SportHotel Selbach

Rohrmoos, Austria

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Rohrmoos, Austria


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    By wagnerx Feb 7, 2003

    Typical local hotel - lots of wood, plaster and flowers. Great food in the area. Skiing fantastic - try the rodel bahn (sled run) one day - it is not like any sledding you did as a kid. Fast sledding down perfectly groomed runs - you can go really fast and get up high on the banked walls. Keep your hands away from the other sledders- I wiped out once (trying to avoid a wreck) and while righting myself, someone crashed into me and split my finger open. However, I can attest to the efficiency and friendliness of the local medical staff as I left with several stitches in my finger (and ended the snow fun). Reasonable drive to Salzburg along great highways.

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