The Mill Resort & Suites

Palm Beach, Aruba

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About the resort The Mill Resort & Suites

Palm Beach, Aruba

The Mill's front desk, concierge, housekeeping, and administrative staffs orchestrate an enjoyable and carefree vacation for international clientele, reflecting the perfect blending of efficient Dutch management and Caribbean flair. Your stay will be just as memorable as the first magical tropical breeze that gently brushes your face when the plane doors open at your final Aruba destination.

Still somewhat of a secret, The Mill Resort is a tranquil low-rise oasis just steps away from the renowned high-rise glitz and glamour of Palm Beach. It offers the best of both worlds and, incredibly, at an outstanding value! The Mill Resort offers Privacy, Safety and Security.

Languish poolside in sun or shade with a frosty piña colada; enjoy a revitalizing facial or massage; learn salsa and Latin dancing; take an afternoon siesta in your fully appointed luxurious suite or a relaxed walk along the hotel strip. If it’s action you crave, catch the bus to downtown Oranjestad to explore an endless sea of shops; snorkel or scuba; cruise turquoise Caribbean waters; take the off-road challenge; or claim your own stretch of ivory beach.