Is it Time to Sell Your Timeshare?

published on December 23, 2009 by

Is it time to sell your timeshare – to trade up, or maybe downsize? If you’ve started noticing that your current timeshare just isn’t working for you any longer, have no fears. Our needs – and wants – change over the years, and when they do it’s time to take charge and make that change.

Perhaps you were a bit timid when buying a timeshare for the first time, and now that you’ve become a seasoned timeshare owner you know more about what you want in a timeshare vacation. Perhaps you started out as timeshare owners when you were a young married couple, and now that you have children you need more room and a resort that is kid friendly. Perhaps it’s an “empty nest” for you now, and you would prefer a smaller unit at a slower-paced resort near a great golf course.

When you do decide to purchase another timeshare, think about going the “resale” route. There are definite advantages to buying resale through a reputable company such as RedWeek. If you buy a timeshare directly from a developer, the cost can easily be up to a third more than buying resale, for the exact same thing.

Some developers do offer incentives, such as being able to reserve a specific unit (if it’s available) and free guest confirmations. But when you crunch the numbers you’ll find that the incentives are pricey and might not be worth the extra cost. And keep in mind that when you buy from a developer you are also paying for his high overhead and marketing costs.

RedWeek lists many timeshare resales, and with RedWeek there are no surprises. As you look through RedWeek’s listings and do your research you’ll see that the resale prices are much less than comparable timeshares purchased through developers. In addition, RedWeek takes its role in assisting those who want to buy resale very seriously and has strict guidelines to which resellers must adhere in their postings.

So go ahead, make a change in your timeshare ownership by buying resale, secure in the knowledge that you have RedWeek’s vast knowledge and experience with you, and that buying a timeshare resale is the right thing to do right now!