Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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  • Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, located at the exclusive Riviera Maya, is just 15 minutes from the town of Playa del Carmen. There, you can take the ferry to Cozumel island. Sunbathe on the white-sand beach, or you can swim or practice your favorite water sports, including fishing, in the blue sea. Back on land, enjoy the variety of food prepared by the international chefs on site, with a different theme every day. A daily activities program with various tours and additional services will make for an unforgettable experience at the resort.

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    • Avatar for markw901
      By markw901 Nov 20, 2017

      The Mayan Palace rooms have been upgraded and the beds were very comfortable. The kids club was excellent and kept the kids happy for hours. The pools are big and beautiful. All the restaurants were delicious and pool bars fun but a little pricey. The timeshare sales pitch was a BIG negative and took almost 6 hours to escape. You can bypass this and I asked for it. The Mayan Palace has been much improved in the last few years. We had a lot of fun and are going back next Spring Break.

    • Avatar for leonardw27
      By leonardw27 Mar 7, 2011

      Negative ratings are not valid for this resort! Come on, golf, fantastic pools, beautiful gardens/grounds, walking areas, incredible service, shuttles,all requests immed. handled by housekeeping and concierge many times with followup inquiries if all was OK. We experienced wonderful staff, always smiling and friendly to us. Where WERE some of these folks staying?

      Asking for help and info goes a long way. We called for extra towels, water, anything, it was there in 5 min. Restaurant food was always fantastic, a bit pricey but worth every morsel. You're at a RESORT, it's not going to be priced like home. If you don't want to spend the money don't go, cook in your unit. Happy hour drinks are more than twice normal drinks, in a huge glass!

      If you don't want the hassel of timeshare sales, don't go, esp. when asked to book on arrival day.

      To one reviewer, Balce is Frieda's at night. Info is in brochures and signage. Havana Moon at beach, down the path from Balche, had wonderful food, huge portions, most guests were taking leftovers back to rooms. We did too. Good entertainment.

      First time visitors accompanied us and were very impressed, didn't want to leave for home. Want to return. So do I. I'm an owner, attended an update/presentation 5 days after arrival -and upgraded. The plan we purchased works to our advantage. Can't say enough. Returning next yr with G'kids. Can't wait!

    • Avatar for flipr
      By flipr Updated Feb 14, 2011

      We just got back from a week here, traded with a private owner. Resort was great, only problem is outdated information in the rooms and conceriege.

      We booked shuttle to Cancun based on what concerige told us about stops and timing, shuttle took us to the shopping mall in the Hotel zone.

      We looked at the in-room info for breakfast locations, Havana Moon had buffet and ala carte menu, WRONG they don't open until 5 pm. Balche opens at 11, nope, they have a breakfast buffet, no ala cart menu. One restaurant is advertised, Fridas, on signs around the resort, but we couldn't find it on a map, so we never got there.

      Seemed a little pricey, also they automatically charge 15% on ALL food and drink, so every beer, every sandwich has a tip automatically included. At least when they advertise the buffets, they include tax and tip in their advertised price. $135 pesos + tip for club sandwich and fries. Drink of the day wasn't a 2 x 1 (beer was) but it was a larger glass for the same $75.0 peso.

      I downgraded service because I didn't find the staff as attentive as last year in Nuevo Vallarta where tips were NOT included, but a generous tip for great service went a long way all week long. Took an hour + to get a club sandwich at the beach, where the day before it was half hour.

      Even with those minor inconveniences, it was a great time. Pool chairs were always available, chairs in the sand were plentiful, and the sun was great. Rooms were clean, but little dated, some of the furniture has seen better days. Maid service available daily, but we only used once/week.

      Best tip They are selling an in-room phone card, 7 days unlimited calls to the US for $15usd. There were no surcharges to those rates, using other phone cards would, and our Sprint cell service was going to be $1.69/minute to roam. Best investment, card is good for 7 days from first use.

