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New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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New Smyrna Beach, Florida


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  • Avatar for kcasey
    By kcasey Updated Nov 13, 2008

    I have owned at the Islander since 1980's. I miss it when I can't get there every year. The staff is quite friendly and helpful to make sure your stay is enjoyable. I would be going this year if it wasn't for the high cost of flying and my husband and I are going to Alaska for our 35th anniversary. I love the water aerobics, the walks on the beach and mostly the location. Our loss will be someone's enjoyment!!!!

  • Avatar for robertd116
    By robertd116 Aug 11, 2006

    This is a great bargain and a special place for families.

  • Avatar for nauga1
    By nauga1 Updated Feb 19, 2005

    Newly remodeled and updated. Unfortuanately my visit interrupted by Hurricane Charley. Staff provided snap lights for the night when power went out. Swimming pool was very nice and well maintained. Going back nex winter. Staff very pleasant, helpful and efficient. Returned with family to two bedroom unit in January 05. Despite all the storms the resort was up and running. Minimal damage but beach access was very limited. Pool and spas were all working and hospitable. Small restaurant available for snacks and light meals. All in all a very nice resort

  • Avatar for rhonda461
    By rhonda461 Feb 11, 2005


  • Avatar for edubrul
    By edubrul Updated Nov 11, 2004

    We've been coming to the Islander since '92. We started with one week and now we own four weeks, one of which we are deeding to ur daughter and her family. We've stayed at timeshare resorts all around the country (we also own two weeks elsewhere), and the Islander is our favorite.

    The entire staff is pleasant, helpful, and efficient. The location is the best. Lots of activities for both kids and adults. The rooms are comfortable, clean, and well- maintained. The grounds are always well-kept, as are the pool, pool deck, and hot tubs. Excellent restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets, french bakeres, and department stores are all within walking distance. You really don't even need a car except to go to the golf courses. Free WiFi for your laptops in the lobby that also reaches some floors.

    Yearly fees are around $350 and taxes vary around $50, depending on the unit. In the past 13 years we've owned, extra assessments have been $100/unit to repair hurricane damage in the late '90's and $700/unit in 2003 for a major reconstruction of all ocean front balconies, windows, and A/C units. It was money well-spent since the resort was hit by three hurricanes this season dead on with no internal damage. If you don't want to pay for Acts of God, don't own on the beach!

    The resort is very well managed with an excellent, open board. The budget is one of the best I've seen. All units are refurnished every few years and the upkeep on the whole place is super.

    This place is one of the best deals around. It's always an RCI Resort of Distinction. And, as they say, lcation, location, location.

    Fiunally, I've noticed an enormous number of rental postings recently on these boards. A company called Summer Bay (I think) bought up scads of the least desirable, non-beachfront units last year. They are your standard timeshare sharks. You can probably get a better price and unit if you rent directly from the Isalnder or from an individual on these boards. Ditto for buying a re-sale. Watch out when dealing with any company involved in timeshares. I wish could keep companies out of here.

  • Avatar for greg398
    By greg398 Updated Jul 15, 2004

    Lazy days on the Beach! Large swimming pool, 2 hot tubs (one is very large!) Most all rooms face out over amenities so you can be in your room and watch your kids outside. Right on the beach!!! Beautiful!!! 1 hour drive from Disney. Just a great place for a family vacation.

    Ok, elevators have been slow since 1984!! Take the stairs if your able. Yes, it is a converted hotel & I would take it over any of the "designer resorts" that can't boast the beach" All that other foofoo stuff other resorts add is just to cover up their beachfront envy!

  • Avatar for robert1806
    By robert1806 Jul 9, 2004

    My wife and I were on the beach in March and were impressed with the work that has been done on this Resort. We are in the market for a timeshare unit and the feedback on this place is very mixed? It seems the longer the person has been going there the less happy they are?

  • Avatar for vida2
    By vida2 Updated May 10, 2004

    We have stayed here for the last week in March for the last 8 years and had nothing but a wonderful time. The facility is very well maintained, the workers at the resort make your time very enjoyable, especially with children.

    I have to agree about the elevators they are the SLOWEST in the country. Would have thought with all the renavations that the elevators would have been changed.

    More baggage carts would be helpful at check in time.

    We did miss the retraurant / bar this year that was part of the resort. It was nice to be able to go down have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Cocktails served at the pool as well as sandwhiches, what a great idea. We never had to leave the resort. The bar area in the restraurant was very kid friendly and the 2nd bar area was very relaxing and no kids.

    The resort really needs to look into replacing this amenity, it was very much missed by ourselves and others who we spoke with. Alot of complaints heard this year to what caused the loss, management needs to reconsider this amentity. We heard a grocery store, please tell me it is not so!!! If we want a grocery store we can dirve three blocks.

  • Avatar for beckycb
    By beckycb Updated May 5, 2004

    I have been staying at the Islander for the past 15 or so years. I am a owner. Was very disappointed this year that the restaurant and bar are gone. Also that other owners are selling out like hotcakes! What is the reason? Do we need new Management? or is some other organization trying to take over? Do we need new officers on the Board to keep owners like myself investments protected. Would really like to no the bottom line on whats happening there.

  • Avatar for jean162
    By jean162 Updated Apr 5, 2004

    We stayed here for the Daytona 500 week in 2003 and 2004. It was the perfect location as the Speedway is only 18 miles away.

    We had a Friday check-in so we were able to get to the races on both Saturday & Sunday.

    The Beach, heated pool and hot tubs are great!

    We also went to Orlando later in the week.

    We hope to return again next year!!!

  • Avatar for alyates
    By alyates Updated Aug 5, 2003

    We have stayed at this resort several times and have enjoyed our stay each time. The resort is maintained very good and has a beautiful beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful wide beach is hard white sand. The resort has a restaurant on site.

    The resort is only 18 miles from Daytona and one hour away from the Orlando Theme Parks.

  • Avatar for sylvialoccisano
    By sylvialoccisano Jan 27, 2003

    We have stayed here many times and continue to enjoy the facilities for the day, on occasion. The beach is very beautiful and the resort is well kept and lots to do! Take the walkie talkies and you'll have a great time running and playing on the beach. A great family resort!

  • Avatar for trucker
    By trucker Jan 26, 2003

    This is a hotel turned into a condo. The halls were hot and the elevators were slow. The only thing nice about this place was the pool. I would NOT go back!

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