Buy a Timeshare

If you want to buy a timeshare, you have come to the right place. RedWeek offers timeshare resales by owner, so you can buy a timeshare quickly and easily, and at a great price.

  1. Decide whether buying a timeshare is right for you has many resources that will help you determine whether to buy a timeshare. You can read all about the pros and cons of buying a timeshare, the differences between timeshares and hotel units, peruse our glossary of timeshare terms, and even ask questions of other members in our forums.

  2. Determining what type of timeshare to buy

    There are many different options available, and it can be confusing. If you want to travel to the same place each time, you should buy a timeshare at your favorite resort (you may want to rent a timeshare first, if you have never been to make sure it's what you want). If you prefer traveling to new places for each vacation, you might want to consider buying within a certain vacation club or timeshare points company. See our guides on Buying Hilton (HGVC), Marriott, and Hyatt - and watch for more brands to be added.

    If you do not travel annually, you may consider saving money with an every-other-year (EOY) ownership. If you require a certain size of unit to accommodate children or traveling companions, you should make sure you're buying that fixed unit type. If you will always travel during the same week, you should make sure you're buying a fixed week, rather than floating. You can also decide whether to buy a deeded property to leave to your heirs, or buy the "right-to-use" the vacation for a designated period. If you must have a certain view, you should make sure the unit or view is fixed.

  3. Find timeshare resales

    When you compare timeshare purchase options, you'll find that timeshare resales are typically priced 30 - 50% below the original price. On RedWeek, you can search for timeshare resales by location or resort name, or even browse by timeshare company affiliation.

  4. Contact the owner directly

    You will deal directly with the owner to negotiate a transaction. Make sure you understand the costs and what you are getting when you buy the timeshare.

  5. Complete the transaction

    Even though you're dealing directly with the owner, we suggest using a title and escrow company to help you finalize the transfer when buying a timeshare.

  6. Learn more about timeshare

    After you buy a timeshare, you can learn even more about how to make the most of your purchase. Get involved in our timeshare forums to talk to others in the community about your week or resort, and bookmark our timeshare calendar for future planning purposes. And remember, you can easily rent your timeshare on RedWeek for any year you aren't able to use it.

That's it - congratulations! Please be sure to let us know how everything went.

Quick Tips:

Find timeshare resales by location, company name, or features and attractions.

Consider renting a timeshare first, to decide where you want to buy.

Contact the timeshare owner directly via e-mail.

Use an escrow service to complete the transaction safely.