you have the time, patience, and nerves to endure their high-pressure sales presentation.

    At Massanutten, they have a trained sales staff that tries to play on your emotions, and they will hit you with rebuttals when you try to leave or decline their timeshare sale. When I contacted the sales division to decline the sales presentation service altogether, I was not refunded the $20.00 payment. This denial of refund goes against the terms and conditions of VISA's contract with businesses, and VISA was the form of payment used for the transaction. My legal firm is assessing this situation to weigh all options and to determine how best to proceed. For the many vacation-goers who have had run-ins with this kind of scenario, I am with you and I pledge to share any information/results that may help you to avoid or remedy shady practices of this nature. For now, though, the email address for the sales lions at Massanutten is sales at massresort.com. If you run into something like this, or would just like to support the cause; you are urged to copy and paste the second paragraph of the below letter into an email to the sales staff. Together, we can stop what has become a lackluster experience at a pushy timeshare complex, and help restore it into a five star deluxe resort accommodation. Thank you.

    Below is the letter written to the Massanutten sales dept. and shared with RCI/Redweek & others to express my displeasure with the sales approach:

    [Today I write you to reiterate that I have declined your sales presentation service scheduled for Jan 19, 2009. My method of payment was with a VISA credit card number ending 3821. According to the VISA terms and conditions issued to both businesses and cardholders, any service that goes unfulfilled or unrendered is subject to a full refund. Since I have declined your sales presentation on the above listed date, I ask that you please credit my VISA card the full amount of $20.00 within three (3) business days. Failure to do so will result in my contacting VISA, RCI, and all other concerned entities and agencies to report this incident.

    I also request in writing, that in the future I not be approached by any member of the Great Eastern/Massanutten sales staff with any offer to attend a sales meeting. I would like the parking pass and nothing else from parking pass officials. Please do not make liars out of the check-in staff who direct guests to the parking pass distributors only to be dealt an aggressive salesperson . As a customer, I feel that luring vacation-goers into an aggressive sales session by using the parking pass counter is an unethical and dishonest ploy. This tactic gives timeshare resorts a bad reputation. Please restore my pride in Massanutten ownership by reconsidering and changing this practice. Thank you for your cooperation.]

    ***NO MORE ABUSE from pushy, aggressive and unethical timeshare sales practices!! Enjoy your travels! de

    UPDATE 2/9/09: VISA issued a full refund after reviewing the situation***

  • Avatar for reginaldb7
    By reginaldb7 Jan 26, 2009

    Prices are very reasonable here for everything, anyone who says otherwise must not travel much. We've stayed at resorts from Canada to the Dominican Republic and this is by far the nicest, best priced, and with the most things to see and do of any of them. The units are very nice, no complaints there, not the most upscale I've stayed in, but very comfortable and relaxing, with anything you could need. Checkin is fast and easy even on busy weekends. We've been there for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Presidents week when the kids are out of school and always gotten right in with no wait, and they have the nicest people working there. We own here and at a dozen other resorts and this is our favorite. We have had minor problems but you get those anywhere, things break, that's life, but the staff has always fixed anything immediately and on our schedule. We wish they took pets, but there is a great kennel (Wayworn Pet Kennel) we use when we go and it's right across the street. Yes, some activities are busier than others and can fill up but that is just a testament to how popular they are. If you can't get your first choice, then try one of the other 165 different activities they offer every week. We found Massanutten by accident through RCI and have been glad we did ever since! If you take the "tour" those sales people get paid commission only, so they will try to sell you, but no one forces you to go if you don't want the $100. Go, enjoy, repeat.

  • Avatar for sadiee2
    By sadiee2 Jan 4, 2009

    My family and I just returned from The Summit. It was awesome. My room was very spacious and nice. I even invited a few more guest later throughout the week. We visited Dec 19-26, 2008. Check-in was a breeze. The snow tubing line was quick and not too long for the X-mas holiday. Beware try to go snow tubing for the first schedule of the day, it's never crowded. The park is a little pricey like other resorts, however, using the 100 dollars from the time share tour helped with the activities for the family.The water park have half-price special for after 4:30, so that helps a lot. Also included with the tour, was a all you can eat buffet lunch free for my entire guest party, so I didn't need to eat at the restaurant ((whew). The food was outstanding, just like a 5 star restaurant. I have been a owner since 2006. This was my first visit. I am looking forward to returning within the next 6 months.

    I would highly recommend this resort to any family with small children and young adults in their family. You will not be sorry. I have a 12 and 19 year old. We had a blast, on a frugal budget. I got 2 thumbs up for such a wonderful vacation. We traveled everywhere. Hawaii, Florida,and Mexico etc... The kids are already booking a spring/summer trip for the family to return back to Massanutten.

