Peppertree by the Sea

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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  • Avatar for johnnykm
    By johnnykm Jul 19, 2012

    We have been at Peppertree By The Sea Resorts for many years. It is a family atmosphere. I enjoyed the direct Ocean front view/sound and can view the big pool on the ground floor from the private balcony. The resort is nice, clean and easy access to the pool, ocean, laundry, near by restaurants, super markets, and many live entertainment & shows. I highly recommend this place for family of 6 in two bedroom direct ocean front units.

  • Avatar for judyw226
    By judyw226 Feb 18, 2012

    My family and I stayed here back in 2006. The only positive thing I can say about this resort is that it is right on the beach. Our room smelled of smoke. This is the WORST resort we have ever stayed at!!! Very Very small living room/dining room! Bedrooms Were cramped. Do NOT waste your time or money!

  • Avatar for sheryls60
    By sheryls60 Updated Jul 22, 2009

    I love Peppertree by the Sea. The staff is always friendly and the resort offers our family a safe, relaxing and fun summertime retreat. The units are small, but well organized and clean with complete kitchens and most units overlook the beach. The beach is well lite at night and clean. There is never a huge crowd on the beach. The pools are clean and BBQ grills are available for a quick meal outside. Over the years Peppertree by the Sea and the staff have become part of our family. Summer would not be the same without this wonderful place. It is wonderful to see the same families year after year. I know that I am not the only one who has made this resort a vacation hotspot.

  • Avatar for kathleen123
    By kathleen123 Updated Nov 27, 2007

    I am giving this 1 star only because the staff was so friendly. The resort is a disaster. TINY TINY TINY!! We got 1 of the newly renovated units and it was already falling apart! CHEAP furnishings, exposed wiring, plumbing reversed( hot was cold/cold was hot) which meant the dishwasher ran with cold water so nothing was ever cleaned and had to be re-done by hand everyday.

    Was suppose to accommodate 6 but was only equipped for 4. Only 4 chairs, 2 closets that were small and full of stuff already(vacuum cleaner, mop, ironing board, cloths rack etc...) It is only 620 sq ft so we had no room at all. If we had known how small it was for our family, we would have gone elsewhere. The 2nd bedroom only had 11 inches on each side of the bed and 3 feet at the end... couldn't move at all. So small in fact that the Heat/AC unit stuck out & was just 6 inches from the bed, blowing hot(or cold) air on the person closest and leaving the room, and other occupant from feeling any of the benefit. Sofa bed had to have all the other furniture(reading chair, dinning table/4 chairs) moved to the kitchen so you could open it up. Once you did that, the kitchen was no longer accessable at all! The balcony was a standing balcony and while we saw many units that had small chairs on them, ours had none.

    I have exchanged for resorts all over the world and have never needed to strip the beds, vacuum and mop the floors, exchange dirty towels and wash and put away the dishes prior to checking out. Check out time was 10 am and at 9:25 the front desk called and "reminded" us that we had to be out by 10 or pay $50 for each hour over that. Basically we left the place cleaner than when we checked in which made us wonder if Housekeeping does anything more than put clean linens on the beds before the next people check in?! No mid-week housekeeping, or any house keeping of any kind at all.

    Activities are non-existent really. The Bar-b- que was cancelled, had to pay $2 for and ice cream sunday which consisted of vanilla ice cream, Hershey's syrup and sprinkles. Only place for Internet was the Activities Room but they locked the doors at 6pm and went home, so our access to the web was not available to plan the next day's golfing. Nothing for kids or teens at all. Indoor pool was cold and the sauna took 30 mins to heat up, by then we were ready to leave, pool area only had 2 old chairs so grandparents had no place to sit on 2 occasions and walked back to the unit.

    Construction teams used the luggage carts for their equipment so it made it inconvenient to move in & out of the unit when the time came, and had to hand carry several trips to the car. It also meant that there was constant noise, and debris we had to maneuver around.

    The only things that are positve was the Pretty stretch of beach that the resort is on, and a friendly staff. Krogers and Bi-Lo are just down the street so shopping is convenient, good location.

    I would only recommend this for a couple or not more that 3 people tops. Quality though was terrible!!! Find another place if you want a good vacation. We were terribly disappointed!!!

  • Avatar for apriln25
    By apriln25 Apr 18, 2005

    We have been at Peppertree for many years. It is a family atmosphere. It's a place to allow your children to grow up together and meet other people while making lasting friendships. The resort is nice for a week while having easy access to the pool, ocean, laundry, restaurants and other entertainment. I highly recommend this place.

  • Avatar for bogey21
    By bogey21 Jul 27, 2003

    Nice, but not luxurious, resort on great beach.

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