Royal Decameron Farallon

Costa Blanca, Panama

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Costa Blanca, Panama


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  • Avatar for carlosg39
    By carlosg39 Jul 15, 2008

    We stayed at the Royal Decameron Farallon in April 08. It was a big dissapointment, the food was boring with the exception of the desserts. The facilities are quite large and well kept but the help, even though friendly, need better training in terms of dealing with tourists. Most of the time the restaurant servers did not know what type of food will be served in the evening, asking them to find out took forever; requesting a special service also took forever even though they had plenty of people helping. The worse part was the ambiance, a mixture of canadians, americans, a few europeans and people from central and south america. If you do not mind watching children urinating in public while their parents observed and/or being told off when you make the observation to a parent that he is hitting his daughter too hard ("this is the way we do it in our country")....this is the place for you. Location is nice, spacious pools filled with screaming children and rude parents....we finally moved to Playa Blanca resort next door and it was a big improvement.

  • Avatar for dennisa
    By dennisa Updated Nov 26, 2004

    When I first visited Decameron in July of last year, I gave the resort an overall 3-star rating. We visited again last year, and they have improved this resort to where I now rate it 4-star.

    The food is and the service is good. They speak primarily Spanish, and very little English - but hey, this is Panama. The restaurants are very clean - and Panama has very pure drinking water as their systems were built to U.S. standards.

    Availability of house brands of alcohol are okay, and Panamanian rum is quite good.

    The beaches are very clean, and there is a large availability of beach chairs and lounges. I believe there are three or four swimming pools.

    The entertainment at night is excellent -- the dancers are some of the best I have ever seen at an all-inclusive, and they really do their best to entertain. There is an on-site casino if you are in a gambling mood -- and in Panama, the currency is the United States dollar, so you don't have to worry about exchanging your money.

    Would I ever stay there again??? The answer is definitely YES. Ask for Einor when you get there, and he will see that your stay is spectacular.

    Panama is a fun place to visit, and your dollar goes along way. I had one of the best Filet Mignon steaks I have had in years, and it cost me a grand total of $9 U.S. dollars. I would go back to Panama in a heart-beat. If in Panama City, check out the Contenential Hotel.

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