New Timeshare Software Presented at ARDA Convention

published on March 22, 2010 by

SPI Software presented their exciting new timeshare software for the first time at the American Resort and Development Association (ARDA) Convention last week. The new software will assist timeshare resorts in developing newer and more efficient ways of handling owner servicing, reservations, marketing and sales.

The OrangeWeb software allows timeshare resorts and vacation clubs to more effectively manage all facets of operations. “We are very excited to unveil OrangeWeb and to answer the industry need for an integrated web strategy,” noted Matt Brosious, Vice-president of sales and marketing for SPI.

What does this mean to you, the timeshare owner? Let’s walk through it. For example, when you first buy your timeshare, you will automatically receive an email welcoming you as a new owner or as a new vacation club member. You’ll know right from the beginning that not only is your business valued, but also that the resort company is in step with current technology.

When a resort makes it a point to stay up to date with technology, it gives you the benefits of always having the latest information at your fingertips. This can include such things as electronic statements and billing, for managing your maintenance fee bill. You may already be used to paying most, if not all, of your monthly bills on line. Soon, with SPI’s software, your resorts will be on line, too.

Other SPI software features include a number of self-servicing options for you. These will include such things as access to the latest resort news, the ability to maintain contact information, review usage history (including points), view billing history, check resort availability, and make a reservation request.

If you are not yet comfortable making payments on line, this new software will still allow your resort to maintain an automated customer account which will eliminate human error and create more accurate data for your file.

Another “behind the scenes” advantage of this SPI software that will benefit you as an owner is automated routine scheduling of maintenance activities. A check list for each unit will ensure that plumbing and electrical, as well as such things as replacing worn carpeting and re-painting, is all performed routinely. Gone will be the days when you walk into your timeshare and have to deal with maintenance issues that should have been taken care of without your intervention.

With SPI’s new software, resorts will be coming on-line, and the exciting results are certain to enhance your enjoyment as a timeshare owner.