  • Avatar for laurenk34
    By laurenk34 Mar 11, 2008

    We live in Maryland and had never heard of Massanutten until recently. We decided to check it out for a free weekend (March 1, 2008) in exchange for a "90 minute" tour. My parents, husband and three children (6, 4 and 6 mos.) arrived and got upgraded to a casa de campo suite at Woodstone. The rooms were very nice- new, super clean and comfortable! Lots of space! We were on the second floor and my complaint was that you could definitely hear the people banging around above us. We attended the tour right after arrival- it was 4 hours long!!! While we were very impressed with the resort, we were very angry about the tour taking so long- completely unnecessary. Friday night my kids went to the kids club ($40 for 3 hours for both kids). It was great having childcare so we could go to dinner. We ate at the Farewinds restaurant- good food but service is extremely slow. Saturday we took my kids to the new waterpark- it was awesome! We had dinner there and it was good. Highly recommend. Sunday we did the candle making class- that was terrific and later went back to the waterpark so my kids could play the arcade games. We were very pleased with the resort and are definitely planning on going back in the near future. Lots of activities to do anytime of year.

  • Avatar for tom245
    By tom245 Updated Nov 1, 2007

    We have owned at Massanutten since 1999. Woodstone has some of the newer units and they are very nice. I personally prefer to stay on top of the mountain, but have rented here several times due to the fact these units are much more accessible for my mother who is handicapped. Some of the sales staff are very aggresive, so be forwarned. Overall though you can't beat this place for amenities. championship golf courses, 3 outdoor pools, 2 indoor pools, health clubs, spas, family movie nights, on-site entertainment, trout-stocked ponds, playgrounds, tennis & basketball courts, indoor racquetball courts & a gymnasium, horse back riding stables, 2 championship mini golf courses, mountain biking, skiing, snow tubing, games rooms with billiards, air hockey, pinball, go kart track, kayaking, white water rafting, a huge waterpark, several restaurants now and they are saying they are now going to build a Mall and another waterpark!!!!!. I still didn't get them all. Some amenities are a bit pricey ecspecially the internet service.

  • Avatar for michael3567
    By michael3567 May 1, 2007

    We just returned from Woodstone and it was fantastic. The water park is unbelievable and the kids just loved it. We enjoy golf, so this resort is perfect and right next to the course. Because we have handicapped family members the access to the units is wonderful and especially with wheelchairs. I highly recommend this resort and don't base one poor rating on this as the true picture of this resort.

  • Avatar for bman2p
    By bman2p Apr 28, 2007

    I don't think that you can effectively rate this resort because it depends on what section of "Woodstone" you are located in. We recently stayed in the newer "Casa De Campo" section and were extremely disappointed. From what I understand, the other units in the original Woodstone location (close to the recreation center) are a different story. We will not return to Massanutten, despite it's convenient location to our home. The resort is overdeveloped, with numerous timeshare units, and has not provided the infrastructure to accommodate all the guests. Everything is crowded, and everything requires a fee. Check- in was chaotic, with a line snaking through the lobby and out the door. We waited in line for 30 minutes and then had to go to another line to "fight" the sales pitches and obtain a parking pass. We endured three other sales calls during our visit, depsite informing them that we already owned at another resort and were decisively NOT INTERSESTED in attending a "survey." The water park is expensive ... and crowded. The classes and activities booked up, even though we called to schedule the day we arrived. Evening activities required a long wait in line -- 90 minutes ahead of show time in order to secure a seat at the magic show. The best part of our visit was stumbling onto a beautiful hiking path at the top of the mountain ... by accident. It's not advertised anywhere in the extensive resort information guides because it's not something they can make money off! Despite exchanging for a unit in "Woodstone" we were placed in Casa de Campo, nearly a mile from the recreation center we hoped to utilize. The units are new, but cheap, cheap, cheap - thin walls, bargain basement furnishings, shoddy construction. We could hear every word and every door slam in the neighboring unit. Our unit had ants in the kitchen and bathroom. We were disappointed on many levels, and we won't be back.

  • Avatar for engfam
    By engfam Updated Aug 3, 2006

    We just bought a timeshare at Woodstone. We own one in the Summit. Our family loves the mountains. The new waterpark is fantastic. Our kids, 11 and 13, including ourselves, had a terrific time there. There is plenty to do for ALL ages. Plenty of slides AND what's so great is that it's open in the winter. The tubes for the slides go outside but are all heated to accomodate the cold weather. We are planning on coming back this fall.

