How Do I Rent My Timeshare? - Video Tutorial

Wondering, "How do I rent my timeshare?" This video tutorial will teach you how to advertise your timeshare for rent in's online marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:00:00 Hi everyone, this is Kylie with We've been helping timeshare owners rent and sell their timeshares since 2002, and today I'm going to show you the quick and easy process for getting your timeshare posted for rent.

0:00:11 Before we do, make sure you know what it is that you own, and also know if your resort charges any fees or has any restrictions on your ability to rent your unit.

0:00:19 Please note: you usually cannot rent a week that you have obtained through a timeshare exchange company. Okay? Let's go...

0:00:25 So, go to and create a free guest account if you don't already have one. You do need a membership to add your rental posting, but you can always do that later.

0:00:33 Click "Sell or Rent Your Timeshare", scroll down and type in your resort's name, or just a piece of your resort's name, and you can choose it from the list.

0:00:40 Then click "Find Resort & Add Your Posting"

0:00:43 Once you're on your resort's page, you want to scroll down to the Timeshare Rentals section. This will show you all the weeks that are currently available as well as the weeks that have just rented. This will give you an idea as to how you should price your week if you don't already know.

0:00:56 Note that there are a couple here that are in bold text and a little bit larger font than the rest of the line items. This is an option that you can add during the posting process.

0:01:06 When you're ready, click "Post your timeshare for rent."

0:01:09 Up top here, you'll see details on the pricing and duration, as well as some of the extras you get with your rental posting.

0:01:14 Scroll down and set your start and end date. For floating weeks, enter the full range of possible dates, but set the number of nights to the number of nights actually available. That way travelers will know to contact you for availability.

0:01:26 Set your rental price for the full period - we will break it out by night automatically. If you have a designated unit number, enter that here. Otherwise, leave it blank.

0:01:34 Set the number the timeshare sleeps and the number of bedrooms. If you know the bed types that are included in the timeshare unit, that's useful information to have here.

00:01:43 Set your number of bathrooms, select whether there's a kitchen in the timeshare unit and whether smoking or pets are allowed. And, if you have a designated unit, again and you can guarantee the view, go ahead and select that here. If you can't guarantee the view, select "Varies"

0:01:58 Scroll down, add any additional amenities that are included in your timeshare. And in this free-form details section, you can include any information that you think will really help sell your timeshare.

0:02:10 If you have any of your own digital pictures of the timeshare that you're renting, go ahead and add them here. Select "Choose File," navigate to the photo on your computer, and open it up. Click "Continue" to upload.

0:02:20 You'll see your picture and you can pick a category. And you can even write a little caption, if you wish. Click "Continue" when you're done.

0:02:28 Remember those bolded line listings that we saw on the resort page? If you'd like to add that to your listing to make it stand out, go ahead and add that here. It's $8.99/month - you can select the duration right there - and you can always add it later. It's especially helpful for resorts where there are many many timeshare rental postings.

0:02:44 Click "Continue" and you're done! Here's your cart - you'll see your RedWeek membership if you haven't already paid for it, and the $24.99 for your rental posting (UPDATE: price is currently $29.99). If you want to add another posting, you can do that here, otherwise enter your billing information and payment, and you're good to go!

0:03:00 Your timeshare rental's now posted on your resort page with the little NEW flag for the first 30 days, an e-mail notification goes out to everyone who's interested in your resort or the region, and we do other extensive marketing to drive traffic to your page.

0:03:12 Remember, on you're always in control. So, when someone's interested in your rental posting, they're going to contact you directly by e-mail. A copy of those messages goes to your Message Box on, so be sure to check it frequently to make sure you haven't missed any inquiries.

0:03:27 Feel free to contact us anytime at, and best wishes for a quick rental!