Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

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  • Located at the center of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, steps from the boutique shopping at La Plaza and the popular Cafe Del Lago restaurant, Mayan Palace is a model of modern comfort and convenience. Mayan Palace guests enjoy their own Brio Fitness Center and Studio Business Center just off of the lobby and a stunning pool overlooking the Bay of Banderas. Here, you’ll always enjoy casual and comfortable rooms with gorgeous terrace views of the golf course or ocean. Start your day with a quick breakfast in your cozy kitchen, and after a day of adventure, return to a turned-down room, ready for rest and relaxation.

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    • Avatar for darrenm103
      By darrenm103 Updated Nov 15, 2016

      The Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta is quite simply the nicest resort I've stayed in in a tropical location. From the sheer beauty of the resort and how beautiful it is kept to the ultimate customer service throughout your entire stay, you will feel like royalty after having stayed here for the week. On a tight budget? Go to COSTCO and Walmart just minutes away from the resort to pick up all your essentials or food/beverages for the entire stay! Catch a cab over for $10 or a shuttle if you like!

      You will be invited to attend the Time Share Experience if you are looking to buy - it is totally optional to go - there are some perks ( like 10-15% off your entire food and beverage bill or many other things including a free brunch for your family prior to the meeting) It's not a high pressure sales thing that takes up more than 2 hours of your day - if you want to go then go - if its not for you - say no and out the door you go back to the beach asap. We have taken advantage of it every time we have gone.

      We like to stay in Puerto Vallarta for a few days before or after our weeklong stay at the resort so we can do all our shopping and exploring in addition to the resort stay. We walked down the street at midnight on Easter weekend with our 6 and 8 year old kids and never felt more safe. The people there are very kind and respectful of all tourists and we have enjoyed each of our 5 trips there over the last 8 years. I cannot say enough about how amazing this resort is and cannot wait to get back there this spring with all my family for a family reunion and enjoy the luxury and comforts of the Mayan properties experience!!

    • Avatar for patriceh17
      By patriceh17 Apr 26, 2009

      We stayed at the Mayan in marina Vallarta. the property is great. Be prepared to go to Walmart & buy one of those egg-carton foam pads for the bed, because they are hard as slate. AND don't participate in their Timeshare presentation, at the Grand Mayan in Nueva Vallarta. We were told that it was going to be approximately 90 minutes, we were offered 500 pesos credit per person to our bill if we attended, there was 5 of us. The man who was our salesperson, Gill, was very pushy, said very inappropriate jokes to my In-laws, and kept telling us that all the time share's included golf, even though we told him we don't play golf. he was pleasant enough to start, but when it was apparent that we weren't go to buy into the timeshare, he got more and more upset, even insulting. He told us by law that he could keep us there for 7 hours. We were there for almost 6. They did NOT want to let us go.

    • Avatar for jerry158
      By jerry158 Oct 23, 2008

      The Resort is nice,Clean, and well cared for. However. I called to make an owners reservation 1 day after my six months in advance was past. I could not get in. So, I traded out and will never give a recomendation for anyone to buy there.

      I have since exchanged into the Grupo Mayan resorts, using "junk resorts" which I have purchased for very little money as resales. Get to stay in their "5 star" for less than their maintanence fees.

    • Avatar for xsinner5o
      By xsinner5o Apr 1, 2008

      I planned a vacation here and was unable to go, so I sent a bunch of my girlfriends for a week of fun. They went in February and STILL keep talking about how great the resort was and how well they were treated there. The staff was friendly and the rooms very clean and impressive. I have stayed at the Grand Mayan next to this resort which is also gorgeous and a great stay. I checked out all their pictures and it does look great!

    • Avatar for orvillef2
      By orvillef2 Updated Jun 6, 2007

      We just got back from the Grand Mayan next door, but spent alot of time at the Mayan Palace and actually we preferred it.

      There isn't a waterpark there, so the kids would probably prefer the Grand, but lots of activities, the shops, spa, disco, game room, better beach, etc. are all at the Mayan Palace.

      The end of May the weather was terrific, hot, but it seems like there are more mexicans vacationing at this time of year and the food was geared more towards their taste. We are in Mexico, of course, but maybe the food was a little too authentic for us.

      The cleanliness and friendly service, of course can't be beat and that is precisely why we go again and again to the Mayan Palaces in Mexico. By the way, this is our first visit as owners and it's true that the Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan treat the owners like royalty. It's also true that the owners get the nicest rooms and the best service. However I got great service before owning as well. These are beautiful resorts and they are in great locations, you aren't going to find anything nicer in Mexico, so if you want the Ritz-Calton in New York or The Four Seasons in Southern California, go there!! No need to complain about your so-called "Four Star" trade in and not getting the best room.

    • Avatar for hal12
      By hal12 Updated Apr 12, 2007

      Outstanding in every way!!!

    • Avatar for betsy133
      By betsy133 Apr 6, 2007

      We apologize for being bit late in our evaluation, but wanted to give our opinion. We own several timeshares and they are all Gold Crown and Five Star resorts. We couldn't get a second week at our home resort (Club Regina) in Puerto Vallarta in Dec. 2005, so we used a banked Gold Crown wk. to secure a reservation at the Mayan Palace Nuevo Puerto Vallarta. We could only get a one bedroom, but that was fine since it was only the two of us. We had toured the property the yr. before and liked what we saw, so we agreed to book the week.

