Lockout/Lock-off timeshare unit

Some timeshare condominium units are referred to as "lock-offs." A lock-off, sometimes called a lockout, is a unit that can be divided into two separate sections. The owner of a lock-off has several options when it comes to renting out the unit.

He or she may choose to:

  • Rent the entire unit to one party
  • Stay in one half of the unit and rent out the other half
  • Rent out both halves to different parties

Comparison graphic of timeshare resort unit with Lockout/Lock-off

Before renting any timeshare resort unit, make sure to ask whether you are getting a lock-off, and confirm the unit size and amenities in writing.

An Escrow Agreement is the most secure way to do this.

Quick Tip:

While full timeshare units may have a full kitchen and laundry facilities, the lock-off portion will likely look more like a hotel room - with one room, a bathroom, and possibly a small kitchenette.