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Bequia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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Bequia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines


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  • Avatar for ellens144
    By ellens144 Updated Oct 31, 2009

    I did this trip August 2009 and loved it so much I bought a membership (as a resale!). It was my second time, I did BVIs in 2002. Yes, the cabins are very small but you spend minimal time in them, you are outdoors most of the time. This itinerary is for people who love beautiful water and non-touristy areas, as I do. You go to places you'd never see any other way. On one of my snorkels I swam with a school of fish that was so thick I couldn't see past them! The water is clear, warm and unpolluted. The coral is not spectacular, I've seen better, but the natural beauty more than makes up for it. I would definitely do this again--but right now I'm booked for the new Tobago itinerary.

    The crew goes out of their way to make the trip memorable. They guide you about where to go, what to see, and tell you about each stop. As far as the meals go, I have no idea how the first mate can cook like that in the tiny galley.

    The only downside is that you are subjected to subtle, persistent, sales pressure throughout the cruise. I had this happen on both of my cruises! I am just going to have to learn to ignore it...depending on your crew's style either there is one presentation, or there are gentle discussions every day, culminating in the presentation, and they really don't want to take no for an answer.

    This destination is a bit tricky to get to. If you fly into Barbados, you pay almost $400 for a round trip flight to Bequia. I had priced flying Liat from various Caribbean destinations into St. Vincent and then taking the ferry to Bequia, but there was minimal savings vs using my frequent flyer mileage to go to Barbados.

    You can't go wrong with any Tradewinds itinerary, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared for the sales pitch. Also, be aware that there is an all-inclusive fee that ranges from about $750 to about $950, and that you are kinda expected to tip the crew $100/person in your cabin.

  • Avatar for elizabethr118
    By elizabethr118 Jan 21, 2009

    My husband and I have enjoyed several wonderful vacations sailing on TradeWinds in The British Virgin Islands and St Maarten. Additionally several of our friends have sailed on all of the TradeWinds, Caribbean itineraries. Having read the other reviewer’s comments about the towels on TradeWinds in Antigua, I can honestly say that we have had a very different experience. Our friends and my husband and I have been on a different Yacht with a different crew on each TradeWinds adventure. TradeWinds has always provided a midweek towels (bathroom and beach) change as well as fresh sheets.

    TradeWinds is a very unique experience, a semi-private Yacht with 4 or 5 guest cabins (depending on boat) and 2 crew. We have met the most wonderful people on these trips. The crew takes you to several different places to swim snorkel or dive each day followed by beach adventures and exploring.

    Food is always freshly prepared - 3 meals a day - using local fresh fruit and vegetables and breads as well as mouth watering divine desserts. The Captain mixes up a pitcher of sunset cocktails to enjoy topside every evening. Bar is self serve if you wish or the crew can get something for you if you are relaxing comfortably in the sun. There is wine and beer (as well as soft drinks) available with lunch and diner meals, as well as hard liquor on board in the bar cabinet.

    The Crew can't do enough for you to make your vacation a leisurely one, memorable, and truly a vacation from all things domestic and at the office. My recommendation is to try TradeWinds!

  • Avatar for karenp177
    By karenp177 Updated Oct 26, 2006

    My husband and I just returned from our second week in the Grenadines with Tradewinds Cruise Club. It was our third week cruising with Tradewinds over the last few years. We have also cruised with them in the British Virgin Islands, and we will be with them again for Christmas 2007 in St. Martin.

    The locations are fantastic, the food is great, and the other people we have met have been very interesting. Even though the boats are only about 50 feet long, we have found that if you want, you can always find a space by yourself to relax, read, or just check out the beautiful scenery. When the boat is anchored at the various islands, there are lots of activities available. You can spend as little or as much time with the other guests as you like.

    One of the most memorable parts of the trips to me is taking small toys, fancy pencils and other small gifts for the local kids. I usually wind up looking like the Pied Piper when word gets out that I have toys!! One little girl who is now 13 years old who lives on Union Island in the Grenadines even remembered me from 4 years ago when I had visited her island. I also often have adults thanking me for the gifts for their children, and telling me how great it is to meet such nice visitors. Some of the islands are very dependant on tourists for their economy.

    These cruises are something that very few people ever get the chance to do. I feel so lucky that we have gotten these chances.

    Karen in Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Avatar for mkcuw
    By mkcuw Feb 11, 2006

    This sailing location is exceptional with great snorkeling, beautiful anchorages, and friendly people. The Trade Winds crew and staff are excellent and do everything possible to make your vacation a truly incredible experience.

  • Avatar for beth795
    By beth795 Feb 19, 2005

    This was an incredible vacation, if you like to sail, then this is the trip for you. Tradwinds staff is very professional, food was excellent, the catamaran was spectacular. I highly reccomend this resort if you can get a week. There are multiple locations that they sail from which gives you more options in the carribean.

  • Avatar for vandesa
    By vandesa Jul 21, 2003

    Awesome, this was the best trip. This is the true caribbean experience. Not to be missed if you can find a week.

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