Fantasea Resort - Flagship

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Fantasea Resort - Flagship

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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  • Whether your interest lies in the town's wonderful beaches and exciting boardwalk, entertainment, magnificent casinos and restaurants, acclaimed shows and famous head liners, or simply watching the sun set from your luxury suite's balcony - The 32 story Flagship pleases both families and couples. Play in the surf, or shop at our many nearby shops and boutiques.

    Commonly known as The Flagship Resort.

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    • Avatar for dana737
      By dana737 Jan 26, 2015

      Stayed there on September 19th to the 26th and horrible. Broken elevators, plastic noisey covering over mattress. Dirty dishes at buffet.

      Rate 1 star. Parking in garage was $9.00 per day so we parked across street. Cheap and under staffed.

    • Avatar for angelas122
      By angelas122 Jan 3, 2014

      On a recent visit to AC we visited the Flagship Resort. We had stayed there before and were surprised to see all the new improvements. My husband and I usually travel with my sister and her husband and always have found this resort to be clean and well-equipped for our needs. We love the views from our unit and from the restaurant and even visited the restaurant when we stayed elsewhere. A couple of months ago we went on the timeshare presentation to see the changes, etc. Unfortunately, during our tour, I got a call that my dad had been hospitalized and we had to cut it short. Our salesman and his manager graciously offered to gift us then and there but we preferred to return to complete our tour as planned. Upon our return last month, we got an offer that sounded too good to be true. This was probably due to our visit in winter, a slow sales season. Still, due to our present situation approaching retirement, we had to decline. There was no pressure whatsoever, and of course we expect to be invited back in the future. Looking forward to our next visit, possibly in warmer weather and an improved financial situation for us.

    • Avatar for starburst
      By starburst Updated Aug 31, 2011

      My family and I have been at this beautiful oceanfront resort on the AC Boardwalk (9) different months of the year.

      The incredible views of the ocean, bay, AC, and Brigantine Island do not diminish during off-season visits.

      On-site is an indoor pool, restaurant, fitness center, indoor parking garage, & concierage.

    • Avatar for lesliea75
      By lesliea75 Jul 17, 2011

      My kid and I visited this Resort around Spring of 2011. I was offered the famous Tour. I declined it many times. David (sales person) was very persistent. He also trashed other resorts. I noticed he was way too friendly; saying he could show me around; Always asking if everything was going well. He made me feel very very uncomfortable. I never took the tour. I thought David was a weird man.

      A few weeks later, a man called me around 2-3am; I didn't answer. I txt him the next day asking who was he. He started to send text messages. He claimed I had given him my number. I told him no. The area code was from New Jersery, I live in NYC. I had only been to NJ to this resort; don't know anyone in NJ. I asked lots of questions; but he was not familiar at all. He then identified himself as "David." I asked him if he works at this Resort; he said, yes. He was the same sales rep I met at this resort. I told him to stop txting since he stole my number from their computer. He continued. I told him I was a minor (which I'm not) and that I was going to report him. David then claimed that he got my number out of the JOB application I had filled out and that he had been calling to go over the application.

      He then became angry; he said HE WAS NOT GOING TO HIRE ME for lying on the application (about my age). I explained to this CRAZY sales man that I have never applied for a job there; I had a good job in NYC; I live in NYC; I had no plans of moving to NJ. He kept txting, calling me a liar; he won't hire me; I better find another job. This was his excuse to continue calling; he created this story in his head.

      Please notice that the first time he called me was around 2-3am. I asked him: "what employer calls a woman at 2am to talk about a job?" I guess he noticed I was serious about reporting him. He never apologized; he clearly stated that I had applied for a job with him.

      If he did this to me, I'm sure he has done it to other single women who visit this resort. Now I'm sure David has mental health issues and he doesn't take NO for an answer. Men like him are dangerous.

      He stopped txting after a couple of days. The location is far from everything, but there is a bus right next to the Resort. Staff was nice, except, David Sales Rep. The resort was clean; weird smell. I didn't like the blankets. I bought blankets.

