Lahaina Inn Resort

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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Fort Myers Beach, Florida


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  • Avatar for ken1193
    By ken1193 Updated Jan 16, 2013

    I notice that "flyboy54" below gave this resort a 2 star rating in 2003, despite the fact that, by his own admission and statement, he never actually set foot on the property!!

    MOST of the units here are, in fact, right on the Gulf. HOWEVER, "flyboy" is certainly correct on one point. Units 42-47 are indeed "across the street" and situated unacceptably close to the road (Estero Blvd.). I would not want to stay in any of those six units either, particularly since all other Lahaina Inn units are right on the Gulf beach side of Estero Blvd. There is a complete diagram of the resort right on their web site which identifies the specific location of each and every unit at the resort. Anyone potentially staying here should learn and know in advance exactly where the unit they are considering is located.

    "Flyboy54" justifiably objected to what his exchange company offered as a unit --- but this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the overall quality of the resort itself. Since Flyboy54 "cancelled" the exchange reservation, he really has no basis at all upon which to offer ANY rating whatsoever, having never even been there!!!

    I have stayed here for a week; I liked the place, although it's definitely an older facility and its' age certainly shows a bit. That said, I would still agree that I would NOT want to be in any of the Units #42-47 which are located "across the street" (and which are also situated MUCH too close to the road).

  • Avatar for chriskre
    By chriskre Sep 27, 2004

    This post is for a stay about 3 years ago. Since it was hurricane damaged there may be changes. I stayed in the 3 bedroom unit by the pool. It is a cottage all by itself. This cottage was very comfortable and the resort was very quaint. I felt like I was in Hawaii. Stay on the beachside for the best units. We did not have a view of the beach but being right outside the pool was very convenient with the kids and all. The decor was tropical and the kitchen adequate. The area was not too crowded like other parts of Fort Myers beach. This is a great place. Units could use some updating but overall I had a great time. I rented the unit for my stay. I live in Miami, FL

  • Avatar for flyboy54
    By flyboy54 Updated Sep 28, 2003

    Picked up on trade with RCI for a week in July. Was told it was a resort on the beach, come to find out, I was given one across the road. With 2 small kids, that was not in the cards,so I cancelled.

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