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buying through redweek and elite status?

Forum: Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) on the Las Vegas Strip

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buying through redweek and elite status?

I am currently an owner for HGVC in Vegas on the strip. We have 9800 points and desire to get up to 15,000 points for elite status, but was told by Hilton sales person you cannot attain elite status if you buy your deed anywhere other than Hillton. Is this true? Does anyone have any experience with this personally? Thanks, Stephanie

Avatar for stephaniec77 stephaniec77

5 years ago
Sep 13, 2009

buying through redweek and elite status?

Yes, this is true. Have more questions about this? Then go to the following Facebbok page, like it, and post your questions:


Avatar for dougb222 dougb222

2 years ago
Aug 26, 2012

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