    • Avatar for dianaw32
      By dianaw32 Feb 11, 2011

      Seriously, in 50 + different vacation resorts (we vacation at least 3 months a year) this is the most unfriendly and the most uncaring. Yes the worst. The wait staff and entertainment staff have horrible manners. They treat you like it is some kind of privelage to be there and an inconvenience to serve you. The kids club requires you to return every 15 minutes and none of the other staff knows this. They close for lunch too. We had to cancel dinner and golf plans at the last moment. My wife and I couldn't even have 1 private meal or activity together. They chase you down relentlessly to take the presentation then pressure you for 3 hours. They then send you off angry when you don't buy the $149,000 package. These folks need to take lessons in common courtesy. The dinner show (Included at every other resort) cost $80.00 for a cheap buffet. That's $400.00 for my family of 5! No admittance without dinner and they ask you to leave if you hang around without a reservation. $10.00 kids hot dog and fries. Another dinner would have cost us $1000+. The unit for 8 has a dining table for 4. No frypans in the kitchen. Don't even try asking for one either. The beds are hard. They don't use fitted sheets so the bottom layer comes apart by morning, exposing the dirty foam ruber pad underneath. The gym requires $10.00 PP per day to use and they would let my 17 year boy in (18+). We work out together at the fitness club at home. Water sports costs are %40 more than local places. There are charges for even the most basic services. There are more RULES than I have ever seen at any resort. Like being in some sort of communist community. Everywhere you look there are signs and notes. Forbidden to do this and don't do that. Even for the "owners". Those who bought there are really unfortunate because they may never know what a real vacation is. We finally left half way through our stay as we were having no fun with all the restrictions and rude behavior. We retreated to our (Small) home resort in Cancun where we were welcomed with open arms. No reservation needed either. I highly recommend NOT staying At Mayan Resort Company. If you dare try then DO have a car as you are at their mercy. Taxi rides are greatly inflated from the resort. 30 pesos for a quick 2 minute ride to the front gate... but of course, they don't have change so it cost 50 pesos. Insane! The list goes on and on but enough said. Good luck

    • Avatar for ronald292
      By ronald292 Updated Mar 10, 2010

      Sorry for the bad rating but two major things contributed to it. One, we attended the welcome breakfast the day after arrival. I would HIGHLY recommend you do not attend. After a 5 hour beating with a bamboo stick, we wasted a complete day for a measly 1000 pesos, good free breakfast and 10% off certain room charges. NOT WORTH IT.....We were also promised two coffee mugs, a change of room from the dilapidated room we had in building 21 of the Mayan Palace. Worn out furniture, etc. Not what we are used to as WYN Plat members. We never received our room upgrade to the Gran Mayan as promised and none of the other promised items. Much misrepresentation at the sales presentation also. Would not be allowed by salespeople in the US. We were beaten down by 5 separate salespersons but lived.

      Next, the nightmare. The day before our departure my wife upon awakening walked into the living room and there was a 6" scorpion on the floor. She screamed and I got an iron out and killed it. Immediately, I called the desk and they said they would send a main person. He said we would have to move and they would fumigate the entire room making it inhabitable. We were given a different room and a small room adjustment. We rate this resort as the pits which is a shame because it has beautiful grounds and amenities. The beach and pools are super along with the many lovely Mexicans employed there. BUT NEVER AGAIN we would visit or recommend this resort on our website. TOO DANGEROUS.

    • Avatar for debrab104
      By debrab104 Mar 11, 2008

      The waters and beaches were spectacular. The rooms were just fine and the swimmig pools were unbelievable. The golf course is one of the best in Mexico and so is the spa area.

      Lots of things to do but stay away from the timeshare representatives, they can be very aggresive and time consuming.

      Market store nearby and out in a peaceful, relaxing and tranquil area. You don't get "beatup/disturbed" by passer byers...

      May want to rent a car because quite a distance from the airport but worth it.

      One of Mexico's most requested resorts and you'll see why.

    • Avatar for elizabeth39
      By elizabeth39 Feb 22, 2008

      Just returned from a week's stay.

      This resort is a very large mega family resort, with something under the sun for everyone.

      We had a great time, our room was perfect (clean clean clean), we thought the beach was gorgeous (natural sea), the grounds are lovely, the pool is heated and wonderful.

      We ate at the dinner buffets several nights, which include your entire meal, entertainment while eating, and a pretty good show thereafter.

      There were also several bands always in action - very good! People were dancing, and having a blast.

      One word of caution - this is a large, spred out resort. It is not like the Grand MP Neuvo, Acapulco, etc.

      If you want or need a high rise location, do not go to this resort, as you will be walking all over and probably will not be happy.

      The beach is sandy, and the water is all natural, with a new reef. If you want to be at a resort where the water is clear down to 50 or 100 feet, this resort is not for you (go to Cozumel). The Riveria only allows natural environments and bulidings 3 stories tall to keep the environment in check.

      We love the place, and have been there 4 times. We purchased on our second time. The T/S is a long, long, hard sell. So, if you don't want to buy, do not go for the "free" item. It is a 4 hour plus trip as they take you to a long but excellent breakfast buffet, take you thru the models of the Mayan and the Grand Mayan, then walk you back to the T/S office, then begin the discussion. By that time, it has been over 3 hours and your kids if with you will be climbing the walls.

      We bought and have been very happy with our purchase. For anyone that preferes a boutique hotel - this is not for you. Again, the Mayan's are huge, family resorts with alot going on (which is why we go there).

