Why do Timeshares get a Bad Rap?

published on June 19, 2009 by

Those of you who own a timeshare know the joy and fun vacation ownership brings. It is a proven fact that families who own timeshares vacation 40% more than those who don’t, and with those wonderful vacations come great memories that last a lifetime. So, why is it that timeshares bring up negative connotations for some?

When people recount their timeshare purchase experience, tales of a high-pressured sales person are common. Some people were lead to believe that it was an investment, when in actuality a timeshare is really just a pre-paid vacation. Also, it can be challenging to get out of timeshare ownership at a later date, if you don’t understand how to use what you bought, or can no longer afford the payments. Many owners purchased their timeshare units with the full intention of using it every year, but life brings changes and with that, some are not able to use it as planned. What once was a great respite is now a huge burden they feel they cannot get out from under.

As the industry has changed and the developers are offering more flexible options for use, more families are purchasing timeshares and slowly the “bad rap” reputation is improving. Resorts are adding kid-friendly amenities, which is also helping the industry reach this new “family” market. Parents are realizing that timeshare units are larger than typical hotel rooms and have kitchens and washer / dryers that are a huge plus for family travel.

What’s really great is that more people are learning about the secondary timeshare market, where you can buy a timeshare resale from an owner for half as much as the retail price the developer charges. Some discovered this option because they are already owners at a particular resort and wanted more weeks and others learned about it by renting from an owner in the past. Those who have done their research, fully understand timeshares and know how to use them, can buy a resale with no remorse and be on their way to a great vacation.