    • Avatar for arnie7
      By arnie7 Updated Jun 26, 2011

      While on vaction in Atlantic City, we were pressured by thier marketing department to take a tour and was offered $100 to tour, so we did. Upon our arrival the lobby was dirty and had a musty and mildew smell. Once meeting with the salesman David LaMonte he was very high pressured and would not take no for an answer. He then preseeded to bash the competitor timeshares in the city which we thought was very unprofessional. After my wife telling him no numerous time and my self telling him at least 2 times, He then brought in his Sales Manager, to again attempt and pressure us into buying, when we told him NO he stormed out of the cube. We collected our gifts and left. I would not recommend this ti anyone, and I am reporting Flagship and Fantasea to the BBB and Atlantic City to pull thier license for the marketers on the Boardwalk. The markting team had two people approach us on more than one occassion and badgered us until we said yes to take the tour, basically harrassed us. The rooms are decorated nicely (at least the models) but had a mold and mildew smell. The location is in the worst part of AC, with thier "Promises" that it will change, which I would only believe it when I see it. No one on the staff even acknowledged us as we were walking around the resort.

    • Avatar for 68425
      By 68425 Jun 20, 2010

      Stayed there for my birthday in June (4-11,2010) and was very pleased. When we got there they put us in a room that was not ready and immediately moved us to a remolded room with two bathrooms. TV in front room would go off line due to new cable service. Transportation to Ballys was nice because it was about 1.3miles away. There is a jitney service that you can get to other places for $2.25, runs often. The concierge was great and turned us on to free shows at clubs. Met some nice people and with all that plus a view of the ocean and neighborhood we would recommend this location.

    • Avatar for mercedsa
      By mercedsa Updated Nov 6, 2009

      When me and my family went we all enjoyed it they had something for the whole family. You can enjoy Days and Nights and you will enjoy the view from your room.

    • Avatar for karen1131
      By karen1131 Updated Jun 4, 2009

      We visited Memorial Day weekend 2009, and had an efficiency that purportedly sleeps six guests. There were 2 queen beds, and a fold out sofa which could barely fold out all the way since the tv stand/bureau was in the way. When we arrived, we found a box of pizza with 2 old slices of pizza in the refrigerator. We called the front desk, and the housekeeper immediately came and removed it and graciously apologized for the lack of cleanliness. The refrigerator was mini-size with no freezer or dishwasher.The bureau only had 2 drawers, which was insufficient for 6 guests so we told the housekeeper, who mentioned she would bring extra hangers for the closet.

      We were on the 28th floor, and the room's view was very nice, facing the Atlantic Ocean. I asked the front desk about future weekend specials, and was given a 20% coupon. Later when I read the back of the coupon I noticed it had expired, and went back to the front desk but the staff did not seem to have any other offers. Note that the parking fee is $ 7.59 per day for the garage, unless you find parking on the street. There is a free hourly shuttle to Bally's. We also visited the movie theater, but the equipment was not working properly so we had to settle for a different movie with many skips in between viewing. We visited the small indoor pool, it went to only 4 ft deep.

    • Avatar for laurieg75
      By laurieg75 Jan 2, 2009

      I have been to this resort many times, in both studio and one bedroom units. The views are almost always ocean or bay views and every room has a balcony to sit on and enjoy. The rooms are constantly being improved and there are full sized refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and flat top ranges. There are no ovens, but the microwaves work nicely. There is a new exercise room with a breath-taking view and a new gameroom. There are many family activities during vacation times and more adult activities other times. There is a mini-movie theater with movies for during the week and a business center that does charge. There is WIFI in the rooms, but the strength could be improved. The laundry room is expensive but convenient. The restaurant/bar has great food and also an unbelievable view. There is a shuttle to a casino hotel that runs with varying frequency according to the time of the year. Winter or summer, there is a lot to do there, and the staff is very friendly. The pool is indoors with an outdoor hot tub (in addition to the indoor one). I recommend this hotel as one right in the middle of the action in Atlantic City.

    • Avatar for bennett3
      By bennett3 May 12, 2007

      We stayed here the first weekend in May. Other than the view, we found nothing we liked about this resort.

      1. They charge guests to park in their own parking garage.

      2. The security left a lot to be desired.

      3. After getting into bed, we decided to call for a wakeup call. No one ever picked up at the wake up call number. We pushed the 'front desk' button and didn't even get a dial tone. We then had to get dressed and take the SLOW elevator down 32 floors to personally find someone at the front desk who could arrange the call for us.

      4. We went to the restaurant about 8 PM and asked if we could just have coffee and dessert or appetizers. The clueless hostess said she did not know and then told us that she thought the coffee machine was broken. She never made any effort to find out and just stared at us. So we left.

      5. Rooms were nothing special. Living room was tiled and had a leather couch. Looked more like it was set up for a business traveler than for a leisure traveler. Very small kitchen. Dorm size refrigerator, no oven, no dishwasher.

      6. Bathrooms were nice.

      We would not recommend or return to this resort.