      The food has gotten very expensive as well since we first went there 4 yrs ago. Forget the grocery store - the prices were so high this time I thought it was a joke. You can rent a car for $55.00, go to XCaret, Xel Ha, and stop in Playa for dinner and then stop at the Mega or Wallmart.

      The rooms are really not set up for alot of cooking. Good for a quick breakfast or small lunch.

      The 'fridge is small, more of a mini bar.

      With your food prices, you get lots of free entertainment - and it is good (so, in the end, it all works out).

      We can't wait to go again next year.

    • Avatar for barb100
      By barb100 Updated Feb 18, 2008

      We just returned from 3 weeks at the Mayan Palace and although it is much more crowded than it was on our last visit in 2005 it is still amazing! We stayed in the master room ( 2double beds) the first week and yes those beds are quite hard and I slept much better once we moved to the suite and a king bed the second two weeks. The beach has a coral reef and rocks so it is not like the beach in Playa but if you walk 10-15 minutes north you will arrive on that kind of beach. I do not remember any bunches of garbage anywhere on the resort. It is very clean, even after the fire that the Grand Mayan Lobby had during our visit - things were cleaned up VERY quickly. The pool is beautiful and BIG and most days service was great - we had a couple of days of slower service but that is probably more about the wait staff at your area on the given day! We talked to a waiter one day and there are 11 sections with a waiter for each section and they rotate through the sections. Consider hundreds of people divided into 11 sections and sometimes service may be a little slow! If you wanted a drink that badly there are 2 pool bars and the Balche restaurant to go to! The food at all restaurants was good but exceptional at Tramonto. We had room service a couple of times and the same price as going to the restaurants and quite prompt! Yummy burgers!! Prices were pretty reasonable for the quality of the food and we did also buy groceries at Chedraiu and Walmart for breakfasts and lunches. The staff are wonderful, from the reception to the young man cleaning the path to the pool every day. Always a hola and smile and what can we do to help you. The new shuttle service to Playa for $4. pp is a great addition and we used it 3-4 times. When we bought our big grocery order we chose to use the shuttle into Playa and took a taxi back with the food. Went to chichen itza for an overnight tour with gray line and that was super and went to Xcaret for a day and the show itself was worth the price of admission. The buffet there was quite expensive for the quality so I would just have a burger on the beach when we return! Love the Mayan Palace and the people who work there. They really did their best to make sure our vacation is great. We did not use the shuttle service on resort choosing to walk the 10 minutes to the pool from buildings 10 and 11but we did talk to other guests who did use the service and thought it was good for their needs. We needed the exercise. Hope you enjoy your time at the Mayan as much as we did!

    • Avatar for marty91
      By marty91 Feb 8, 2008

      5 star resort, service was outstanding and loved the all the kids activities. Would recommend to anyone!

    • Avatar for jillijoanne
      By jillijoanne Updated Jan 17, 2008

      Cheryl I would like to know how Cheryl got around the barb wire fence that was put up on the beach that blocked walkers to get to the other beach? There was a barbed wire fence on the point that led to the other beach and there were bolders that made the route toward the other beach impassable. I looked straight ahead of me, down toward the sand one day and in my tunnel vision view I counted 16 pieces of garbage on the beach in that small spot. My pillows smelled. Your's did not. They replaced the pillows. Rooms had musty smell and pillows were stinky. The resort did provide new pillows. The beds were like sleeping on boards. Resort did add a thin pad to the bed. Rooms were outdated in their decorations.

      The beach on the side of the Mayan Palace was full of trash. There were numerous plastic bottles, car oil bottle, juice bottles, pices of broken plastic, a broken off arm of a resin chair, pieces of mesh plastic, beer cans, sand bags and just general trash. It wasdisgusting disappointing that the resort did not clean the beach right next to the small sitting area beach. It is sad to see what people dump into the ocean. The beach does not go for a long way to walk and there are large chunks of rocks in the water, so swimming is basically impossible. The waiters around the pool were not attentive. One day the weather was poor and very few people were around the pool. Waiters stood around and talked to one another and no one asked me if I needed anything until I sat in a different lounger and that was at 4:00 PM when I had been there all day.

      It costs .40 USD per sheet of paper to print something from their computers.

      The staff were nice. The maids were nice. The pool was clean and pretty. The place was clean. The bellmen were more than happy to help.

      Cab driver did not even attempt to rip us off on New Year's Eve.

      An excellent restuarant with the name Poncho Villa I believe on 10th was excellent.It is newly open and you may have to ask around to find out where it is. The card did say 10th avenue. It has open air seating with very nice leather chairs on the deck. It is casual and a type of sports bar/bar/mexican/american restaurant. Excellent drinks. Good prices. Riccardo is the Manager and Gus is the impressive and attentive waiter. We felt so welcome there. More than anywhere else.