  • Avatar for shawnah3
    By shawnah3 Mar 20, 2006

    We just got back from Mass and it was awesome! We bought a timeshare because we will definitly be coming back for more. The indoor waterpark is phenominal. My kids said it was better than their week at Disneyworld! Now that is living proof! Our unit is brand new and I'm so excited to use it this fall! The outdoor waterpark is opening this summer and plans for a shopping mall are in the works as well. You won't leave the resort to have the vacation of a lifetime!

  • Avatar for miriamc
    By miriamc Updated Mar 14, 2006

    Beautiful units. Most of the floor plan is an upper or a lower each 2BR sleep 6. There are some units I hear that are new and are 1 BR. Master has a king bed. Second BR has two twins. Large BR in hall with spa tub. Try to get a luxury unit. There is a difference. In the regular units, the deck is through the master BR. There is a gas grill on the deck but taking my food through the BR just seems stange to me. Also, no one can use the deck for morning coffee is someone is still sleeping. In the deluxe or luxury units, the deck is off the kitchen. There is a w/d in the shared foyer.

    Very upscale facility. Is also still an area with construction. Very near waterpark, but there is a fee for that ($25-35/day?ea)

    However, if you want the mountains and trees, you need to go up the mountain to the Summit(s) or Mountainside instead. Woodstone is in the valley with golf courses around it not trees. We do so much at the rec center up the mountain, we wouldn't pick this if options available just due to location. Otherwise great condo.

  • Avatar for heatherdcl
    By heatherdcl Updated Oct 19, 2003

    This was one of the finest resorts in which we have stayed. The two bedroom ground floor unit was impeccably clean, decorated and maintained. The kitchen and bathrooms lacked nothing. I cannot comment on the activities and recreation opportunities as we did not use them.We drove the parkways, hiked the trails, visited the caverns and then relaxed on our balcony, sipping wine and watching the sunset over the mountains. We were there in September. We will go back!!!

  • Avatar for missohara
    By missohara Sep 17, 2003

    We own a time share here at Wood stone and this was our first year to use it. We own week 34 and we were there 8/23 - 30/2003. For us this is truly a 5 star resort. We loved Woodstone! The condo's were all first rate. We were very pleased.

    The area was breath takingly beautiful and all the staff we came in contact with were first rate.

    The golf courses were also good though one was under construction.

    We would go back again and again. It was relaxing/peaceful and most enjoyable. Ed/Lorraine Myles and family

    Loved the area and the shopping found great slaes.

  • Avatar for jyoung
    By jyoung Aug 23, 2003

    My girls and I stayed here for a few days of R&R, and we really enjoyed ourselves. The children's program were well-planned and thoroughly supervised. I also found the guided hike and various classes I partook of to be well organized and facilitated by professionals. All of us got a kick out of Jason Bishop's magic show that Monday Night.

    The Woodstone Unit we stayed in was extremely clean, wonderfully decorated, and well-stocked. I didn't want for anything. We primarily ate at the Fareways Resturant which serves a Beef Quisadillia to die for! The food there was really yummy. I assume the Woodstone Deli served great food to, because the line at lunch was out the door.

    If I had anything to warn future vistors about, it would be about being nickled and dimed to death. Pretty much every activity has some type of fee attached. The $99.00 dollar activity fee is a good idea because many activities are free if you have one. However, if you arn't going to be there the entire week, you may not do enough on the resort to make it worth having purchased one. On the other hand. anything you do or participate in will be worth your time and money. Finally, I'd like to say how impressed I was with the Check in/Check out service. These people have so many different things to juggle because of the variety of people coming onto the resort. There are the owners, visitors, and promotional guests. Everyone has to be handled a different way with different paperwork. But still everyone was cordial and efficient. I really appreciated that.

    The front desk people will tell you that you can only have your room keys at a certain time. However they are very accomondating and will let you have your keys earlier if a unit is ready. Also, they have this great perk called a "smooth move". If you are staying in a different facility such as the hotel on the resort and you want to move somewhere else, you can immediately get the keys to your new unit the next morning with a minimal amount of paperwork or hassle. I loved that. I really recommend Massanutten to families. There is something for everyone to do everyday

  • Avatar for gkolb22
    By gkolb22 May 21, 2003

    Top of the line resort. Great family resort and things to do all year around. The improvements to the golf courses were a welcome addition. Rooms are very spacious and better than home.

  • Avatar for keepsake
    By keepsake Mar 18, 2003

    This is a really nice place. Lots to do at the resort, something everyday and everynight. Nice mountain golf course and also a 9 hole executive course that is pretty challenging. Our unit was a two bedroom, well equiped three TVs and huge jacuzzi tub. You need a car at this resort, its huge.

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