How Travelers are Learning about Timeshares from Tweets!

published on April 16, 2010 by

Twitter. By now almost everyone has at least heard of it. And did you know that this “social networking behemoth” grows 600% every year? That means that a lot of you have not only heard of it, but use it, and on a regular basis. Companies, businesses, and even entrepreneurs, are also discovering the awesome power that a little “tweet” can have.

Twitter was made to order for the travel industry. Hotels, airlines, theme parks, and yes – timeshare companies – have found a great niche in the global Twitter community. A recent survey by travel-research firm PhoCusWright found that 60% of travelers and vacationers who are internet users now use Twitter to access travel information and to buy online. And the big news to the travel industry is that fully 90% of tweeting travelers say they’ve written online reviews. That’s how information goes global (or “viral”). loves Twitter. In fact, we have several Twitter accounts, each with its own unique focus. Our mainstream account, @RedweekTravel, tweets about budget timeshare rental deals, gives basic travel tips, describes wonderful vacation resorts, and offers vacation destination ideas, with the added bonus of connecting you to blogs about activities, things to do, festivals to experience, parades to watch – a real travelogue of information to help you plan and design your own special timeshare vacation.

We have two dedicated Twitter accounts. For specific information on timeshare resales, follow @RedweekResales where you’ll find suggestions, tips, and “how-tos” to help you in making the exciting decision to purchase a timeshare on the resale market. Our other dedicated Twitter account is @RedweekRentals. Tweets from this account give the vacationer who prefers to rent timeshares, instructions, ideas, and suggestions on just how to go about finding the perfect resort and timeshare rental for a memorable family vacation.

RedWeek’s newest foray into Twitterland is our @TimeshareAmbass account. For fun, fanciful, and still chocked-full-of-information tweets, follow RedWeek’s newest member of the team, the Timeshare Ambassador, Seymour O. DeSytes. Every week Seymour posts his own version of a travelogue and offers his own quirky look at the wonderful world of timeshare vacations. And just to keep the pot stirred, once a month Seymour tweets about his “Where’s Seymour?” game – if you know you could win a prize!

And remember that Twitter is an interactive medium. Not only can you read interesting and informative tweets, but any time you want to share information with us, ask a question, give us a review, or simply need a matter attended to, tweet us directly. We always enjoy a twittering conversation with our fellow tweeters!