    • Avatar for cherylc126
      By cherylc126 Updated Jan 10, 2008

      It's a shame that "jillijoanne's" review will be left standing, influencing many future potential customers of the Mayan Palace it is a completely inaccurate and negatively focussed portrayal of this resort! We were there at the same time (this past Christmas) and had a wonderful stay. ....with 7 adults (2 teenagers) of varying ages, sex, and tastes, I might add.

      First, the beach....yes, it is rocky....HOWEVER, my husband and sons had a blast swimming and snorkelling out past the pier amongst the man-made 'pots' where many colorful fish had made their homes. We knew ahead of time about the rocks, and therefore came prepared with water shoes. As a matter of fact, the water was wonderfully warm...warmer than the heated pools. As for walking along the husband and I enjoyed walking the beach. We only had to walk 10 minutes one way, and 5 minutes another way to find ourselves able to walk right into the most gorgeous sand-bottom entrance into the ocean. To say that you cannot walk far along the beach is completely untrue! You can actually walk for miles! Finally, regarding the beach...and more importantly....the staff work very hard at this resort and the ones who work around the beach area are no exception. They were constantly attending to garbage, re-arranging chairs, etc. There is only one area that I can think of where there was 'some' garbage to the side of the lounging area (certainly not to the extent that was mentioned in the earlier review) and I think that perhaps the reviewer did not realize that that area belonged to the neighbouring resort that is still under construction.

      The units....yes, the beds are extremely hard. The sofabeds were probably the comfiest. The king bed wasn't too bad; but we did hear complaints about the 2 double beds. We weren't there to sleep, though, and really the only people who really had a hard time were those in the smaller b edroom with the 2 double beds. Our pillows did not smell at all. The linens were fresh and clean. The staff were extremely accommodating with any requests we had regarding extra linens, pillows or blankets. As for the mustiness...well, that's is very damp/humid. We kept our fans on at a certain level the whole time.

      The internet cafe was great. The staff there were gracious, helpful, and accommodating. We found the rates quite reasonable; there was always a computer available....and yes, we did have to print off a few things and....really, who cares if it costs 40 cents!?!?!? Big deal! I really didn't think that was too bad, considering how much else we were already spending daily.

      We found the food at the Mayan Palace excellent!! Cheap excellent...yes. In order to combat the expense of eating out nightly, we bought groceries at the local grocery story (Chadraui) and Wal-Mart for our breakfasts and lunches. That was fun anyway....kind of another experience in a different country!

      The best thing about the Mayan Palace Riviera is their staff...without exception. As well, the pool area is fantastic.

      There were a few discrepancies in treatment of guests at the Grand Mayan as opposed to the Mayan Palace....for sure there were. All in all, though, we felt the Palace was an excellent value, and a perfect place to bring the family together for a holiday.

    • Avatar for mshyflyer
      By mshyflyer Updated May 8, 2007

      We stayed at Mayan Palace the last week of March and had a wonderful time. Yes resort is large, but we enjoyed the walk and used the tram when we had enough! There are plenty of activities to join in or just watch. The pool is fabulous, the new pier is great. The water was rough while we were there, so we didn't play in the water. Yes the rocks are still there, but there were areas that were passable. if the water had not been as rough.

      The unit - we were in building 6 - highly recommend trying to stay in bldgs 1-8 for easy accessibility to everything. It was not really convenient to prepare meals except for maybe breakfast & lunch. Apartment sized refrigerator, 2 burner cooktop and a microwave - no oven. The rest of the unit was spacious, clean, very nice.

      Expensive - all in how you look at it. Prices might be a little high for Mexican standards, but they are about average for typical meals out in the U.S.

      Staff was fantastic! Once a week there is a floor show starring the staff that is vey nice. They could hardly do enough for you. Poolside service, beach service - very friendly and helpful.

      And the pool area is beyond compare. While we were there, the pool area for the Grand Mayan opened. Prior to that, everyone was sharing the same pool (s), but you would never have known it, the area is so big.

      We would definitely consider future stays at this resort

    • Avatar for orvillef2
      By orvillef2 Mar 14, 2007

      We were here in February. The weather could have been dryer. The resort is beautiful. Even while having a new waterpark and disco built. I love this place, but didn't trust them because of their unethical salespeople. So we've been going on coupons we stupidly purchased from them a few years ago.

      Anyhow, this year we asked and asked many owners. We got the same reply, It's easy to book, I get the rooms I want, never a problem as long as you book like they instruct. One of the first few days we returned to our room to find our key didn't work and there was a note to go to the front desk. They told us that the maid couldn't clean because our safe was left standing wide open. A guard had to let us in our room with a new key and we could not believe that everything was exactly how we left it as well as all $7,800 in US cash.

