High Demand Timeshare Weeks

published on November 4, 2009 by

Every timeshare resort has what’s called “high demand weeks”. This is what is considered their peak season. If you are looking to buy a timeshare resale, you should consider a purchase during the high demand period. You will have more trading value for your week in the long run. Resorts determine their peak season based on their geography. Resorts that offer snow skiing will be more in demand during the winter, whereas those with beach front property are more popular in the summer.

Here are a few examples to better explain high demand timeshare weeks for your next resale purchase. You should always check with the resort to confirm their peak season before you buy a timeshare resale.

Hawaii is one of the locations that is always in demand. Due to their tropical climate and great weather, it’s always a great time to visit Hawaii. No matter what week you choose, Hawaii timeshares are always in peak season.

In the winter when the snow is falling and you are waxing up your skis, Colorado timeshare resorts will be in high demand. Summer is considered mid season because there are still plenty of outdoor activities to participate in. Low demand weeks would be during the Spring and Fall when it isn’t cold enough for snow and not warm enough to do be outdoors. In mountain regions this time is often referred to as “mud season”.

Desert Resorts
If you are looking for a Palm Springs timeshare or Arizona timeshare resort, the Winter season will be in demand. Other areas of the country are cold and a vacation in the desert is a great way to stay warm in the nice 70 – 80 degree weather. But, a visit in June through September brings 120 degree temperatures that are too hot, so, this would be the low season.

Disney Vacation Club
In addition to a resort being in demand based on geography and weather, location can also play a part. All Disney timeshares are in high demand year round. Vacations to the Magic Kingdom are always popular for family travel, so, no matter what time you choose to visit, it’s peak season.