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Pompano Beach, Florida

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Pompano Beach, Florida


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  • Avatar for micheleb432
    By micheleb432 Dec 28, 2016

    I am a local and was looking for a few nights away on the beach as the DH was on a hunting trip in NC. I reserved an oceanfront studio room in person with Henry Fish on Monday, 12/26/16 for a late check-in on Tuesday, 12/27. On Tuesday when I arrived around 11pm, the front desk was closed and signage instructed me to use the house phone to call security. A very nice gentleman by the name of Mike promptly showed up to assist me in checking in.

    He found my room keys and guest registration packet and asked me for a valid credit card. When I made the reservation with Henry he told me that I would have to pay for the room up front upon check-in for which I had cash. So when I asked the security employee, Mike, "are you charging the full amount to my credit credit?" He said, "I don't know, I've never dealt with cash, let me call the manager."

    Mike then calls Collen O'Brien, the front office manager. Collen then begins to explain that the credit card is for security in case the room gets trashed. I then said, "okay, well are you going to put any type of hold on the card? and if so how much?" I couldn't get an answer at this point. My valid credit card happens to be my bank card. When I wanted to pay for the room in cash and questioned any amount that might be applied to the credit card I began to be profiled by Colleen. She asked Mike where I was from, I know this because his response was "Coral Springs", she then asked him two more questions to which his answers were one word answers. It was at that point that Colleen told Mike that I would have to come back tomorrow to check in!

    What? Are you kidding me? Because I am asking you valid questions about what you're going to charge to my credit card and I am not as forthcoming in handing it over, mind you, they already have it on file from the day before when I reserved the room! You are NOT GOING TO ALLOW ME TO CHECK-IN? And tell me to come back the next day?

    Needless to say I was very disappointed upon leaving and promptly called to speak to the General Manager of the property the next morning.

    Mark Lisby, the general manager, returned my call. However, offered no compensation, no apology, NOTHING! He simply stated that Colleen has been with the property for 20+ years and runs the front of the house. He basically oversees the construction and renovation that is going on right now. However, when I pointed out that Colleen had to have a superior he did state that he was her boss. He cared nothing of the fact that I had a car full of groceries and luggage, had cash in hand to pay for the room, $750.00, and nothing to say about Colleen's over the phone, middle man (Mike the security guy) decision to not ALLOW me to check in! What did she think I was a prostitute? I am a wife, mother and I am employed full time. I was looking for a little rest and relaxation on my days off while the family is out of town! Thank you Henry, Mike, Colleen and Mark for ruining my vacation. Your property came highly recommended by some customers of mine (and owners of yours) from the Isle Casino, I will certainly be sharing with them your treatment of me. Along with all of my 1000's of other guests that frequent the Isle Casino.

  • Avatar for marciy
    By marciy Updated Feb 28, 2015

    My brother and I own several weeks at this resort. We love it! The location right on the beach is amazing. Its an older building and right on the water so the maintenance is constant but you cannot beat the value. Its the only place with live entertainment every night. The crowd is a little older but we love it...they are always having a good time. If you are looking for the South Beach scene this is not the place for you. If you are looking to be right on the beach and don't care if its not the newest 5 star place, or that your bathing suit is last years style then this is your spot. I have seen a lot of reviews with complainants about front desk closing at night etc. Please remember, its time share not a hotel!! The burgers at the Tiki bar are great.

  • Avatar for joelt6
    By joelt6 Aug 15, 2013

    Gorgeous resort right on the ocean with a beautiful pool. There is a Tiki Bar that is open all day for food & drinks & has music every night from 6 till 8. There is also a full service restaurant with excellent food right on the property. You can't go wrong if you stay or buy here.

  • Avatar for rose71
    By rose71 Updated Sep 16, 2010

    The location is perfect, close to all kinds of activities.

  • Avatar for maryannef9
    By maryannef9 Oct 8, 2009


  • Avatar for iw4
    By iw4 Updated May 14, 2008

    Since hurricane Wilma, in the past two years the resort has been thourougly renovated - new furniture, new fixtures, new fittings, etc.. It is now second to none in the Pompano Beach area, and it has what is probably the best location of any resort between Jupiter and Homestead on the SE coast of Florida. It is a small comfortable resort which provides a great atmosphere for families or couples. The on-site re-sale office serves to ensure that buyers can get a good selection of units at a variety of fair prices. During the winter months it is typically about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the central Florida places such as the Orlando and Tampa areas.

    My wife and I have been going there for 15 years (six weeks each year) to escape from the cold of the winters 'Up-North', and we have no desire to go anywhere else. We find new things to see and do each year. Very highly recommended by us !!

  • Avatar for darlene494
    By darlene494 Updated Feb 12, 2006

    We have been going to lighthouse cove now for a few years. The first time my wife and I saw it we fell in love with the place. The entrance into the common area, Tiki Bar, pool, was beautiful. When we met the staff,it was another plus. So we purchased one, and another and another.

