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Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Atlantic City, New Jersey


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    By gloria233 Jul 5, 2011


  • Avatar for arnie7
    By arnie7 Jun 26, 2011

    The best Customer Service I have seen in a long time. The staff and Customer Service Team is the best, not an employee goes by a guest without asking how is there stay and how can they make it better. The facility is very clean, functional and in a good location. This is the Best Wyndham we have ever stayed at. I highly recommend this location.

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    By angelas122 Updated Jun 27, 2010

    I stay at Skyline Tower whenever I visit Atlantic City. Two weeks ago I stayed in a refurbished 2BR unit. The LR furniture and BR furnishings were new. Everything was comfortable and clean as always. Stayed on the 24th floor as I like the view and avoided the check-in/out elevator travel as much as possible. Front desk people are cheerful and helpful. I highly recommend this timeshare.

  • Avatar for khattendorf
    By khattendorf Nov 4, 2008

    We stayed here over Halloween weekend. We had no problems whatsoever. Check in/out and valet parking went smooth. We had a 2 bedroom condo and rooms were clean and nicely decorated. Elevators were a little slow, but tolerable. Short walking distance to the Resort Casino. Great location. Great trip. Would highly recommend.

  • Avatar for andrewl53
    By andrewl53 Jul 24, 2008

    it takes a year to get up yo your room and i hsd some friends with me in 2 other rooms and they all were smoked in when they told me the rooms were no-smoking.

  • Avatar for lanitap
    By lanitap Jun 22, 2008

    Atlantic City Trip report.

    We stayed at the Wyndam Skyline tower in a 1 bedroom condo that overlooked the beach, Taj Mahal and Resorts casino hotels. Our room had a king sized bed (very comfy) and a private Jacuzzi and sink in the bedroom. The common bathroom had a regular sized tub in it and was a nice size for 2 people to move about comfortably. The room also had LOTS of closet space and an updated cosmopolitan décor of greens, browns, and blues. The balcony was nice for reading and people watching. The pull out couch was just ok, but the kids didn’t really complain. The room also didn’t have a washer and dryer inside as they had some free ones on the 6th floor.

    The resort had a pool indoor where the water was very warm, (but the opened the windows so you got a breeze from outside, and the warm sunlight) and a hot tub on an outdoor area (like a rooftop) that played jazz, had a nice Jacuzzi and was peaceful from the noisy pool area. You can also look over this area to a beautiful view. Kids were not allowed in the Jacuzzi’s nor were jumping in the pool allowed. They had someone watching the kids to make sure that no excessive rough housing was condoned.

    We didn’t have to many gripes with the elevator issue as we were in room 1005 which allowed us a brisk walk to the 6th floor where all the activities were, or down to the 1st floor to go out to the town. When we were ready to leave we called the bell hop up and waited about 10 minutes and got a no frills ride down to the 1st floor.

    The resort had lots of activities for all to enjoy…we loved karaoke (with free beer!) Some other activities offered where bingo, ice cream social, wii game tournaments, Charades, win, lose or draw, black jack tournament, kids corner (where they watch your kids for free 2 hours) and a wine and cheese reception….and much more.

    We took our kids with us and turned Atlantic City into a family vacation. We went from Thursday to Sunday and enjoyed the following activities. A day trip to Wildwood (Morey’s Piers) it was a 40 min ride and worth every minute…it’s a large boardwalk with tons of things to do over a beach…they also had fireworks. We also went to the lighthouse, Ripley’s Believe it or not, The steel pier, and the beach to play in the sand. We ended the trip with eating a scrumptious breakfast (the best pancakes ever! ) at Perry’s and lunch at White house subs (more of the best ever subs), and sadly driving home after a fun field weekend.

    The one thing I didn’t like was the HIGH pressure timeshare sales…we didn’t want to sign up for owner update and the lady at the welcome desk said that she would have to contact corporate headquarters about our refusal… humph!

  • Avatar for andreag44
    By andreag44 Jul 1, 2007

    Just returned from 2 night stay in penthouse 2 bedroom. Was a little worried about elevator situation, but they have operators which speeded process along, and if you avoid prime check out time, you should be fine. Really did not wait more than 2 minutes for ride. Suite was beautiful and clean, clean, clean. 2 minute walk to boardwalk, beach. Walk to Taj, Ceasars, and Resorts. Parking was $10 a day, but car retrieval was very quick as was drop off. Everyone was very polite. Did go for "customer survey" which of course turned out to be sales pitch, but we had somewhere to go, and we had no intention at all of buying, so in 40 minutes we earned $60. We were by no means pressured into going to the "survey." As stated in previous posts, no real food areas, Resorts across the street...so so except for Capriccio fine Italian. Would definitely stay again!

