La Quinta Beach Resort

Oranjestad, Aruba

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Oranjestad, Aruba


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  • Avatar for paulac94
    By paulac94 Dec 8, 2015

    Been updated recently, yes older resort , clean and comfortable and those two things are pretty much all you need. Staff is fabulous, very accommodating. Pool bar you can get a decent bite to eat, also next door to Screaming Eagle 5 star restaurant, fantastic, across from the best beach and you don't have to get up at 6:00 a.m to get a seat 2 pools. Love this place

  • Avatar for davids908
    By davids908 Feb 27, 2008

    Overall a great resort. Its a little on the quite side compared to the larger resorts. The units are large, and the staff is very accomodating. Eagle beach is the hands down the best beach on the Island.

  • Avatar for francinehebert
    By francinehebert Updated May 2, 2006

    Quaint resort, managed by owners, no longer by a management company. Hence, the quality of this older timeshare resort has improved dramatically over the last few years. Well decorated and spacious units. Large and small pools with a great pool-side bar. Excellent beach across the road. Personable and polite staff. Great value for money. (don't pay the same rates as La Cabana or Playa Linda).

    The person who wrote the "one star" rating needs to take a pill and come down off his or her high horse. Why anyone with a 2 bedroom timeshare in Hawaii would swap for a one bedroom unit at La Quinta, in June or July of all months, is beyond me. There are hundreds of units and incredible locations to choose from at that time of the year. Sounds like they didn't do their homework or left things to the last minute. As for units in Hawaii that this reviewer speaks so highly of: we have now stayed at three timeshare resorts in Hawaii: Kona Coast (cockroach infested); Pona Kai (poor beach, so-so units and roosters wake you up every morning at 4:30 am); Sands of Kanaha is OK, but the beach is poor at best and not what you would expect on Maui.

    If you are looking for an upper class, upbeat, memorable party experience, you are not going to get it at La Quinta . On the other hand, you can get your fill of partying by signing up for a fun-filled evening with the Kukoo Kunuku pub crawl u/ They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. What a blast!!

    This timeshare resort will appeal to those who are on a budget and also to an older, laid back crowd who want to take advantage of one of the best beaches in the world, relax and reflect. (you can purchase these units for $2-5K and the maintenance fees range from $350 to $450 per year). You should be able to rent a week in prime time for $400-$750 per week, depending on your needs.

  • Avatar for don484
    By don484 Updated Apr 29, 2005

    I have been a timeshare owner for some time now and have made many exchanges in that period of time. You expect a certain caliber of resort when you make an exchange. This being said, when I walked in to my 1 bedroom unit I was enormously disappointed.

    The bedroom was big enough to fit the bed and a desk with a 19" tv with about 12 sq/ft of room to move around and change. Basically, it looks like a hotel room that was converted into a 1 bedroom. There are also no windows in there. That's okay, though, because you have a balcony with a view of... nothing [you thought I was going to say the ocean, didn't you?] The beach is across the street, but you can't see it from your room.

    If you want to know about activities on the island, you're on your own - there is no activities desk or concierge service. They actually hire the coordinator from a real resort to spend an hour of her time at La Quinta on Sunday morning. Of course, if you want to book anything, you need to call her resort or one of the activities places directly. Obviously, this means that there are no negotiated deals or discounts for La Quinta residents. By the middle of the week, you will actually be embarrassed to tell anyone that you’re from La Quinta. Do yourself a favor and stay at one of the high rises or either La Cabana or Playa Linda. La Cabana and Playa Linda are about two blocks a way in either direction, on the same beach, but a world apart.

    Also, don’t be surprised when you see a timeshare tax of $12 per night. They don’t tell you that up front. Oh, and you get to pay a 4% “convenience” charge if you want to settle your final bill with a credit card. They will also force you to make a nonrefundable deposit that forces you to spend at least $20 at their pool bar. It says they have a restaurant in their description, but that is completely false. The pool bar is their “restaurant” and serves breakfast and lunch until about 3pm.

    The two good things about La Quinta?

    1. Their proximity to La Dome. No matter where you stay on the island make sure you reserve a night at this fantastic restaurant! Bar none, the best food on the island.

    2. The room is so bad, you don’t want to spend any time in it, so you have a great excuse to always be out and about!

  • Avatar for annventura
    By annventura Aug 6, 2003

    It has really been let go.

  • Avatar for ccolton
    By ccolton Apr 11, 2003

    La Quinta is an extremely well managed resort that faces one of the nicest stretches of beach on Aruba. Units are exceptionally large and are well maintained. With 54 units, the resort is intimate with a European feel to it. La Quinta is right next door to one of the best restaurants on the island, Le Dome. We stayed in a unit that we rented February, 2003.

  • Avatar for jackmack
    By jackmack Mar 5, 2003

    Small, family oriented luxury resort with friendly staff. Well maintained and tastefully decorated inside. Only negatives are no full service restaurant (but wonderful snack/pool bar) and you must cross road to get to the beach.

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