Ocean Key Resort

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia


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  • Avatar for aselyai
    By aselyai Jul 20, 2016

    This resort is too tiny. When first we checked in I wanted to leave it immediately but because of the money we invested we stayed and I guess got used to it. There were just two of us in one bedroom condo : my daughter and me. It is not suitable for more than two people. There is a tiny window of the bedroom. We were lucky to have a balcony: not all rooms have it. The living /dining room condo was too small and didn't have a window. I felt claustrafobic. The location and staff is nice. But I won't stay here again: I like a real condo feel, not a 450 square feet space with no windows.

  • Avatar for mistertimeshare
    By mistertimeshare Aug 12, 2010

    Just had a perfect stay at Ocean Key. This place used to be pretty bad but the renovation was awesome. The staff has defineately improved too. They checked me in in the parking lot - gave me my room key, parking pass and all - didn't need to go to the front desk. Activities were good, fitness center/activity center much improved. The restaurant and room service (no additional charge - just menu price) were perfect for those casual meals. This place is across the street from the ocean, but that means quieter late at night than oceanfront rooms. We were two adults and two kids - perfect size room for this family (had a 1 bedroom). Two brand new HD approx. 38" TVs, 1 DVD player. The $2 all day per person trolley stops right across the street - we parked our car day one and didn't see it again until the morning we checked out. Sunsations convenience store is the next building, and they have EVERYTHING from beach supplies to eggs, beer, milk. FREE washer and dryer - came back from beach/pool, threw stuff in dryer for 25 minutes. Super impressed at the changes.

  • Avatar for ermanc
    By ermanc Updated May 19, 2010

    Time for all to stay at Ocean Key Resort in Virginia Beach. Just purchased an oceanview/balcony resale unit there for an outstanding price. They just completed a total remodelling of the entire resort. They started on the top/9th floor over a year ago and just finished the last units on the 4th and 5th floor. Lobby pool has been enclosed and reception area updated too. Resort located one-block from the boardwalk and in the heart of the activity and dining center of Virginia Beach. Resort took past comments to heart and made a major investment in upgrades. Staff indicate units and resort quality is better than anytime in the past. I'll be staying there every September starting this year. Check-out remodelled unit photos at www.vsaresorts.com

  • Avatar for carlb78
    By carlb78 Updated May 25, 2008

    Just returned from Ocean Key May 2,08.The 8th & 9th floors are completely new.Well worth the $444.one time assesstment fee!

  • Avatar for cajunsgirl
    By cajunsgirl Apr 7, 2008

    My family came down to visit and stayed at this resort. They absolutely loved it. The location is fantastic - right across from the Beach! The staff were so friendly and helpful. The place was clean and nice and very comfortable. They said they would definitely come back and stay here.

    Thank you all for a wonderful vacation!

  • Avatar for maryn94
    By maryn94 Updated Dec 23, 2007

    I just recently stayed in this resort and was not satisfied. I had a room with a balcony on it. Unfortunately, when it rained, the rain came into the room from underneath the door. I was told to put towels around the door. There was also a draft coming into my room from the door because the seal was broken or old. I told the resort and they stated they could move me into another room, but it wouldn't have a balcony. The carpet was old and nasty. The room looked run-downed. The bed was very low to the ground and the whirlpool wasn't all that. The jets pushed the water out of the whirlpool. I own at this resort and I'm really thinking about selling my timeshare. They stated they would be renovating the resort. Well, they need to do something. There are 9 or so floors but only 3 floors for parking.

    The positive thing about the resort is that you do get clean towels. The staff was pleasant. The location was nice. I hope this resort gets itself together after the big renovation period.

  • Avatar for aliciag23
    By aliciag23 Aug 11, 2007

    This was the far worst place I think I ever stood at. I don't know what they're doing with the maintance money they get. The place is SOOOOOO run down. The rugs are so dirty, never walk bare foot in there. The pool in inside and all you smell is chorline through out the resort. The furniture is barely holding together. NO MAID SERVICE, we even tip ours that we saw the beginning of the week $20 and never saw her again!!!! You do get clean towels and garbage bags put in the room on the side of the door. You must put your towels and garbage on the outside of the door. I have much more to say but not enough room. The only good point was that you right across to the beach and the AC worked (thank God) Other than that this place left a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry to be cruel.

  • Avatar for d292
    By d292 Updated Mar 17, 2007

    We loved our stay at the VSA resort group and decided to buy at this facility.

    We have always been pleased with our units and find the staff to be Great!

    As far as assessments, per a previous owners statement, the assessment was a one time charge on top of regular yearly assessments and it was not a fee of 29 thousand as the review seems to state. Mine was around $400.00 or so and was spread out monthly for the year. The owners were informed, with a full statement and budget sheet of why the repairs were needed and what the money would go for in addition to being able to attend meetings about it and talk to management with any questions or protests.

    I for one am glad that the units are going to be upgraded and made more competitive with the surrounding resorts!

    This will make my stay more pleasant as well as any one who rents this unit will feel like they are in a really great hotel with more benefits!

  • Avatar for cresspenn
    By cresspenn Aug 12, 2006

    Unacceptably high assessment for all owners, due by January '07 and the only detail we get is that we will have a plasma tv. Big Deal! For my unit, the assessment should bring in about $27,000.00 plus annual maintenance fees of $16,000.00. What happens to this money? We are advised that we will see the results (for our unit) about 2009. I love the resort and the unit, but this assessment is ridiculous. We need new management!

  • Avatar for shanielle1
    By shanielle1 Updated Mar 28, 2005

    We feel this is a great location ..near the beach one block . nice pool and hot tub.. good parking .. but the units are very small and run down need work .. we also stayed at other resorts in vb and williamburg.

  • Avatar for blueconchita
    By blueconchita Jun 23, 2003

    Located in a nice convenient place to the beach and restaurants. The unit had a cigarette smell that I didn't like. The service is good there.

  • Avatar for cad4480
    By cad4480 Feb 25, 2003

    This resort is continually improving itself. The rooms are clean. The resort cares about its owners.

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