    • Avatar for james3482
      By james3482 Jul 8, 2005

      Spectacular views (mostly waterfront - ocean or inlet) and attractive, large, comfortably furnished (but not lavish) rooms best summarize this resort on the northern end of the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

      While about 20 blocks from the center of the Boardwalk's casinos, a free hourly convenient shuttle to the Sands Casino (runs to midnight) provides easy access to those not interested in strolling the Boardwalk. Free garage parking for owners. A great place to stay if you prefer NOT to be in the center of action, but in a slightly quieter oceanfront environment just on the edge of it. Perhaps the only Atlantic City resort that's close enough to the water to be able to hear the surf from your room.

      While satisfactory, the resort could withstand improved maintenance - that would raise it to 5 stars in my book!

    • Avatar for editheze
      By editheze Updated Apr 16, 2005

      We visited Flagship for one night, cortesy of a dear friend,s generousity. I enjoyed our stay, my children enjoyed the indoor swimming even at the early spring season, the Tropicana buffet, the boardwalk at day, the ocean freez and the city lights at night. It could have been a five stay rating except that when my children forgot our cooler at the elevetor, it was gone just within five minutes of searching. It still did not stop us from considering purchasing a timeshare at Flagship,hoping to be more careful in the future.

    • Avatar for pabela1
      By pabela1 Jul 24, 2004

      Cosmetically this is a beautiful resort, poor management ruins the resort. The restaurant and bar located in the building was said to be open seasonal, We thought July & August were prime season for Atlantic City. Our mistake I guess, it was closed some days during the week,with no postings on the door to indicate this, it was a hit or miss deal. This meant that you could not have drinks by the pool and had to go to the Boardwalk for all your meals on those days.

      The shuttle service left a lot to be desired, it was supposed to leave on the hour from the resort, which we found not to be true.

      The elevators in the building were very slow, you could sometimes wait 5 minutes or more, this was because both the guests and the maintance staff used the same elevators. However there was a maintanence elevator that only went up to the 7th floor, Since the building had from 35 to 40 floors we couldn't see the reasoning behind the maintanence elevator.

      After arriving we advised that the air conditioning system did not work, they promptly sent up maintanence who proceeded to change the air filters, we repeatley advised them that it was blowing warm air and maintanence said it would cool off in a little while. After unpacking and returning to the room several hours later we were presented with the warm room. Needless to say we had to repack that night and change our room.

      Trying to setup day trips with the resort was an adventure, since rarely anyone was down at the desk and leaving messages resulted in alot of phone tag, which eventually we give up on trying and we went our own way.

    • Avatar for colden
      By colden Jan 21, 2004

      The good news is the staff is friendly for the most part. Maintenance staff is VERY nice. Unfortunately, we had the opportunity to meet them on three separate occasions during our stay. This resort is in major needs of some upgrades from the heating system to the appliances and beds...but it was convenient to the boardwalk as well as other great local attractions. I'll try another resort in AC next time around.

    • Avatar for kisrael
      By kisrael Nov 2, 2003

      I'm an owner and I go there rather often because I'm a gambler. This resort is really beautiful, and they have a bar that subs as a danse club on Friday and Saturday nights. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who know about the club. It seemed to me that people who were not even staying at the resort were coming there just for the club.

      I resent the fact that they are still doing construction on the property. I've owned for three years, and construction was in the process even before I bought. I thought they would be done by now. They are slowly updating each room, yet I haven't stayed in an updated room yet.

      To get to the casinos is a drive not a walk, but it is kind of nice to be away from it all when you want to be. I haven't been to all the timeshares in AC, but when you consider the quality of the resort, the distance from the gambling, and the availability of rooms I think this one is a winner.

    • Avatar for bllittle
      By bllittle Jul 22, 2003

      Really enjoyed this resort. Have stayed a couple of times and the area immediately around it is getting much better.

      "Happy Hour" specials in the restaraunt change daily and seem very reasonable. Staff is generally very friendly and attentive. Daily off-property activities are fun.

    • Avatar for aka8
      By aka8 Oct 29, 2002

      This resort received it's 5 stars from II based on service. The rooms are in the process of being renovated, the location is great if you're trying to avoid crowds plus they have nice shuttle service to the Broadwalk.

    • Avatar for rburke
      By rburke Updated Oct 2, 2002

      Beautiful resort , right on the boardwalk, not a beachgoers delight, but none the less it is beautiful and very convient with the resort shuttle or jitney($1.50). Cheap Eats and good buys to be had off the boardwalk during the day. Be careful after hours when walking away from the boardwalk, but it is a beautiful area, and check out gardners basin, eat seafood in the basin by the sea ($12, 1 lb lobster)

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