Vigilia Park

Puerto de Santiago, Canary Islands (Spain)

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Puerto de Santiago, Canary Islands (Spain)


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  • Avatar for mummaredweek
    By mummaredweek Apr 1, 2007

    We definitely enjoyed Vigilia Park. The view from the rooftop pool is breathtaking, and there are plenty of little shops and restaurants within a short walk. We loved the tapas at Chez Leon, and the supermarket in the downhill block had so many interesting things, that I couldn't resist. We wish more restaurants would adopt the Canary tradition of a free after dinner drink--peach schnapps with whipped cream for instance.

    Warning! Visit Masca, but the "walk" is some kind of mountain hike. It's a five-mile hike to the boat that picks you up, and 2000 feet in vertical distance. That's about 250 stories in a skyscraper. And little of it is "walking." It's boulders all the way. But if you are in top shape, can do 100 deep knee bends without stopping, it's a fantastic experience. Just be aware that once you start, there's no turning back--you MUST continue all the way down.

    Warning #2: I spied a box of "Absinthe 80" in a liquor store (great prices by the way). I'd never had a chance to try Absinthe, so we took the five little bottles for 7.5 euros. My husband poured me a little, and I sipped. Then I choked, sputtered, and finally croaked, "Omigod!" THEN we read the fine print. The "80" part meant it was 80% alcohol. 160 proof!!! That's near laboratory grade! So now I've tried absinthe, but I can't tell you what it tasted like.

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