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Copalis Beach, Washington

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Copalis Beach, Washington


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    By michaelt34 Updated Jul 23, 2006

    I first noticed this resort several years ago. But, as I am not a timeshare owner, I could never figure out how to stay there. So, when I saw a mid-summer week available for rent here on, I jumped at the chance!

    I was looking for a (not too) rustic "cabin on the beach" experience and I was not disappointed. Surfcrest's townhouse units provide just the right balance between comfort and a classic, funky Northwest beach feel.

    For me, the big attraction at Surfcrest is the beach. Although Washington State allows driving on most of its coastal beaches, Surfcrest sits in the middle of a 2 mile stretch that is closed to driving from mid April through early September. This provides a relatively (for this part of the Washington coast) uncrowded and undisturbed beach experience.

    Surfcrest is comprised of 54 one bedroom townhouse style units sitting on the inland edge of the beach dune area. I doubt that any of the units can actually see the ocean from the ground floor (living room). However, most should have at least a "sliver" of an ocean view from the upstairs balcony (bedroom).

    Units 1 - 12 face into a steep sand dune and might not be that desirable, although they would be more private. Units 13 - 18 and 49 - 54 sit somewhat higher than the others and probably offer superior ocean views from their upstairs balconies. The pool and clubhouse are located between units 36 and 37, so avoid that immediate area if you are concerned about noise (although pool noise was not a significant problem during my midweek stay).

    I only have two complaints regarding Surfcrest. First is that the small kitchen features a scant 14 inches of counter space between the sink and stove. This makes even simple tasks, like making coffee, almost impossible. No dishwasher. The microwave (not part of the kitchen's original design) sits on a cart in the living area. (Note: Apparently not all units have microwaves. Be sure to ask.)

    Second is the resort's failure to implement an ENFORCEABLE non-smoking policy. Most of the better condos and hotels in the area are now 100% non-smoking, so this puts Surfcrest at a disadvantage in my opinion.

    In any event, I am definitely planning on visiting again! Next time I will bring a supply of paper plates (to avoid dishwashing) and bottled water for coffee (the tap water is obviously chlorinated).

    Date of visit: July 2006

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