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    By tamekah4 May 29, 2007


  • Avatar for michaelh145
    By michaelh145 May 8, 2007

    Based on a short 3-day/2-night visit, this resort served all our needs unusually well. While it doesn't have eating facilities onboard, its central location makes meals as well as shopping and beach use (a short walk to the Boardwalk) a breeze. The only shortcomings we noticed were the slow elevators (only 3 for 30 floors) and the requirement for valet parking (not unexpected for downtown, but still an annoyance if the vehicle use is active.) Staff very helpful and friendly. Check-in and out very smooth. Glad to recommend; will return.

  • Avatar for donnaz19
    By donnaz19 Mar 8, 2007

    We enjoyed this resort as the rooms were clean and spacious and the pool and whirlpools were clean. The staff was very helpful and the kids enjoyed the activities. The Resorts, Taj and Showboat were within walking distance via an enclosed pathway. The ocean view and night lights were also pleasing. The parking was cheaper at the Resorts Casino than the valet at Fairfield.

  • Avatar for kerry11
    By kerry11 Sep 23, 2006

    We stayed there is August. Overall, 2 bedroom was very clean and very nice. Good sized balcony. Elevators had long delays which I accepted. We were on vacation and not in a rush --bit annoying but wasn't too horrible in my book. My teenage daughter did get stuck in the elevator for a long time and had to yell for help a long time --that was frustrating. Also, the problem is worsened by timeshare sales people using a key to stop the elevator from stopping at all the floors so they could bring people up to see the penthouse. The fire alarm going off in the middle of the night several nights was also a bit annoying. The attached hotel does appear to be frequented by prostitutes. Most of the guests of Fairfield seemed to be nice people so we didn't feel too uncomfortable with that. Scheduled activities didn't occur --also annoying.

    Big issue was the poor customer service we received. We left our vehicle with the valet. They parked it in a outside parking lot that was open to the public. While in their care, our vehicle was hit by a car --someone not staying at the hotel or connected to the hotel at all. When we reported this to the hotel, we were told to meet with hotel personnel three different times. We changed our plans to come to each of the meetings and each time they told us to come back at a later time. Finally we asked to speak to a manager. The Assistant Property Manager came and told us that it was our problem since the person who hit the vehicle was not connected to the hotel. The car was in their care when the damage occurred and they did not provide appropriate care. The car was given to the valet and it would be reasonable to assume it would be parked in their private parking garage. We were still charged $80 for parking. --I travel a lot and have had a variety of problems including cruise lines leaving luggage at the dock, roaches in a 5 star hotel, and other issues -- each time the management tried to do something to make it not ruin our vacation. The management was understanding, apologetic and gave credits, future discounts, etc. In this case, the Assistant Property Manager was extremely rude and offered nothing but "It is your problem. Solve it with the person who hit the car." -- Fortunately, the person who hit the car left a note and we were able to resolve it. We will be without a vehicle during the repair, it has been aggravating --and our vacation was disrupted by this. We sent emails to Fairfiled upon our return but they were never responded to. It is very difficult to find any contact information for anyone on the web other than their general email box. If the manager had been polite and credited our parking, we would have left with a far different view of the hotel. I would never stay at a Fairfield property again. I strongly recommend that anyone who is considering purchasing a timeshare look at Hilton Grand Vacation Club. I have had incidents where there were problems with them and they did everything they possibly could to make us happy and make up for any inconvenience up to and including giving us a free future week. During our entire stay, it was clear that Fairfield's philosophy is that the hotel guests need to bend to the hotel's needs. GUESTS DO NOT COME FIRST AT FAIRFIELD!!

    You can probably have a decent vacation there if nothing goes wrong --if something does, don't expect to be treated well.

  • Avatar for jeri14
    By jeri14 Jul 5, 2006

    I would have given this resort a 5 except for the elevators.

    We visited this resort in early May and have to say, it was perfect ( except for elevators ). The location is just across the street from the Resorts Casino. We walked across the street to the boardwalk thru the Resorts Casino. i felt safe in the neighborhood and did not think it was unsavory in the least.

    The units were very clean and spacious. We had 3 1 BR units that were very well equipped and beautifully appointed. 1 27in TV in the living room and a flat screen/LCD on the bedroom wall. Lots of closet space, full fridge, stove and dishwasher. The bed was comfortable.

    now the elevators...they have 3 elevators..1 for service people, 2 for guests. However, we were told that if any of the elevators remain open for greater than 3 minutes, it shuts down. Ergo, no elevators..they can't reset them, they have to have someone come out. Needless to say, for the most part we only waited 10 min. for an elevator, but 1 day we waited 25 minutes due to all but 1 elevator was shut down. If they could get this issue resolved it would be a great place!! I would still stay there again in a heartbeat regardless of the elevator issue!

