Torrenueva Park

Mijas-Costa, Spain

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Timeshare reviews at Torrenueva Park

Mijas-Costa, Spain


  • Avatar for joolvera
    By joolvera Updated Oct 21, 2006

    don't bother with this place. It's a waste of money. Everything is locked up early in the evening so that you feel like you are being held prisoner. They literally bring in all the deck chairs at 7:00 PM so if you wanted an evenings rest after a day of site seeing, forget it. Not even enough pillows for all the guests!

    This is a black eye for RCI. I would not recommend this place at all!

    Can't even post a comment card or review on RCi. They make it as hard as possible. So, you spend your money, waste an exchange for nothing. If you get the chance to go here....pass it up!

  • Avatar for anne.milne
    By anne.milne Updated Feb 16, 2003

    shabby, dreadful place to be avoided

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