ARDA Timeshare Conference Comes to a Close with Keynote Speaker Dana Perino

published on November 6, 2009 by

Today was the final day of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Fall Conference in Washington DC. ARDA is the professional association that represents the timeshare vacation ownership and resort development industries. The general session breakfast honored ARDA Chairman League members and featured Keynote Speaker Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary. Ms. Perino brought her unique viewpoint from her time inside the White House, providing the insight into the current political climate. She is only the second female press secretary in U.S. history and a most widely respected members of President Bush’s senior staff.

Her first remarks Friday morning mentioned thoughts and prayers for the victims and families of those caught in the gunfire tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. Her comments also extended good wishes to President Barack Obama who, as a result of this tragedy, now faces more challenges as he deals with the healthcare vote, Afghanistan troop decisions, and raising jobless rates to mention just a few of the pressing larger issues. As a former White House press secretary, Ms. Perino could identify with juggling the day to day White House plans and being faced with an unexpected crisis that weighs additionally on government leadership. She shared many stories of the President Bush’s work style, his patriotism, and her personal struggles when dealing with negativity during election time. This very sharp and spunky speaker helped put in perspective the issues facing business and industry segments as well as world issues in comparison to the inner-conflicts of doing one’s job.

Those who were present from the timeshare industry enjoyed a wonderful talk to conclude fall the conference.