Lake Marion Resort and Marina

Santee, South Carolina

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Timeshare reviews at Lake Marion Resort and Marina

Santee, South Carolina


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    By jlteague Mar 2, 2003

    Exchanged to one of the boats here a few years ago. A lot of fun for the right person, just not for everyone. You can do a lot of fishing, and crusing around a good sized lake. Tie up at small quite islands for the night, and see lots of wildlife. However we did have some unwelcome visitors. One morning the boat was so covered with bugs going outside was, shall we say, interesting till it got warmer later in the morning and started moving. Another morning after tieing up at the small romantic island for the night got up to fing a large water moccasin on the back deck, who took some encourging to leave.

    All in all it can be a fun vacation as long as you understand this is not a condo at the beach.

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