Trafalgar Beach Villas

St. John's, Antigua

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St. John's, Antigua


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  • Avatar for josephl20
    By josephl20 Aug 4, 2005

    My wife and I stayed at this resort for our 25th wedding anniversary trip during the summer of 1998. At that time, ARI still owned resort.

    We found it to be in good repair and a wonderful place to celebrate our "marriage renewal". We still revel in our very pleasant memories of our stay there.

    We've recommended it to our friends and relatives ever since.

  • Avatar for pemorgan
    By pemorgan Oct 9, 2003

    I attended American Resorts International's (ARI) timeshare presentation in Oak Brook, Illinois in 1993, and I purchased a 1/2 timeshare interest. Due to financial difficulties and/or mismanagement, ARI no longer owns this resort. I traveled to Antigua in January of 1995, having dreams of a tropical paradise, with lots of activities and all the beautiful people. I was led to believe, by the sales staff and management at ARI that Trafalgar Beach Villas (TBV) would fulfill my every dream. TBV is about a 30 minute walk from downtown St. Johns. From the resort, there is another very small resort about six blocks clock-wise. Counter clock-wise, the Royal Antiguan is a large hotel/resort, about eight blocks away, with a casino. Antigua is a small island, about the same size as Washington, DC.

    The resort was under construction. While I was an ARI owner, they chose to place me in one of the older units, in desperite need of being repaired. There was a small stove (2 burners) and a small refrigerator. The entire unit was painted white, with only one print framed on the wall. The furniture was uncomfortable, and there was no television, radio, or stereo. The kitchen was not well equipted. You climbed spiral stairs to reach the sleeping area, and the air conditioning was downstairs. Not so much as a lounge chair or umbrella on the beach.

    Ever wonder why they call them "convenience stores"? This one sold soda, peanut butter, bread, and a few snacks. Meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and most other food necessities were not to be found.

    At best, this is a three star resort!

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