Belair Beach Hotel

Little Bay Beach, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

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Little Bay Beach, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin


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  • Avatar for andym28
    By andym28 Updated Dec 22, 2014

    It's a nice resort if you like a quiet one but a word of caution, don't buy a timeshare at Belair or really anywhere in St Martin. Rent or Exchange in. BTW as far as my review is concerned, it's accurate but they didn't ask all of the questions that they should have.

    First thing to understand are that Timeshare Owners own nothing, your status is that of a long term lessee (a tenant), look at the contract. The owner of the resort (usually a numbered company) owns the land, buildings and is recognized by the government. Timeshare "Owners" have No legal rights to speak of, no voting rights on resort issues, no right to audit books. The real owners also take pains to not let other tenants network and organize, supply a members section on their web site etc.

    We have an 80 year lease for 1week at Belair Beach, we are sent a newsletter once a year, it's most important function is to present a list of expenses (unsupported by any detail) which they claim justifies their ridiculous maintenance fees. We bought in 1995 with a yearly fee of $305.00, today it has risen to $1,070.00 (add the $50 tax to it and your near a cool $1,100), an average yearly increase of 8.5% compounded. It's actually higher if I included the occasional special assessment. They charge those fees because they can get them (you have no recourse) and also they inhibit your ability to sell (they claim they have resale programs but they are typically shams) Consequently, as maintenance has climbed, purchase value of the week has dropped (it's an inverse relationship). The week we bought for $14,000 in 1995, I can get for $1,200 - $2,000 from a number of sources, people who own a mid-summer week are at $500 - $1,000. So your left with a decision, pay this years maintenance or walk and start taking advantage of deals around the world. Every time I'm called an owner at the resort, I get annoyed.

  • Avatar for leonards48
    By leonards48 Feb 11, 2010

    Just came back from our vacation, we had a great time, this is our 8th year there, we started with one week now we own 4 weeks. Not very fancy but very clean, great staff, including maid service every day. There is not another resort that we would prefer, our reservations for 2010-11 already and we looking forward to going there once again.

  • Avatar for yangguang
    By yangguang Updated Feb 11, 2009

    We have been owners since 1996 and consider Belair Beach to be a slice of paradise. We have visited other timeshares on the island, and although Belair is smaller, the rooms are not! The staff is wonderful - especially restaurant and activities staff. Very secure location - concrete building is like a fortress! The beach is fabulous there, and it's not far from many other beautiful beaches on the island. Take Happy Harold's tour when you visit St. Maarten and you will feel like a native in no time. Restaurants on the island have great food and you can find some very reasonable prices. The Catholic and Pentecostal churches on the island are quite hospitable. Banana pancakes and barbeque are specialties in the restaurant. Yum. Sit there and look at the ocean while you eat . . . come back from the beach and hop in the pool . . . a wonderful place. You can hike up to the old fort on the hill and see for miles and miles over St. Maarten and the ocean. A great place for a private and romantic picnic! On the beach at Belair, get a chair, a towel, a cool drink, and let a local expert braid your hair with beads . . . mmmm! Lots of spas on the island provide pampering massages. Belair Beach is the perfect disappearing act from stressful reality.

  • Avatar for nickl
    By nickl Feb 27, 2006

    We have been owners here for over 8 years and continue to be captivated by St. Maarten and it's people. It is a beautiful island with many of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The resort is very nice with a wonderful on site restaurant with very reasonable and delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Don't miss the barbecue night on Wednesday! The resort has a direct view of the island of Saba which is breathtaking. Belair Beach is next to the Divi at Little Bay which has it's own nice restaurant, and both properties share a beautiful beachfront. Brinks Car Rental is right at the resort and they offer some of the best rates on the island with free airport pickup and delivery. Ask for Zeki and he will take care of you. As for field trips, take the sailboat to Anguilla, hike the Lotterie Farm, shop for booze (at Antillian Liquor--a wholesaler)and jewels in Phillipsburg, take off your clothes at Orient Beach, visit the French Side and Marigot and follow the road around the island for some amazing views. Enjoy!

  • Avatar for joan120
    By joan120 Aug 30, 2004

    We spent a week at Belair Beach in early August 2004. The resort is small, but on a beautiful beach. Our unit was quite nice, they had just put new furniture in the day before we arrived. I found the kitchen to be very well equiped, and loved the fact that we walked only a few steps to the beach. The grounds were very well maintained. I found the staff pleasant and helpful, although they often functioned on "island time"

  • Avatar for travel42
    By travel42 Updated Dec 11, 2003

    We own a timeshare here and have been back 4 times. It is a truly beautiful place.

    The resort itself is very clean, well maintained and good staff. We did have occassional ant problems though in the suite.

    Nice swimming pool and the food is good at the cafe onsite and the adjacent resort. You can walk into Philipsburg for shopping and dining. I liked being away from the more developed resort areas, this side is more quiet with just 2 other resorts located along here.

    You can also do some snorkeling here too. My favorite thing to do is to sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and look out into the spectacular view of the bay. At night leave the glass sliding doors open and you can hear the waves against the beach.

    The resort is well built and has held up well with mostly just aesthetic damage from hurricanes.

  • Avatar for belair
    By belair Updated Mar 1, 2003

    The view was spectacular from my oversized balcony. I could see Little Bay stretched over two resorts. The major food supermarket was close enough to walk to and, again, the scenery was breathtaking even on the way to get milk. The road, if taken the opposite direction, leads to a hill with an opening where cruise ships can be seen from a distance on Little Bay. I can think of no other resort in St. Maarten with this unparalleled picturesque beauty in its location.

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