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I have been given one years free membership to the ICE cruise exchange company ( and am thinking about becoming a full member. Has anyone used this company before for?

Many thanks Martin

Avatar for martinr10 martinr10

7 years ago
Oct 11, 2007

I've been a member for about 6 years. I received a 35 yr. membership to Ice when I bought my very first unit at Playa Grande (have bought all other timeshares second-hand... but was a big dummy the first time around!). I used to LOVE Icegallery, but now so many of the resorts have fallen out with Ice that there aren't many resort units available anymore (unless you like Mayan Palace... they're always in there). The good news is, you can basically pick up a week at a resort for what is the equivalent of that unit's maintenance fee. For example, we rented a two-bedroom unit in Las Vegas for only $500 for a week! Great value!

We also booked a cruise through them. It used to be that you got a certain discount based on the size/location of the unit that you deposited. For instance (and this was several years ago), we got an $800 per person discount for a luxury suite on an Alaska Cruise. However, now I notice that it doesn't matter what size unit you deposit, you'll only get a fixed discount. And, now their cruise prices are the same 'fixed' prices that you see on every other cruise website. The cruise industry pretty much put a stop to anyplace offering discounts. Seems like no matter which travel agent you use, or which cruise website you use, they all offer the exact same price for the cruises (even on Ice). A few places might offer an onboard credit, or if you're lucky, an upgraded room (but be careful of that... you might be 'upgrading' to a room with an obstructed view... those are often the rooms that don't sell). The only deep discounts on cruises that I can find anymore are for last-minute cruises. Unless you're self-employed or retired, it's really hard for your average person to use those.

So, these days, Icegallery is only good (IMO) for getting cheap units at 3-star (or if you're lucky, 4-star) resorts. And, you'd better check inventory daily... usually, good units at good resorts are usually gone the same day they are posted on Icegallery.

Avatar for donnaw85 donnaw85

7 years ago
Oct 28, 2007

donnaw85 wrote:
The good news is, you can basically pick up a week at a resort for what is the equivalent of that unit's maintenance fee. For example, we rented a two-bedroom unit in Las Vegas for only $500 for a week!.

Did you rent from Ice or from an individual? I've come to realize that if you do your homework and research on the internet that you can find nice rentals at reasonable prices without the hassles of timeshare ownership.

There are SO many rental outlets on the internet now that were not available just a few years ago.

Avatar for jayjay jayjay

7 years ago
Oct 28, 2007

With ICE, you don't have to deposit a unit in order to rent one of their available units. Is that what you meant?

I have rented and exchanged privately a number of times. I find the prices on ICE to beat anything I've been able to find privately; however, the inventory on ICE is very limited (unless you like lower-end resorts, or non-peak times of years, e.g., Arizona in the summer). So, when I find something on ICE that I want, the deal can't be beat. The trick is finding and reserving that primo week the minute it appears on ICE before it gets snatched up by someone else.

Avatar for donnaw85 donnaw85

7 years ago
Oct 29, 2007

BTW - If you meant whether I was actually paying ICE or paying an individual member for their week on ICE, it's the former. The individual deposits their week with ICE... you rent said week from ICE (just like RCI or II).

Avatar for donnaw85 donnaw85

7 years ago
Oct 29, 2007

In regards to cruises check out

They send me specials all the time. Actually, a search on "cheap cruises" will reveal a lot I am sure. I normally figure if I can get the cruise for $100 a day or less per person, I am doing well. I see some cruises out there for $60 to $90 per person. So, shop around and be flexible on your dates.

Avatar for castleo castleo

6 years ago
Aug 08, 2008

Message deleted.

Avatar for alanc139 alanc139

5 years ago
Nov 28, 2009

Requiero informacion para intercambiar mis puntos del Paradise Village Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, por un crucero. Gracias por la informacion que me envien.

Avatar for raulc15 raulc15

4 years ago
Jun 16, 2010

Any updates to this? Has anyone used ICE or Westgate Cruise and Travel lately? I'm just hearing about it, after being a TS owner for 5 years...and it sounds good, I'm just not sure if it's too good....Thanks

Avatar for katew65 katew65

2 years ago
Feb 20, 2013

I am a member of ice palace trying to get intothe website. dont rememn=ber my password

Avatar for dorothyp64 dorothyp64

2 years ago
Feb 28, 2013

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