The Grand Baja Club

Rosarito, Mexico

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Rosarito, Mexico


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  • Avatar for gary1053
    By gary1053 Mar 5, 2005

    We were shocked to see such a negative report for the Grand Baja Resort from User: lonerego back in Sept 2004. We visit it often and definitely consider it above average. It is both an RCI timeshare resort and a hotel. RCI has 3 special classifications. Two are for essentially 5 star resorts and are very limited in number. The third is for a limited number of RCI resorts that receive very positive feedback from its members. The Grand Baja has received that designation; a resort honored for its hospitality.

    The Grand Baja Resort is not a five star resort, but it has far more to offer than most resorts. It has the following: a spa for massage, facials, etc; pool; jacuzzi; snack bar; a small shop; tennis courts; 1/2 court basketball; volleyball; childrens play equipment, a large ocean front location and nearby horseback riding on the beach. Adjacent to the resort are an internet store, deli and a well known village called Puerto Nuevo. The village is known for many inexpensive resturants (serving lobster, seafood, carne asada and mexican food). It also has many interesting shops.

    We strongly recommend a visit to the Grand Baja Resort. There is much to do in the area and San Diego is only an hour away.

  • Avatar for lonerego
    By lonerego Updated Sep 11, 2004

    What a nightmare! I have just returned from this hotel, after having cut short our long-anticipated weekend getaway there. We were 4 adults in a one bedroom with pull out couch. This couch was so lumpy and uneven that we had to lie on it with our feet at the back because that was about 5 or 6 inches lower. This was not the main problem, however.

    The guests at the ocean-front room next to ours threw a big party. They were around 12 or more. They partied, played music loudly and made noise until after 3 in the morning. The front desk was not helpful. I called several times as the night wore on and I even trudged up to the front office but was told that I was "the only person complaining."

    We had planned to get up early and explore the Guadalupe Valley but that didn't happen given that we were kept awake until 4 a.m. so our holiday was pretty much ruined.

    I asked the night clerk to have the manager call me as soon as she came in - they would not give me her personal number at 3 in the morning because - guess what? - she was sleeping so I guess her sleep was somehow important while mine was not.

    The manager gave us a small refund (1/3 off our $145 room) and we cancelled the rest of our stay there. This was truly a nightmare hotel for us.

    However, this is a hotel that you should look into if you want to throw a big, noisy, party and blast music on an oceanfront property until the wee hours without worry of being told to respect your fellow guests' comfort or need for rest. Go for it!

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