      We love this place. We were reluctant to buy because of the salespeople. But the resort and the other owners have convinced us to change our minds. We are now closing on two Mayan weeks and one Grand Mayan week. I'll let you know how it is to be an owner. Hopefully I'll sound like the other owners we talked to. Once you come here you really won't feel like going anywhere else. There's so much to do for young and old at the resort and there are too many experiences in the area to cover in just a couple weeks. Every year we see and do things we've never done before here and we still have a list of must try's for our next trip. Deena

    • Avatar for galem3
      By galem3 Mar 10, 2007

      We like the pool here and met alot of people, some very unhappy with their timeshare and the timeshare people.We did the presentaion took 4 hrs and they wound not take no for an answer they kept on asking. The blds are very far from the pool even though I called and requested a close building (due to the recent surgery I had no such luck we were 2 from the last building) No benches to sit to wait for shuttles which ran often. Didin't like all the shuttle busing to get places. No place to get a drink by the lobby you had to walk to the bar,not even a drinking fountain. Hated the bug spraying at nite so you couldn't walk at nite or open your patio door for fresh air. No place to sit on balcony no ocean veiw I quess we are spoiled. The drinks at the pool are high I ordered a mud slide at happpy hour and it was $12 us the entertainment was not good, you had to eat to watch ,nothing free and some old guy singing. The beach was rocky and not good for snorkling. We like Xel Ha that was nice. Way to many lil kids at the resort when we were there and alot of loud stuff going on by pool so not real relaxing. Take a big cooler with you and bring own drinks and beer and food to pool because once you get there you won't want to leave its so far back to your room, the food and drink prices are high. the trip to town Play del carman is worth it to eat and buy booze and food at Wal mart.

    • Avatar for adinarae
      By adinarae Dec 3, 2006

      Resembling an industrial park with college dormatory appointments, the buidlings and furnishings are not luxurious, but everything is clean and well-maintained.

      The pool area is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen; however, with more than 20 buildings on the property, only a few are convenient to the pool or beach area. If at all possible, request buildings 1-8, with 8 still being a bit of a walk. Shuttles to the pool are available, but do not not continuously; benches and canopies for shade are nowhere in sight.

      Unlike most resorts, there are hundreds of lounges, many in the shade, with no problem getting the position you want.

      The staff is friendly. Housekeeping services are given morning and night, which is not always the case at a time share.

      We did not eat at the restaurants on "campus". On the first night, we went to the Super Walmart in Playa del Carmen to stock the kitchen with breakfast and lunch items and every night we took the Playa Express across the roadway outside the resort ($1.50 pp one way) into Playa del Carmen. Public transportation is fabulous, and the town is full of energy with excellent restaurants and shops for every taste and budget.

      Their cybernet cafe is one of the best we've encountered, with 10-12 stations at $7/hr.

      Gift shop and boutique are grossly overpriced.

      This was not our favorite resort; however, the price and location make this a practical family vacation choice.

      Tip: We were told by those who attended the resort's timeshare presentation that it was very high pressure and took much, much longer than the 90 minutes they promise.

    • Avatar for toynado
      By toynado Nov 20, 2006

      WOW!! WOW!! Our children were wild about it! Several shallower pools for children of varying ages. LOTS of pool area left over for adult activities. The pool is beyond belief.

      The staff were amazing!! Many activities planned. Huge beach area with a play center for the kids.

      The food was mouth watering and plentiful. The evening shows (included with the meals) were thrilling.

      Only thing we didn't like was that the free trains to get you around the complex had no child restaints.

    • Avatar for ballou
      By ballou Nov 6, 2006

      Great resort - can't wait to go back!

    • Avatar for vickie247
      By vickie247 Oct 10, 2006

      We've been here twice and LOVE it! The only problem is the was devastated by a hurricane and they are in the slow process of trying to get it reestablished. You can swim in it though..just take some water shoes and enter in the place that is marked.

      With the wonderful pools...I don't miss the sea water.

      It is a hike to the pool and restaurants, but they are building another series of pools in front to help with that part. They had to build the way they did to keep hurricanes from taking out all the rooms as it would if they were facing the beach.

      When I've been down there, I've never heard one person, say they were disappointed in it.

      Don't miss a trip to the spa!!

    • Avatar for ed445
      By ed445 Sep 8, 2006

      We spent two wonderful weeks at this resort. August 19-Sep 2nd. Weather was perfect. Beach was rocky, not for children to play in. Staff was always helpful, turn down maid service each nite. Pool(s) were kept clean each day. To get a Lanai get down each morning early 7-7:30am. My main gripe was as a vegetarian (Fish only) the breakfast buffet, has no fish and the resturants are limited to Tuna, Salmon and shrimp. First class health club & Spa. Visit, Cozumal, Tulum, and Aukama Bay.