  • Avatar for monicag9
    By monicag9 Jun 13, 2006

    I had a great time. I went the weekend of the Bernard Hopkins fight. The 1brdm Del was excellent. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I enjoyed being close to the boardwalk and in the middle of the highlights.

  • Avatar for melissap28
    By melissap28 Nov 26, 2005

    My friends and I went for my 21st birthday. I had a blast. The room was beautiful, and I had a nice view of the city (right across from the Trump hotel). The staff was very kind. My only complaints would be the slow elevators and the $5 dollar a day parking. Also the $100 dollar deposit I wasn't aware that I had to put down. But besides that the place is wonderful, 4 stars.

  • Avatar for basil10
    By basil10 Sep 2, 2005

    My daughter and I took the 4 yr-old grandson to this resort for the weekend and had a grand time. No complaints except the elevator is very slow. Highlights for us included the beach and the Rain Forest Cafe, a must for children. Would return and would stay here. Staff was pleasant and helpful.

  • Avatar for marylyn1
    By marylyn1 Jul 3, 2005

    We absolutly loved this resort! It is close to the beach and boardwalk. A rental in this area would cost a fortune but I luckily can get my timesharing time for a fraction of the cost. The weekends are especially wonderful. All the shows are so close and the Boardwalk is always exciting. We hang out at the beach and do the shows at night. There is something wrong if you get bored in Atlantic City. Something is always going on. If you like seafood several of the restaurants on the Boardwalk and on the block adjacent to the resort have some of the best I have ever eaten. We live in NJ so we know what a week at the shore costs. This resort is so wonderful and convienent to us without having the hassle of renting a house at the shore for a week. My grandkids love it too. We are out all day and then at night in the casinos and the shows. It is like Disney World north for us.

