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Welcome to the new RedWeek! tell us what you think or return to the old site

RedWeek.com Privacy Policy

Version 3 (Posted August 15, 2012)

We have created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our users. The following discloses our information gathering and usage practices.

  1. Privacy of user information

    We do not sell, rent, or give away user information except in cases where you specifically request it. If you participate in the RedWeek Exchange Program, critical information required to process the deposit of your week and your exchange reservation will be shared with our partner company to complete the transaction. By depositing your week or reserving an exchange with RedWeek.com, you agree to allow RedWeek or our partner to communicate with the resort and/or management company to exchange necessary information. Your information will only be used to complete this transaction, and will otherwise be held private and confidential.

    Occasionally we may run promotions in partnership with resort developers where you will be given the option to receive more information. In this case, we will provide your contact information to the resort to follow through on your request. You will never be tricked into signing up for anything. Options to receive more information will always be clearly explained to you and your participation in any promotion is strictly optional.

    If you add a posting to RedWeek.com, your contact information will not be made public, unless you choose to enter additional contact information into the Details section. Otherwise, RedWeek.com members will contact you via the form on your posting page, which will deliver the correspondence to the e-mail address you have provided us with. Your e-mail address will not be exposed to the member who contacted you until you reply. If you send an inquiry through RedWeek.com, the person you contacted will have your e-mail address for further direct correspondence.

  2. How your information is used for internal purposes and secured

    To use our site, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. Cookies allow us to collect valuable data regarding your visit to our site and use them to deliver content and services that are relevant to you. Any data that we collect from you is used strictly for internal purposes.

    We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to secure the transmission of your credit card information. This software encrypts all information you input and keeps it in a highly secure environment, protected from access by unauthorized parties. It is important for you to protect yourself from unauthorized use of your password by logging off when finished using RedWeek.com.

  3. Conditions of contact by RedWeek.com

    As a registered RedWeek.com user, you'll receive our monthly e-mail newsletter and any other subscriptions you request. You may opt out of these non-transactional messages at any time through Your Account page on RedWeek.com. If you require assistance, you may contact us by e-mail at support@redweek.com, by phone at (425) 458-4440 ext. 9, or by U.S. mail us at P.O. Box 992293, Redding, CA, 96099-2293. You may also receive e-mails associated with your activities on the site (password requests, posting expiration notices, renewal notices, etc.). These transactional e-mails are related to your activity on the site and my not be opted out of. If you participate in the RedWeek Exchange Program, e-mails associated with your exchange activity may come from our partner company. You will not receive non-activity related e-mails from this partner.

  4. Advertising and third party links

    Some RedWeek.com advertisers and affiliate partners may request information directly from you, or link to sites that do so. We do not endorse or have control over content or policies of third party Web sites.

  5. Updates to our information practices

    We may need to make changes to our information practices or alter the functionality of our Web site. You are responsible for staying alert of changes in this policy.

If you have any questions, please contact us.