      Ed & Janet Dempsey

    • Avatar for matthewh42
      By matthewh42 Updated Aug 14, 2006

      The pools are beautiful, the view is wonderful. Great Service ...they go above and beyond here.

      There is so much to do in the area. Highly recommend Xcaret, which is great excursion for families.

      You can also take the shuttle bus for $1 into Playa and do some grocery shopping at the Walmart for snacks or breakfast foods. In Playa there is tons of shopping, hair braiding, resturants and a great beach. There is also a ferry there that takes you over to Cozumel to spend the day there, where there is some great diving and snorkling in the beautiful carribean waters.

      This is a family friendly resort with lots to do for the little kids and the big kids. They had water aerobics at the massive pool every afternoon, volleyball and watersports available on the beach.

      They do guest rankings at the end of your stay and it matters to the staff what your ratings are, so they try very hard to please.

    • Avatar for violet23
      By violet23 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Excellent resort, well maintained and manicured, Liked it so much bought into the timeshare. November 2004.

      If you've never been to the Mayan Riviera, unless you are in Playa Del Carmen, most of the resorts require transport to get to shopping and attractions. This area consists of low- rise (3 story) hotels and condos, set way back from the road, with lots of surrounding jungle. We would take a bus ($1)to Playa del Carmen and then taxi back ($17). (you need to take a shuttle to the resort entrance to catch a bus.) There is a tour concierge at the hotel for excursions. Excursion to Xcaret and Chichinicha were excellent (fulldays).

      The grounds are huge, lots of walking, and if you are unable to do a casual walk or have a handicap, there is a shuttle service through the grounds which will take you to the pool, restaurants or lobby area. Largest Multi-level pools I've ever seen, different water temperatures and quiet or active areas offer just about any atmosphere you could want. Classes such as crafts, volleyball, dance, aquasize and spanish lessons at the pool area also two pool bars which offer happy hour specials. A nice bonus is the pools are open 24 hours.

      Plenty of chaises- lounges. So you are always guaranteed a place. There was some construction going on as they are expanding.

      The beach is nice for lounging. The water is rocky but good for snorkelling. A 5 minute walk either way and the water is a pure sand bottom- good waves for jumping and a quiet beach.

      Restaurants on the resort providee excellent quality overall. The Italian restaurant serves exceptional food with an exceptional chef. (reservations are recommended).

      There is always a choice of buffet or sit down for any meal, and of course room-service. We really enjoyed the breakfast buffet-$15. Here you can get a large selection of fresh fruit and juices, french pastries and american breakafst choices, but also a large selection of Mexican dishes.

      The pool restaurant had burgers, quesadilla and a great fresh fruit plate. The restaurant by the beach offers fresh fish simply prepared and other foods often prepared with an asian spicing.

      Service was excellent. Rooms were clean and very comfortable. The resort is set way back from the road, but so are most others in the area. Realistically, all restaurants, pools and beaches are at most a 4 - 10 minute walk away,

      Although there were some families, probably 70% were couples ages 35-60, mid to upper income. If you are looking for a party place, this is not it. Really refreshing. The resort is not for budget-minded travellers, we did not find it expensive for the quality. Costs per person- Breakfast $7-10 dollars. Lunch $7-10. Dinner $10- 35.

      Timeshare salespeople were not a problem - we just said no thanks, not interested, and they moved on and never asked again.

      Only drawback is that they do not offer an all inclusive meal package...

    • Avatar for cousinsh
      By cousinsh Updated Apr 15, 2006

      5 star facility. Very clean. Recommend renting a car while you are there. Food at Tromonto's was excellent as was the service. Would go back again. This is a large resort and not for those looking for a quiet cozy place.

    • Avatar for pga357
      By pga357 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We are normally not pool lovers, but the massive pool complex is fabulous. Multi-level pools, different water temperatures and quiet or active areas offer just about any atmosphere you could want. And two pool bars. We often started the day under a large waterfall, letting water pound on our necks and backs- a natural massage! A nice bonus is the pools are open 24 hours.

      Plenty of chaises- lounges. Palapas are harder to get although there are plenty. Palapa "pigs" are at all resorts- no exception here, but the resort is making good efforts to make sure that people do not hog the palapas by placing items on the chairs then taking off for hours. After an hour unattended, the resort removes items for others to use the chairs.

      Soon there will be no problem at all as there is a huge covered pool currently under construction. Kudos to the owners of the resort who figured out that there are a growing number of people that do not want to bake in the sun at the risk of skin damage or cancer!

      The beach is nice for lounging. The water is rocky but good for snorkelling. A 5 minute walk either way and the water is a pure sand bottom- good waves for jumping and quiet- never more than a handful of people on the beach.

