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An exclusive membership in a world of exclusive resorts

RCI is the world's largest exchange network, with over 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries.

RCI members travel the world using resort accommodations that often include pools, beaches, fitness facilities, boats, tennis, spas, and golf. They've opened a world of discovery and fun to millions - and now it's your turn.

RCI Subscribing Membership delivers:

  • Exchange Vacations Getaways - Exchange your week for a stay at another RCI affiliated resort with a similar value.
  • Extra Vacation - Why stop at one? Take more than one RCI vacation a year with resort vacations - from a single night to a full week at special members-only discounts.
  • Last Call℠ - Book last-minute vacations close to the departure date and save even more.
  • RCI New Member Helpline - This toll-free number connects members to a trained RCI Guide.
  • - Research resorts, manage your account, learn about your membership, and get travel tips.
  • Endless Vacation® - This award-winning travel magazine includes destinations, events, and must-see sights.

If you own a timeshare at one of the RCI affiliated resorts listed below and want to transform it into a wider world of vacation possibilities, simply click here and complete the online enrollment form.

Points for Sale: Intervals at RCI Points-affiliated Resorts

RCI Points are not to buy or sell. These postings are for timeshare intervals affiliated with RCI Points, and require participation in the RCI Points program to receive benefit. Make sure you know what the underlying interval is before making a purchase. All RCI Points rules, restrictions and limitations apply.

Timeshare Points
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Point Allotment Banked Anniv Use Type Price
NEW! 330   660   Sep Annual Deed $15,000 ($45.455/ea) View
6,650   8,440   Jan Odd Deed $425 ($0.128/ea) View
20,000   0   Aug Annual Deed $900 ($0.045/ea) View
24,000   48,000   Oct Annual Deed $2,200 ($0.092/ea) View
26,000   16,000   Jul Annual Deed $9,000 ($0.346/ea) View
28,333   0   Nov Other Deed $1 ($/ea) View
31,200   0   Jan Annual Deed $0 ($0.000/ea) View
42,000   2,000   Mar Odd Deed $1,000 ($0.048/ea) View
43,500   0   Feb Odd Deed $300 ($0.014/ea) View
47,000   0   Dec Annual Deed $11,000 ($0.234/ea) View
49,000   49,000   Jan Annual Deed $1,295 ($0.026/ea)
50,000   0   Jan Even RTU $9,000 ($0.360/ea) View
50,500   50,500   Apr Annual Deed $1,295 ($0.026/ea) View
55,000   200,000   Aug Annual RTU $1,000 ($0.018/ea) View
NEW! 55,500   0   Jan Even Deed $100 ($0.004/ea) View
55,500   59,000   Oct Annual Deed $1,000 ($0.018/ea) View
60,000   24,000   Nov Annual RTU $200 ($0.003/ea) View
64,500   167,000   Dec Even Deed $4,300 ($0.133/ea) View
70,331   70,331   Nov Annual Deed $800 ($0.011/ea) View
71,667   71,667   Oct Annual Deed $2,000 ($0.028/ea) View
77,500   0   Jun Odd Deed $8,000 ($0.206/ea) View
80,000   80,000   Jan Annual Deed $1,500 ($0.019/ea) View
80,000   0   Jan Annual Deed $1,750 ($0.022/ea) View
83,000   83,000   Jul Other RTU $10,000 ($/ea) View
84,000   42,000   Mar Annual Deed $1,200 ($0.014/ea) View
85,000   150,000   Jan Annual Deed $2,000 ($0.024/ea) View
90,000   0   Feb Annual Deed $10,000 ($0.111/ea) View
92,000   0   Dec Annual Deed $15,000 ($0.163/ea) View
92,500   0   Jan Even Deed $750 ($0.016/ea) View
92,500   0   Jan Annual Deed $995 ($0.011/ea) View
92,500   0   Jan Annual Deed $1,500 ($0.016/ea) View
100,000   0   Jan Other RTU $899 ($/ea)
126,000   390,340   Jun Odd Deed $4,298 ($0.068/ea) View
210,000   0   Dec Annual RTU $42,000 ($0.200/ea) View
472,000   27,600   Apr Annual Deed $54,000 ($0.114/ea) View
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