  • Avatar for david2803
    By david2803 Jun 7, 2005

    This resort has the potential to be one of the best, but it presently has some very serious flaws. The views from the upper floors (about 15 or above) are good and get better as you get higher up of course. We were fortunate enough to be on the 30th floor in a two-bedroom deluxe unit on the northwest corner. Therefore we were looking north to Brigintine Beach, the ocean, the Taj, Showboat and Resorts casinos. The 31st floor looks like a floor which had construction halted and so less units with a great view are currently available. At no time did we see or hear any work or see workers addressing the 31st floor. Above that are the penthouses. A tour of the four-bedroom penthouse showed it to be a terrific unit with lots of glass for the great view. The biggest flaw for us was the parking situation. We travel by car and are in and out of our car a lot when at timeshares. At Skyline Towers you are required to have a parking attendant bring your car down to street level to you and cannot go to the car yourself. If you forget and leave your sunglasses in your car, you have to go through this routine. For some reason, these folks are not employed by Fairfield, but wear shirts with the Fairfield logo on them. And of course, they’re looking for tips every time they move your car. As far as we could figure out, the official Fairfield position is that no tips are necessary, but those fellows who park the cars told us they are working for $4 an hour and were told to expect tips to supplement that. Ditto the bellman who take your stuff to your unit. At this resort you can’t use the cart yourself. So when you’re ready to depart, you call the front desk for a bellman and you’re told where you are on the waiting list. When the bellman finally arrives, then he’ll get on his radio and call for your car (the car-parking crew keeps your car keys) so that it arrives about the time you get to the first floor - maybe - depending on how long you have to wait for an elevator. From the time we gave notice that we were ready for a cart until the time we finally drove off, it was almost 45 minutes, and that was on a Friday morning when the resort was not full. Imagine how this slows down the maid service. And for this lack of freedom in parking we pay an extra $5 a day while we’re there. If Fairfield is concerned about security/safety in the parking lot, it would be more cost effective to fire the parking attendants and bellmen and hire a security force of four people on duty at all times; one on each of the three parking levels and one in the building. Then rotate them every 15 minutes. Now the elevators. As far as we could find out, no additional elevators were added when the building was gutted even though the use of the building was changed from permanent residents to timeshare usage. And this was a major mistake done undoubtedly for the sake of money (maximizing units available). There are two primary elevators available for our usage. They are both slow, stopping frequently. The third elevator is a service elevator. Fortunately the staff has enough sense to use this when large items are brought into the resort or for large families with the bellmen as the enter. It was also used when one of the usual two elevators was out of service for most of the Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately, the sales staff can override this elevator so don’t be surprised if the elevator coming down to the lobby stops at some higher floor and goes back up. It was not uncommon to hear people talk about waiting to get down to the lobby for 30 to 45 minutes, especially on the weekend. Fairfield needs to make the service elevator available to its members at all times. You would think the cleaning and maintenance personnel would be restricted to the service elevator, but they were much more routinely on the primary two elevators. We almost never saw them on the service elevator. Other factors affecting the elevator situation on the weekends are prospective Fairfield owners being lodged in the resort by sales staff , and possibly walk- ins being allowed to stay there (my wife overheard one desk person asking another “are we taking walk-ins tonight?”). There are no washers or dryers in the two bedroom deluxe units even though there is plenty of room. We never saw a one bedroom unit. There are several washers and dryers on the 6th floor. For a beach resort where folks probably want to wash beach towels etc, the washer/dryer situation is a large negative. The total square footage of the two bedroom units was a definite positive. They did squeeze the dining area and the kitchen too close together so there is no good place to put the garbage receptacle. There is a DVD player in the living room although no VCR. We were told that the front desk will get you a VCR at no cost if you ask. There was also a TV in each bedroom. The “whirlpool” in the master bedroom has about 50 holes in the bottom that shoot air up - be prepared to get water on floor. Ours ran for 15 minutes and shut off automatically even though there was no timer visible. Then 15 minutes after it shuts down it comes on automatically after you‘ve drained it. We were later told by a service person that this is so that any water left after you’ve drained it comes out. This is not mentioned anywhere in the literature you are given. So I went for the circuit breaker to shut it down so as not to burn out a motor. There I found the breakers mislabeled but shut it down by flipping breakers until I found it. Indeed, the Guest Service Directory in the unit says “Failure to operate with an adequate water level will burn the pump.“ The whirlpool is not large - it would be a squeeze to get two persons of any size in there comfortably. There is no computer available, but they have the setup if you bring your laptop. Also, the library is two blocks west and another two blocks south, but the computers are a bit difficult to get onto. To make that easier, you can buy an annual membership for $20 and reserve a spot daily. For groceries there is an IGA close by with a CVS next to it. There is also an Eckert Drug a few blocks from the resort. The Atlantic City Bar and Grill has good food at a decent price and is a short walk from the resort. And of course there are a ton of places on the boardwalk and in the casinos. Can’t leave your door ajar - the staff takes it as a sign that you have checked out and comes walking into your unit without knocking, even though their own Guest Service Directory says of the check out procedure: “Please be certain to lock your unit on the way out.”

    There is no Monday morning get-together, so if you want to know what’s in the area it’s good to do your homework before you get there. There is a concierge for helping you also. Be prepared to get into your wallet for many of the resorts activities.

    The Burgundy Motor Inn next door is, according to a policeman we talked to, the home of a number of ladies of the evening although we never saw any obvious signs of it. But then again, we were rarely out after dark. Policeman also advised that we not walk the neighborhood after dark, but that from the resort to the beach and the boardwalk were fine.

    The pool was nice although not large … about 20 feet by 50 feet with a hot tub adjacent and another outside which is not yet in service. Roof of pool can open up during good weather. Ping-pong and pool table and game area for kids all on 6th floor with pool and washers/dryers.

    Our unit had its own problems, the worst of which was the mice. Resort personnel swore that none had been reported up until the time we were there, but … traps were put out but our visitors were back on the last night we were there.

    Expect lots of sirens. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel in Manhattan, you’ll know what I mean. There were also motorcycles at night.

    The staff at the front desk was really good. I bought them a large box of taffy on our last day there.

    Bottom line for us … it was the worst week of timesharing we have experienced - by far. We have been platinum VIP for a few years, own with other timeshare companies and have been overseas on timeshare weeks, so we’ve seen a fair mix of places by which to compare - although mostly we compare with other Fairfield resorts. Although there were some very special times in the Atlantic City area and on the beach, I would not make another reservation there unless there was some overriding reason to do so. And I was initially happy to have a Fairfield close to us here in southeastern PA. I’d much rather drive to DC, Williamsburg , Myrtle Beach and perhaps as far as Daytona. If you love the casinos or can spend the week on the beach and don’t mind the parking situation, elevator waits and/or pulling $ out of your wallet often then you’ll do fine there - it’s simply just not the Fairfield we’ve known for over a decade. You could minimize the parking, elevator and washer/dryer issues by checking in Monday and departing on Friday.

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