      Upon arriving we were treated so royally until the sales girls found out that we were an exchange. Then when we asked if we could have an ocean front view we were told "no problem". Yet, when we checked in and our luggage was brought to the unit, which was a great distance from the check-in, we found that the unit faced the opposite direction from the ocean. The bell service seemed to suggest that this happens all the time.

      We were very courteous with the desk and they suggested that we come back to the desk within the next hour to get a unit that was ocean front. The next unit we received was ocean front, but the worst unit we have seen in the 18 yrs. we have been time share owners. There were ants crawling on the sink countertop, soiled marks on the dining rm. chairs and threads hanging from the chairs. The housekeeping staff sprayed and never returned to clean up the residue or dead ants. Also, there were cracked and dangerous tiles on the floor, which prompted us to wear sandals or shoes at all times. My husband taped the tiles to keep our feet from being cut. The maid service was terrible and we were told by owners at the pool that all the "nice furniture and TV's" had been transferred to the "Grand Mayan" next door. Our TV was tiny compared to the opening in the cabinet which made sense that it had been switched. Also we all had to wear wristbands which designated where you were staying and we were not allowed to go to the new nice pools and other amenities. Yet, we were "Gold Crown" owners. Our last night there we met a couple that had also traded or purchased a wk. and complained and were upgraded to the Grand Mayan. By the time we realized what was happening to us it wasn't worth demanding a change. All we know is that we are so glad that we didn't purchase at any Mayan Palace properties when we toured, for things can change in just a matter of months.

    • Avatar for loris84
      By loris84 Apr 16, 2006

      This resort is definitely worth every penny. Everything is there for you. You do not have to leave the resort for anything. The accomodations were beautiful. The staff was very friendly. The fiestas on the beach were well worth the money. It is a place for couples or families. There is always something going on at night or even during the day. They have a clubhouse just for kids during the day and childcare at night. We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite and could comfortably accomodate 10 people.

    • Avatar for kelly914
      By kelly914 Feb 6, 2006

      We just stayed at this resort over Thanksgiving. BEAUTIFUL resort!! The staff, landscaping, pool, views it was all excellent.

    • Avatar for sharon705
      By sharon705 Jan 28, 2006

      Meticulously maintained, spectacularly beautiful. Everything is here: one of the longest pools in Latin America; golf course; restaurants; spa; kayaks; gym; store; easy access to buses and cabs. Beautiful, long beach. In at least 10 visits to this resort, myy husband & I have always had respectful, prompt attention from resort employees. The lush landscaping adds to the beauty of this resort, but the sparkling pool encircled by palms and dotted with foundtains and "islands" will bring you back time & again. Resort rooms are comfortable, fully equipped, very clean. the only thing missing from this resort is a balcony; really, though, why would you sit inside when that pool and beach beckon?

    • Avatar for elaine462
      By elaine462 Sep 8, 2005

      Just got back from a fantastic vacation with my kids. Ended up staying two weeks. The resort staff was incredible, when we left I felt like I was leaving old friends. The food in the restaurants was superb. The spa was worl-class and the gym very well appointed. Lots and lots to do. Turtles were nesting on the beach. The pool is fantastic. I hope to go back very soon by myself for my own spa vacation.

    • Avatar for charles1383
      By charles1383 Mar 13, 2005


    • Avatar for david1652
      By david1652 Jun 4, 2004

      My wife and I have stayed here twice in the last four years. It is the nicest of the three resorts we have stayed at in Puerto Vallarta and one of the best when compared to timeshares in the US and the Virgin Islands.

      It is close to Golf, a US type mall with stores and resturants, even McDonalds.

      There are people trying to sell timeshares, from the time you step off the plane, but that is common every where we have gone, including the US. Just say NO.

      Try it, you'll like it.

      Dave from Oregon.

    • Avatar for clint8
      By clint8 Feb 24, 2004

      This is just what some people want in a resort, lot's of GLITZ, actually lot's of EVERYTHING. Lot's of bellboys, security, condo sales persons, grass, marble...... There are two main complexes the hotel and the owners unit. The hotel is a long, long way away from the beach and the pool. You will get in shape quickly walking back and forth. Coolers are restricted on the property and delivered drinks and food shell shock some people at checkout The owners units are on the beach by the pool and would be the way to go if looking at this property. It is worth visiting but I wouldn't want to live here.

    • Avatar for fingust
      By fingust Oct 1, 2003

      We went to Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta in the 1st two weeks in May 03. The weather was very nice. The sunsets are awsome. The resort is very large and requires alot of walking to go anywhere. The rooms and service was nice. The resteraunts were high in price and quality. Pools side service was awsome and a little high priced. The resort is about 10 miles or so to main PV. Take the bus for $1 a piece (they are like greyhound buses). I think next time we will stay in PV at the Mayan, it seems very nice and closer to town. We had a great time.