      Although a relatively new resort, most of the grounds have an abundance of vegetation and construction areas are far off and unobtrusive to guests.

      I find Restaurant choices are always so personal depending on whether you prefer to have American - type food or whether you are into variety and Ethnic choices. The resort provides both and the quality overall was very good. The Italian restaurant serves exceptional food -best tiramisu, carpaccio and prime rib we have had anywhere.

      There is always a choice of buffet or sit down for any meal, and of course room-service. Loving spicy foods, we really enjoyed the breakfast buffet-$15. Here you can get a large selection of fresh fruit and juices, french pastries and american breakafst choices, but also a large selection of Mexican dishes- yummy!. I figure we ate at least 6 types of chillis for breakfast each day.

      The pool restaurant had good nachos, burgers and a great fresh fruit plate. The restaurant by the beach offers fresh fish simply prepared and other foods often prepared with an asian spicing.

      Service was excellent. Rooms were clean and very comfortable- we had a one bedroom suite. The resort is set way back from the road, but so are most others in the area. The grounds are huge, but we enjoyed the convenience of having a large area to safely walk about and wear off the pounds we surely would have otherwise gained. Realistically, all restaurants, pools and beaches are at most a 1- 10 minute walk away, and if you are not in shape to do a casual walk or have a handicap, there is a shuttle service through the grounds.

      Although there were some families there with children, and some younger couples, probably 70% were couples ages 35-55, mid to upper income. If you are looking for a party booze-up place, this is not it. In other words, yes there were people drinking, being silly and having fun, but not to the point of endangerment, stupidity and reckless regard for others. Really refreshing ! The resort is not for budget-minded travellers, however, we did not find it expensive for the quality. Costs per person- Breakfast $7-10 dollars. Lunch $7-10. Dinner $10-35.

      We can't comment on resort activities as we did not seek any out.

      If you've never been to the Mayan Riviera, unless you are in Playa Del Carmen, most of the resorts require transport to get to shopping and attractions. Unlike Cancun, which is high rise hotels row on row, this area consists of low- rise hotels and condos, set way back from the road, with lots of surrounding jungle. We would take a bus ($1)to Playa del Carmen and then taxi back ($17). There is a tour operator at the hotel for excursions.

      Timeshare salespeople were not a problem - we just said no thanks, not interested, and they moved on and never asked again.

    • Avatar for tanis4
      By tanis4 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Awesome resort except for the lack of an all inclusive package, and a kids menu at the restaurants.

    • Avatar for lsweezey
      By lsweezey Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Just back, it is finished, although more construction will be going on for years to come, as they add the spa and the water park. They lost a lot of sand on the beach during the hurricane, but have been rebuilding it and installing artificial reef, so it wont be long and it will be excellent. In the meantime, you can swim very safely at the 'playa secreto' about 10 minute walk north, or at small bay immediately next door to the south. I rank this as absolutely the best vacation we've had so far, (6th one at a Mayan Palace in Mexico), and all the others were pretty fantastic. Don't believe most of what you read on message boards from folks who stayed there before construction was complete. Our stay was quiet, staff were great (not quite as great as Acapulco, but still very respectful, reliable, trustworthy). When you check in, ask for building "Tulum 1, 2, or 3" which are closest to the beach/pool. Food is better than other MP's, and seemed priced slightly better too, although the kitchen in the room means you can do your own thing if you prefer. Onsite market is expesive of course, go into Puerto Morelos or Playa Del Carmen by bus to buy groceries. Walmart in Cancun had excellent prices on food too, and cheapest 100% agave tequila we've ever seen. ($75P)

      Rafael, the Dive Master on site is excellent, we did 3 dives with him. the snorkeling in front of the hotel is good, but better if you walk 5 minutes left or right down the beach. over 500 chairs around the pool, meant we were never crowded. We met some fabulous people, had a great rest, enjoyed the shows and took the local bus ($2 US) to/from: - Playa Del Carmen - Puerto Morelos - Cancun. Ask the concierge at the resort to arrange for you to be picked up at the airport ($15 US per person), less than a cab, and excellent 'van' service. The "Par 3" Nicklaus golf course is now open, and we did not play, but were told it was tough

    • Avatar for twasser
      By twasser Updated Apr 5, 2006

      See my complete review with pictures. My thoughts are in line with many other postings on this property. e/mp.htm

    • Avatar for coolcatdee
      By coolcatdee Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I was here for a week in December in 2002. The resort was not finished at the time, but the food and the entertainment staff were exceptional. The pool was incredible. At the time there was only one extremely large pool and with the bar in the pool I would not recommend this resort as a family resort, as several times patrons became obnoxious in the pool. The shows and the staff were simply spectacular.