    Well we were planing to go down there weeks 47 and 48, but we can't because of the hurricane. This has really put a crimp in our plans. The pictures on the web site, showed how much damage a big wind can cause.

    Well..... hopefully they can bring it back to something better, so that those of us who have time there can still enjoy it.

  • Avatar for sebastian2
    By sebastian2 Sep 19, 2004

    I just returned from using my week (37) at the Light House Cove for the first time. I purchased my unit sight unseen, although I had done some research online. I was very pleased with my unit. It has a direct view of the beach. The facilities were clean and well maintained. The beach was really excellent. The onsite restaurant was closed and is for sale, so perhaps it will reopen soon. Everyone seemed pleasant.

  • Avatar for wickil
    By wickil Updated May 5, 2004

    A very congenial staff. Friendly atmosphere. Enjoyed our stay very much.

  • Avatar for lynx5130
    By lynx5130 Mar 20, 2004

    Stayed here from 3/12-3/19 and had a wonderful time.The resort has everything you need right there.I can't for the life of me understand why this resort got negative reviews from others.I loved it so much we bought a unit and can't wait to return next year!The staff is very accomodating and the food at the Tiki Bar and the staff there are great!The view is awesome also-Thereis a view from any room.

  • Avatar for jselwyn
    By jselwyn Updated Sep 9, 2003

    Quite perplexed by the two previous reviews . . . they simply are not fair to the reality of this resort.

    Firstly, all rooms have an oceanview . . . some much more majestic than others! There is absolutely NO UNIT on the property from which the ocean cannot be seen! It is sad that one previous reviewer is apparently speaking blindly for another ~ apparently a friend that stayed there as the reviewer originally said 'few rooms' had an oceanview . . . and then later modified the review to 'a friend said he'd have to have had a long neck to see around the parking lot to view the ocean'. Well, this tells me that the reviewer does not know the resort, as all rooms ocean 'view' from the back, while the parking lots are in the front (where there are no windows looking out to).

    As for the 'well appointed' rooms . . . another previous reviewer has correctly described all rooms within Lighthouse Cove. They are all 'well appointed' nicely furnished, painted and appliance modernized; including the Kitchens and Cabinets, Carpeting and Tiling.

    Followup negative references to 'dinginess' just don't fit . . . even the pool and grounds are beautiful; including the outside of the buildings which are stucco, painted a dark color so as not to look 'dirty' from the salt water and ocean air elements historically found on oceanfront properties. The beachfront is also gorgeous . . . soft sand in high tide areas and compacted in low tide areas . . . and NOT 'seaweed' covered. No rocks, litter, or debris; and few (if any) shells . . . it is the perfect beach with a nearby operating Lighthouse.

    How do I know all this . . . I have stayed in all buildings at Lighthouse Cove year after year for the last 9 years and own 11 timeshares, including Sheratons, a Westin, Marriott, Shell and numerous other RCI and II affiliated properties.

    Lighthouse Cove is a fine and well maintained resort . . . with BEACHFRONT LOCATION . . . not a competitor for the 5-Star MegaResort seekers; but certainly a clean, spacious, more available, lesser expensive alternative with a knock-out view!

    Go There . . . Visit It . . . Enjoy It . . . I believe You'll Love It and Will Probably Return Again!!!

  • Avatar for kekouri
    By kekouri Updated Sep 9, 2003

    I guess my friends neck wasn't log enough to see around the parking lot view to the ocean? Might that be unit # 204? (or 209?). One has to remember that in Florida, drainage holes are relabeled lakes by the realtor, so everyone has a water view. And having an ocean view still does not excuse other conditions. I assume the units have been under refurb? I hope so, because the place has great possibilities, but $$$ needs to be spend.

    And there is NO WAY one can compare this to a Hyatt, Hilton (developed), Marriott, some Sheratons, or the Fairfields' Santa Barbara or Royal Vista in Pompano. (Other Pompano Fairfields intentionally left out)

    This resort is a group of different buildings with rooms that vary from studios to large 2 bedroom 2 bath units. It is on a beautiful stretch of beach, but many units will not have much of an ocean view (or even side view).

    The bldgs appear sound an well constructed, but general maintance seems to be lacking. Winter of 2003 saw some men painting some outside areas, BUT in Fl, there needs to be scraping & waterproofing prior to attempting the paint.

    But location is first rate. Owners need to push HOA on general maintanve areas.....small resturant good, very nice personnel. We'd come back...unless we got the Royal Vista or Beach Place

  • Avatar for keepsake
    By keepsake Updated Jul 13, 2003

    This resort is does need updating. Although clean and well appointed the appearance of the rooms and building are dingy and really could use a face lift.

    The beach during our stay 5/03 was full of seaweed and the water was not clear at all. The sand on this beach is not packed and makes walking or jogging very difficult. The area in general is nice but the resort leaves alot to be desired.

    Staff was very friendly and check in and check out was a breeze, no added charges. If you just want a place to flop on the beach I guess its not bad. We will stay somewhere eles.

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