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Needed guidance in respect of loans

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Needed guidance in respect of loans

I’ve got great credit, but every lender I talk to tells me that I don’t have enough income to qualify for a loan. I’ve asked about “stated income” loans, but they tell me investor stated income loans are so expensive it doesn’t make sense to use them. There have always been no money down “gurus” out there that claim they can do no credit, no down deals. Does anyone know if this is really possible and are there any good “free” resources for this information?

Avatar for garryc21 garryc21

6 years ago
Aug 30, 2008

Message deleted.

Avatar for waqaarj waqaarj

6 years ago
Aug 31, 2008

Best offer out there is from a lending division of SunTrust called Lightstream. is the website and they offer unsecured loans for timeshares (and any other purchase) with very good rates and no fees.

You do need to have great credit

Avatar for toddn22 toddn22

1 year ago
Oct 24, 2013

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