    • Avatar for sherryg
      By sherryg Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Beautiful resort, although not yet complete. Absolutely wonderful pools overlooking the ocean. Great restaurants, although a bit expensive. Great outdoor theatre with nightly entertainment. Rooms are very nice with daily maid service. Don't book tours from the resort as you will pay a lot more than if you go into town. Also you should rent a car unless you plan to stay at the resort the whole time. It is located at least a 15 minute drive from everything. Local buses are also available. Wonderful resort and the golf course will be great when complete.

    • Avatar for danielt21
      By danielt21 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I rate this resort 5-star for the level of service, staff professionalism, quality of food, resort amenties, and superbly appointed rooms. 5 adults in our party slept comfortably in a 2BR. While there is plenty to occupy your time, a car is a must to fully enjoy the area. Must sees: Playa del Carmen, Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza, the Coco Bongo disco in Cancun. Do not let the ongoing construction at this resort deter you. When completed, this will no doubt be a mega resort in the same fashion of other Mayan Palace resorts. To compensate, the resort has unbelievably low weekly rentals. A few words of advice: you will be approached to attend a timeshare presentation. Unless you desire to own a timeshare unit in a foreign country, be very careful in attending as the sales staff can be very persistent. I prefer to own in the United States where I have more control and where US laws apply. Lastly, stay here with an open mind and make the best of your stay in this region as there is lots to see and do!

    • Avatar for sahel
      By sahel Updated Apr 15, 2006

      This place is amazing now & will be absolutely fabulous when finished. The service is of a very high standard, seldom seen even among Gold Crown resorts. All of the staff seem to have been handpicked not only for their efficiency, but also their friendliness. Exceptional - very high class. The concierge provided excellent service. A most enjoyable day to is go up to the dock at Puerto Morelos before mid-morning to buy freshly caught fish from the boats for dinner, then head back to the resort for beach & pool time - with lunch & a poolside massage. Perhaps a little reading, relaxing, floating about in the magnificent pool, then at sundown - back to the room for a feast of garlic fish. For the evening check out the entertainment in the bar, then back to the pool area to stretch out on one of the palapa beds (yes, beds!) and let the soft breezes blow over you - where you contemplate doing it all again - tomorrow! It isn't necessary to leave the resort to have a great time, but it is nice to have your own car to explore the Mayan Riviera - there's a lot to see. There was always a taxi available on site & of course, there are all kinds of tours that will pick you up from the resort. Every time we go to the area, we discover more places to go & things to do. However, we will definitely be returning to this Mayan Palace - it's special!

    • Avatar for claire
      By claire Updated Apr 15, 2006

      no swimming beach $7.50 for load of wash very slow service took a day and a half for a spatular.never return same amount of towels so always ran out.the resort is to far apart when it is finish it will be quite a walk to get around.the beach is terible if you are planning on going swimming forget it there is coral all along the beach you have to walk over a half a mile along the coral beach to get to swimming beach.a lot of people were upset with resort .there will never be a swimming beach there the work they are doing there is for a reaf for snokling.i can see now why there were so many units for rent.

    • Avatar for webfam42
      By webfam42 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We stayed at this Mayan Palace the week before Christmas 2002. Gorgeous resort! Pool area is absolutely wonderful! The two bedroom suites are beautifully furnished and the maid service twice a day really spoiled us! We didn't hardly even leave the property the whole week! Food at both restaurants was excellent..although alittle pricey! Resort is still under construction but it didn't bother us in the least!

    • Avatar for mikes
      By mikes Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Stayed in this resort in Dec. 2003. It is still very much under construction. The main building overlooking a huge pool and the ocean should open in Jan.2003 It will have a lobby, a formal restaurant and a souvenir/ supplies store. A new golf course is under construction and should be usable in the summer of 2003. Eight building are ready, construction continues on five more 3 storey buildings. The units are spacious and well furnished, but contain a mini-kitchen only (2 burners, mini-frige, coffee pot, dishes, etc., no dishwasher). There are two restaurants on the property. a long walk from the villas. The fantastic beachfront pool is absolutely huge with luke warm very pleasant water. An artificial reef is under construction which should also improve the beach. At present the beach is sandy but the water is practically inaccessible due to rocks. It will be a very nice 5 star resort when finished about 2004.

  • On-Site
    • Accessible Units
    • Bar
    • Child Care
    • Golf
    • Internet Access
    • Live Entertainment
    • Ocean
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Restaurant
    • Shopping Area
    • Tennis
  • Kilómetro 48 Carretera Federal Cancún
    Playa del Carmen, Mexico 77500
    • Resort
    • Resort cluster
    Accuracy not guaranteed. Contact the resort to confirm the address before making plans.
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