Interval International Highlights Appeal of Caribbean Timeshares

published on February 12, 2010 by

Interval International (II), a leading global provider of vacation services reported recently that they are seeing a number of positive trends that reinforce the appeal of the Caribbean market to timeshare owners. II members are visiting the region in increasing numbers and those planning to buy a timeshare indicated that this is a top area of interest for a timeshare resale purchase.

“Member demand for vacation exchange and resort rentals in the Caribbean is strong and we continue to affiliate new projects throughout the region,” said David C. Gilbert, executive vice president of resort sales and marketing for Interval International.

Interval reported that bookings into the Caribbean increased approximately nine percent from January through November 2009, in comparison to the previous year. This news is encouraging in light of the economic challenges that have adversely affected vacationers traveling to Caribbean timeshares and abroad.