    • Avatar for bellsonmytoes
      By bellsonmytoes Jun 23, 2003

      Don't stay at this resort if you don't want to walk ALOT and I mean alot. It was at least a 3/4 mile round trip from our room to the front of the Hotel. Maid service was slow, and even though they offer turn down service we never used it, the maids didn't come around until after 9pm and as late at 10:30 pm one night, really useless to us as we were in for the night by 9pm every night. I would not recommend the Fiesta, it was very expensive and though the food was good, it was not worth $45 per person. We did enjoy the pool, and the room was nice, but you can get that anywhere with out the hassel of walking forever to get anywhere. Room service was good. I believe they should run the train more often, and have more carts available to shuttle people back and forth to the front of the hotel. My husband is 76 with bad knees, We have stayed and many other places that are much better than this.

    • Avatar for dow55
      By dow55 Updated Apr 29, 2003

      This resort has exceptional grounds and numerous amenities on the site, including golfing. The beach was very clean. The pool is one of the largest I have ever seen. Amazing! Our stay was a delight, and we are going back again in June 03. The staff were excellent. Using the cyber cafe for checking our email was great. Love the place!

    • Avatar for mckool40
      By mckool40 Apr 7, 2003


    • Avatar for a.bateman
      By a.bateman Mar 17, 2003

      Great service, very friendly. Lots of beach so not cramped at all. Huge pool but a bit cold, 2 large childrens areas in pool.

      Several restaurants but on the expensive side, excellent food though. Shopping mall with grocery store and reasonable restaurants nearby, 30 peso taxi ride. Bus service into Puerto Vallarta, 10 pesos, runs till 11pm.

      Electric boats run on canals in resort and little train runs every 30 minutes, great for kids.

    • Avatar for annedenbow
      By annedenbow Jan 25, 2003

      One of the most beautiful reseorts we have ever visited. The service was impeccable and the people of Puerto Vallarta (7 miles to the south) were the nicest we've met in Mexico.

    • Avatar for niner
      By niner Dec 30, 2002

      We were there for two weeks and rode out Hurricane Kene. I want to say that the staff was very, very efficient in getting everyone evacuated, onto the several tour busses and to a safe auditorium. While the restaurants were knocked out, the catered meals that night and the next couple days were gratis until the restaurants were reopened..

      We had owned at the Villa Del Pal Mar since 1991 and the staff and t/s "tiburones" there were the main reasons for our selling out and buying into Mayan Palace.

      I disagree with another view that the t/s sales people were agressive at MP. They were not, once we explained upon registering our need to be left alone. And we were. But it was all done in a polite and civil manner, unlike at VPM where staff, except for the housekeepers, were inconsiderate and registration was hell because you had to pass the t/s gauntlet first and then finally the rude registering staff.

      But I digress! MP is great and pure luxury.


    • Avatar for dklisowsky
      By dklisowsky Dec 29, 2002

      This is a spectacular resort. The grounds are immaculate and the accomodations are first rate using the finest of materials - lots of marble and native wood. We found the staff very friendly and helpful - especially the pool staff.

      We arrived about two weeks after the hurricane of October '02 and there was absolutely no evidence of any damage to the resort. The same could not be said for Puerto Vallarta. The Malecon (boardwalk) downtown was pretty much destroyed and a couple of downtown ocean front hotels were seriously damaged - The Holiday Inn was being torn down while we were there.

      Puerto Vallarta is about a 30 minute cab ride from the resort and the ambience is very different. Puerto Vallarta is Mexico - The Mayan Palace could be anywhere - very quiet.

      There's a lot to do and see around Banderas Bay but mostly we enjoyed kicking back by the pool in the late afternoon and watched the sunset whilte sipping on a Corona.

      One caveat: the timeshare salespeople everywhere around PV are EXTREMELY aggressive - we found that the best tactic to survive was to ignore them - if you engage them in any way, you'll use up a good ten minutes (or more!) explaining that you're not interested.

    • Avatar for sgf1248
      By sgf1248 Dec 26, 2002

      We had a great vacation at the Mayan Palace. The condo’s are in excellent condition and the staff is extremely courteous. There are many activities, restaurants and a new full service SPA just opened. The prices of food and services are a bit steep and avoid the time- share presentation. We were warned and did not attend however, everyone we talked to that did attend said it was very high pressure and unprofessional. I would stay at the Mayan again. If you like peace and rest, the Mayan is your place, about 1/2 hour from the city. If you’re a city person and want action, stay in Puerto Vallarta.

    • Avatar for killo
      By killo Nov 19, 2002

      Very expensive compared to the rest of Vallarta. Watch out for the timeshare sales, they are ruthless

    • Avatar for shepro
      By shepro Nov 2, 2002

      This one of my favorate resorts. The staff is wonderful and the grounds are beautiful. It is a first class resort to visit.

    • Avatar for roxane
      By roxane Updated Oct 2, 2002

      The pool was great. But it is a very very busy resort. I found if you didn't save a beach chair first thing in the morning you wouldn't get a spot by the pool. It also smelled musty in our room which was not oceanview because they only give them to resort owners and not guaranteed oceanviews even if you are. The pool service was great.

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