Mariner's Pointe Resort

Crossville, Tennessee

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Crossville, Tennessee


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  • Avatar for paul1532
    By paul1532 Nov 12, 2008

    Ignore the folks telling you this resort is in trouble. It's not. I'm an owner, and am not affiliated with the management in any way. The management does a great job of communicating with the owners, and I've never had a problem with anything they've done.

    Yes, there was a special assessment a couple of years ago, but that's how all resorts handle unexpected problems (like a frivolous lawsuit by the owner of other properties trying to void provisions in a previously signed contract). I'd much prefer a special assessment than the alternative of artificially high maintenance fees to maintain huge cash reserves that may never be needed.

    Maintenance fees have been kept low, and the staff does everything possible to keep expenses low.

    This isn't one of those super plush, fancy resorts. It's a place for good, relaxing vacations by the lake. If you are looking for high energy, over the top activities, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

  • Avatar for kshirley
    By kshirley Updated Feb 2, 2007

    The financial problems at this resort are now a thing of the past. There was only one extra assessment and that was over a year ago. The board does an excellent job of maintaining the resort and has wonderful plans for new buildings and upgrades to existing buildings.

    This is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the lake, and play golf!

  • Avatar for mikelm
    By mikelm Updated Mar 27, 2006

    This is a great resort for the money with the exception it is run now by the owners and they keeping getting in the red and adding 100% annual assesments. Great place to visit with the private lake and golf nearby and overlooks lake. The guy below me on the rating that wrote a book on it must not be an owner.

  • Avatar for betty272
    By betty272 Updated Aug 9, 2005

    Update on assessment: FYI: All terminology and the words "cash positive" result have been directly taken from the Mariners Pointe Newsletter available (via password) on the Mariner's website. I only repeated EXACTLY what is written by the POA!!!

    And....Mariner's IS certainly charging a late fee. THE ASSESSMENTS ARE BEING DEMANDED IN FULL BY 1/O6!!! (Nearly $1 per monthly billing) I know so because I keep getting the bills even though I SOLD off my Mariner's Red week for a mere $50 (2 MONTHS AGO) just to "get out from under."

    NO timeshare is worth paying $493 assessment and $419 maintenance dues ALL by Jan 1st 2006. (and we are talking about a resort in central Tennessee and not one along the Gulf coast constantly hit by hurricanes!!)

    I don't know who the other reviewer is. But he most likely is part of the POA at Mariners Pointe or perhaps is desparately trying to save his false beliefs about THIS "sinking ship." I've read plenty of complaints about the misappropriation of VARIOUS PAST assessmentS and dues from Mariner's Pointe and the Apple Resort (both managed by the same company.)

    I am a very honest person trying to enjoy my timeshare investments. And I don't like to throw my money away on an outdated resort that's losing money rapidly.

    And yes, I have every right to right a review about this resort in this forum. I'm telling the truth and not trying to hide anything from any unknowing future buyers. This forum was not meant as a snare trap to lead new timeshare investors "in" and trap them with large assessments suddenly imposed by outdated resorts making monetary demands on those owners rather than raising the funds else where. If there was another way to produce the funds to cover their deficit, WHY DIDN'T MARINERS POINTE just do it???? instead of making their timeshare owners sacrifice their hard earned money.

    All I can say to other Mariner's Pointe owners: SELL!! or give away and cut your losses. It's not worth hanging on to a dying timeshare when there so many other "excellent, well-cared for" timeshares out there, in "the timeshare world." LET'S GET REAL HERE...and stop hiding the truth about financial D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!!

    FYI: Mariner's Pointe Resort Timeshare Owners: This resort is in serious financial trouble. The property owners association is imposing unusually high assessments for timeshare owners for their 2005 ownership. The assessments are as follows: Efficiency: $350 Studio: $355 1 - bedroom: $435 2 - bedroom: $493 These assessment bills just went in the mail on June 2, 2005. Finance charges are being imposed for late payments. This will be an annual fee until the POA has a "cash-positive" result. If anyone has any questions about this imposed fee, call 931-456-4138. Sorry for the bad news :(

  • Avatar for daveb16
    By daveb16 Jun 22, 2005

    The effect of one mans opinion can sometimes be disasterous when it is mistaken. Remember the story about the guy who couldn't read a compass and his ego wouldn't let him admit it to his friends, so with one swoop of his hand in the wrong direction, he sent them all to their death.

    What I mean by this is, the "resort is in serious financial trouble" is not true. Its financial strength is not where it needs to be to provide the expected services, nor can it engage in the planned building program just now, but it could pull itself out of its shallow hole (compared to where it has been in the past) if it really had to, just by selling off a couple of parcels of its property, and they actually have several buyers anxious for them to do so. Those options would interfere with the building program, however, so the board did not consider them.

    As for the "association is imposing unusually high assessments for timeshare owners", you must mean "relative to the assessments in the past at this one resort", or "relative to any I have personally experienced", because this is certainly not an unusually high assessment comparatively across the nation, especially after the past couple of hurricane seasons.

    And also, the comment "Finance charges are being imposed for late payments." implies immediacy and forceful payment, or else, when in fact, there is no penalty until after the end of the year, more than six months, but meanwhile everyone is asked to contribute what they can on a monthly or quarterly basis. They are actually working with their owners very well such as to not create a hardship as much as possible, since it is a member owned resort. Finally, "This will be an annual fee until the POA has a "cash- positive" result.", is simply untrue. Where in the world did you get this idea, and why would you report something to such an audience that has no basis in fact whatsoever? I think it's great you want to keep everyone in the user's group informed, but please keep it as 'pure' as you can get it when you do so!

    Pricing has more of an effect on resales than anything else at this resort, and the assessment can always be negotiated or factored in. In the future, resorts that are not points based will be more in demand for resales than those who are with points systems, according to forcasters in the industry I have spoken to. Once the building program at this resort kicks off, and the reality of their future begins to manifest, you will see what the resale market can & will do. As for me, I'm not selling, and if I could afford more, I would be buying at this resort.

  • Avatar for beattj
    By beattj Jan 28, 2003

    We have vacationed here many times and enjoyed it so much we had to purchased a 2 bed room unit on the lake with a dock two years ago. We enjoy taking our boat and skiing , tubing and fishing. The kids love the on site amenities and there are great golf courses are near by.

  • Avatar for jan48009
    By jan48009 Updated Jan 1, 2003

    Stayed in a one bedroom that was comfortable. It appeared to be well kept. We were visiting relatives so we didn't use the facilities however they looked good. The view over the lake was very nice. It is quite close to shopping and other conveniences.

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