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Reviews of TradeWinds Cruise Club - British Virgin Islands Tortola

Hannah, Tortola


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  • Avatar for momconn
    By momconn Feb 8, 2013

    I've cruised to at least 4 different locations with Tradewinds Cruise Club. It is a vacation you will never forget. Wake up every day in paradise, beautiful breakfast laid out. Go for a swim, snorkel, kayak. Then sail to another beautiful anchorage and explore, dive, hike, fish, swim, etc. The locations you can get to on a boat like this are so different from most vacations. Unlike a land-based vacation or a big cruise ship, you are not sharing a beach with hundreds of other vacationers. In most locations, if the captain sees more than two or three other boats in the anchorage (that'd be like 15 people), he will consider it crowded and move on to another.

    You can sit back and let the captain and first mate do all the sailing or they will let you help if that makes you happy. Each evening, the captain makes a pitcher of some exotic concoction to get the cocktail hour started, or you can have whatever you want.

    Here are the main attractions for me:

    -- the beautiful blue water--> It is peaceful to be surrounded by it constantly-- not just when you look out your window or visit the beach to see it, but living in it 24/7. The blues and turquoise colors, the gentle rocking, the cooling breeze, the sounds of birds and waves -- you get all that all week long. Close your eyes and imagine it for a minute and you'll get the idea.

    -- the solitude-->You have 8 - 10 boat-mates you can chat with if you want, but you can always find a quiet corner. And you are unplugged from email, social media, etc, which people really, really need nowadays.

    -- the adventure -->You are seeing anchorages that few people on this planet ever see. There is a certain beauty in that. And I always see some or other creature or phenomenon I have never encountered before (fish that glow-in-the-dark, "the flash" at sunset in certain conditions, the Southern Cross constellation at night, for example.)

    -- the meals--> Each boat has a first mate whose sole aim is to thrill guests with wonderful cuisine and service. They are flexible about food allergies, dislikes, etc, and the presentation is always incredible. I know someone that takes a picture of each meal for her scrapbook, they look so pretty.

    -- the stars at night --> with no lights around, it is literally awe-some to lay on the deck and look upward before retiring for the night.

    -- the crews --> WIth only 8-10 guests on board, the captain and first mate have plenty of time to share their knowledge and love of the local area. Their service-oriented nature is great, but more intriguing to me is getting to know these people who have chosen to leave behind their land-based lives (even if only temporarily) and take to the seas for some portion of their lives. They are from all over the world (South Africa, Australia, etc) and they inevitably have done some very interesting stuff on their way to the Carribean.

    If you have a chance, you should do this. I even have friends who did not consider themselves to be "water" people -- but they loved it and are asking to come back again.

  • Avatar for elizabethr118
    By elizabethr118 Jan 21, 2009

    My husband and I have enjoyed several wonderful vacations sailing on TradeWinds in The British Virgin Islands and St Maarten. Additionally several of our friends have sailed on all of the TradeWinds, Caribbean itineraries. Having read the other reviewer’s comments about the towels on TradeWinds in Antigua, I can honestly say that we have had a very different experience. Our friends and my husband and I have been on a different Yacht with a different crew on each TradeWinds adventure. TradeWinds has always provided a midweek towels (bathroom and beach) change as well as fresh sheets.

    TradeWinds is a very unique experience, a semi-private Yacht with 4 or 5 guest cabins (depending on boat) and 2 crew. We have met the most wonderful people on these trips. The crew takes you to several different places to swim snorkel or dive each day followed by beach adventures and exploring.

    Food is always freshly prepared - 3 meals a day - using local fresh fruit and vegetables and breads as well as mouth watering divine desserts. The Captain mixes up a pitcher of sunset cocktails to enjoy topside every evening. Bar is self serve if you wish or the crew can get something for you if you are relaxing comfortably in the sun. There is wine and beer (as well as soft drinks) available with lunch and diner meals, as well as hard liquor on board in the bar cabinet.

    The Crew can't do enough for you to make your vacation a leisurely one, memorable, and truly a vacation from all things domestic and at the office. My recommendation is to try TradeWinds!

  • Avatar for galina27
    By galina27 May 9, 2005

    My girlfriend and I are well traveled. We tend to spend our vacation time engaging in various physical activities with tennis and mounting skiing being our favorite. So when the opportunity to go on a cruise arose, we have been a little skeptical. In our imagination, spending a week on a boat would be too static and, in all likelihood, boring. On the other hand, the memories of our recent trip to Hawaii suggested that there would be at least some enjoyable moments since we both like swimming and snorkeling for hours in a southern sea. So we decided to take a risk and swapped our time share for a week on a catamaran at Trade Winds Club.

    From the very beginning we realized that we had done the right thing. The weather was comfortable, with a temperature around 85F. We thought we got lucky, but learned later that the weather stays more or less the same year round in that area. So we embarked on the boat, took our shoes off and the week after was the first time we needed them again.

    Our boat, like other Trade Winds boats, was a small catamaran, but it had everything to accommodate eight people plus the captain and his wife. The boat in fact is sufficiently large so you can have enough privacy.

    We took off the next morning and the rest of the week traveled from one island to another enjoying various picturesque scenes, swimming and snorkeling with turtles and exotic fish. On one of the days we got to water ski, and that was very good – we could happily do a couple more days. We also had a kayak on board and used it very often to exercise or to reach an uninhabited island we had plentiful on our way. We spent on average three hours a day in the water, mostly snorkeling, and you do not get bored doing this.

    Our companions were very nice people, and I suspect nasty people do not go on such trips. All of them had different interests, but everybody seemed happy and able to do what they enjoyed. The food preferences were also different, but the captain’s wife who cooked for us has done her best to accommodate everybody.

    When we returned back, the island looked the same, but we did not. We got a healthy tan, and generally felt more optimistic about this life than a week ago. And this feeling is probably the best indicator to make a judgment about how good the vacation was. And if asked, I would definitely recommend this trip to anybody.

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